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Eastern Africa


Abuse cases

Title Date
Boy adopted by Rachel Tipton and her husband 2013 Jul 12
Children adopted by Douglas and Kristen Barbour 2012 Sep 14
Hana Grace-Rose Williams (Hana Alemu Befekadu) and Immanuel Williams 2011 May 12
Girls adopted by Lon and DeAnna Kennard 2010 Mar 22
10 children adopted by Sharon and Reed Leonard 2009 Sep 1
Child C 2008 Dec 7
Children adopted by couple in Haute-Loire, France 2008 Jun 6
13+ Children in care of Diana Lynn Groves 2003 Nov 1
Boys in care of David Christie 1998 Jan 1

Child trafficking cases

Title Date
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Croation couples case 2020 Dec
Ethiopia - Better Future Adoption Services case 2010 Aug 18
Ethiopia - Journee, Meya, and Maree Bradshaw 2010 Feb 15
Uganda - Americans for African Adoptions and Joseph Kagimu case 2010 Jan 1
Ethiopia - misc child trafficking cases 2009 Jan 1
Ethiopia - Haregwain Berhane case 2009 Mar 18
Ethiopia - Johnson siblings 2009 May 1
Kenya - Abednego Rioba case 2008 Mar 9
Mozambique - child trafficking case 2007 Jan 27
Zambia - misc child trafficking articles 2007 Aug 7
Ethiopia - Joshua Dawit case 2006 Dec 1
Ethiopia - Eskedar Tsegaye 2004 Apr 30
Ethiopia - Eyob Mesfin Gebremichael 2004 Apr 30
Kenya - Miracle babies case 2004 Jan 6

Deportation cases

Title Date
Various adoptee citizenship and potential deportation cases USA 2000 Sep 25

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Amy Rebecca Steen 2012 Nov 1
Girls adopted by Joyce Maynard 2011 Apr 1
Girl adopted by a Salt Lake City Family 2010 Aug 31
D. adopted by Anita Tedaldi (aka Anita Doberman) 2009 Aug 26
Tarikuwa Lemma 2007 Mar 1


Title Publication date
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 2023 Sep 20
European Bureaucrats May Be involved in Child Smuggling 2023 May 31
Ex-Strongsville adoption agency employee sentenced for schemes to bribe Ugandan judges, lying to adopt Polish girl, who was raped 2022 Nov 4
Ohio woman pleads guilty to adoption-fraud scheme that led to hospitalization of Polish child 2022 Feb 7
Former executive director of Strongsville adoption agency pleaded guilty to fraud scheme 2022 Feb 5
Former Executive Director of International Adoption Agency Pleads Guilty to Fraudulent Adoption Scheme 2022 Feb 4
Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to Schemes to Procure Adoptions from Uganda and Poland through Bribery and Fraud 2021 Nov 17
Three Individuals Charged with Arranging Adoptions from Uganda and Poland Through Bribery and Fraud 2020 Aug 17
Owner of Strongsville agency, employees charged with conspiracy in foreign adoption cases 2020 Aug 14
936 kinderen naar hier gehaald en níemand weet of dat correct verliep 2019 Apr 29
Ethiopia Bans All Foreign Adoptions 2018 Apr 2
Ethiopia bans foreign adoptions 2018 Jan 10
Kids for sale: ‘My mom was tricked’ 2017 Oct 12
The Trouble With the Christian Adoption Movement 2016 Jan 11
Uganda’s child adoption ‘market’ brings misery and confusion 2014 Oct 12
Uganda's child adoption 'market' brings misery and confusion 2014 Oct 6
Sheriff’s Office investigating complaint against shuttered Adoption Advocates International in Port Angeles 2014 Mar 14
I dag går Amys mor i retten 2014 Feb 14
Four Employees of Adoption Services Provider Charged with Conspiracy 2014 Feb 11
Hana's Story: An adoptee's tragic fate, and how it could happen again. 2013 Nov 10
Rocker to stand trial on charge of hiring hitman 2013 Sep 16
Activists call for tighter laws on adoption 2013 May 6
Notice: Health Concerns in Ethiopia 2013 Apr 2
A meet on illegal child adoptions 2013 Mar 12
Red flags wave over Uganda's adoption boom 2013 Mar 2
Ethiopian girl had her adoption revoked 2013 Feb 14
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
Notice: Notes from Ambassador Jacobs' Meeting with Adoption Service Providers on December 11, 2012 in Addis Ababa 2013 Jan 25
In Ethiopia, placing institutions and adoption practices under scrutiny - and reuniting children with their families 2012 Dec 11
Notice: Suspension of Services to U.S. Adoption Service Providers 2012 Nov 9
Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children? 2012 Aug 6
Government ends Ethiopian adoption program 2012 Jun 28
Adoption from Africa: Concern over 'dramatic rise' 2012 May 29
Joyce Maynard Announces Failure of Her Adoptive Family 2012 Apr 4
A Crackdown on International Adoptions 2012 Feb 7
How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists 2011 Dec 21
Adoption Inc: How Ethiopia's Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists 2011 Dec 21
Foreign adoptions by Americans plunge again 2011 Nov 11
Madonna's Controversial Adoptions 2011 Sep 13
Babies just another commodity 2011 Jun 18
New Ethiopia Notice from DOS 2011 Jun 2
Five Ethiopian orphans dive into American culture: Maryland families host the East African children 2011 May 15
Hopeful parents find many roadblocks to adopting Haitian orphans 2011 Apr 10
Ontario adoption agency, with clients in Alberta, charged with fraud 2011 Apr 8
Briefing on Briefing on Joint USCIS/State Adoption Site Visit to Ethiopia 2011 Apr 6
Madonna sued by charity workers over scrapped Malawi school 2011 Mar 28
Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent 2011 Mar 4
Letter from MOWA regarding number of cases to process 2011 Feb 23
Ethiopia: U.S. Adoption Agency Involved in Child Trafficking 2011 Feb 10
Emails related to revocation of license in Ethiopia 2011 Feb 8
’Ze verwachtten hun dochter weer terug’ 2011 Jan 8
Dispute to Charities and Societies Agency regarding Better Future Adoption Services 2011 Jan 4
Revocation of adoption license 2010 Dec 9
Supply and Demand: The Landscape 2010 Nov 1
Typical Costs 2010 Nov 1
Adoptions from Ethiopia rise, bucking global trend 2010 Oct 12
The Controversial Issue of Giving Children in International Adoption 2010 Aug 18
Uncovering the Fallacy Attempts Against Better Future Adoption Services 2010 Aug 8
U.S. Families Adoption Of Ethiopian Children, For Trade or Charity? 2010 Jun 29
From Guatemala to Ethiopia 2010 Jun 8
News stuns Chesapeake couple adopting Ethiopian kids 2010 Apr 19
Ethiopian adoption went awry 2010 Mar 22
Australians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare 2010 Mar 16
Exportgut Kind 2010 Mar 14
Ethiopia adoption ban lifted 2010 Mar 5
Child Migration a Difficult Issue 2010 Feb 26
Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me 2010 Feb 15
Future of the Ethiopia–Australian Intercountry Adoption Program 2010 Feb
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Petition and order 2010 Jan 26
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Order 2010 Jan 22
Boe v Christian World Adoption - Complaint 2010 Jan 20
Boe v Christian World Adoption - GAL request 2010 Jan 14
Australia suspends adoptions from Ethiopia 2009 Dec 28
Overseas adoptions halted 2009 Dec 27
Bush birth control policies helped fuel Africa's baby boom 2009 Dec 13
Malawi and the US Commemorate National Adoption Month 2009 Nov 22
Briefing by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond on National Adoption Day 2009 Nov 20
Somalia to join child rights pact: UN 2009 Nov 20
Trafficking reports raise heart-wrenching questions for adoptive parents 2009 Nov 11
Adoption is Now the Rage in Uganda 2009 Nov 11
France's lost children fight back 2009 Oct 17
Faith moves families to adopt children from overseas 2009 Oct 11
Dutch agency stops adoption from Ethiopia pending investigation 2009 Sep 23
A family of 10, surviving on faith 2009 Sep 20
Since Angelina Jolie Adopted Zahara Adopting Ethiopian Children has quadrupled 2009 Sep 17
Fly Away Children 2009 Sep 15
Ethiopian children exploited by US adoption agencies 2009 Sep 15
Ethiopian children exploited by US adoption agencies 2009 Sep 14
Dutch adoption agency "Wereldkinderen" stops adoption from Ethiopia 2009 Sep
New TB policy could disrupt overseas adoptions 2009 Aug 11
Edinburgh: Malawian artists take swipe at Madonna 2009 Aug 8
Thomas, Special needs boy placed with Shane and Michelle Frazier by AGCI 2009 Aug 1
Acrid Whiff Of Scandal Growing From Imagine Adoption Agency's Ashes 2009 Jul 21
MP's firm linked to adoption group 2009 Jul 18
ETHIOPIA: Human Trafficking Hub in the Horn of Africa 2009 Jul 7
IPS officer named in illegal child adoption case 2009 Jul 4
Madonna 'will be allowed to adopt Mercy' 2009 Jun 9
Stoll v Christian World Adoption - Transcript 2009 Jun 7
Forum: Abandoned Children 2009 May 12
Parliamentary Question Dutch Parlement 2009 May 11
Forum: Abandonment cases not being heard 2009 May 10
Forum: I wish they were rumours. I wish. 2009 May 10
Forum: failed court dates 2009 May 10
CHSF forum on abandonment cases 2009 May 10
CHI statement reg Ethiopian abandonment blockade 2009 May 10
High Court Puts Off Madonna Appeal 2009 May 4
Adopting kids, adopting a village 2009 Apr 26
Minutes Ethiopia Meeting 2009 Apr 25
Madonna appeals against Malawi adoption ruling 2009 Apr 21
Madonna won't let me see Mercy, says her father 2009 Apr 19
Madonna has stopped eating, exercising after adoption-rejection 2009 Apr 17
Blog : Zambia Children everywhere 2009 Apr 15
Texas adoption agency and doctors team up in Ethiopia 2009 Apr 13
Judge slaps down Madonna adoption bid: 'I won't let you just jet in and take one of Malawian children' 2009 Apr 4
Madonna appeal May 4 2009 Apr 4
Judge rejects Madonna's adoption efforts in Malawi 2009 Apr 3
Madonna's Charity: 'Delinquent' 2009 Apr 3
Madonna heads to Malawi court for adoption ruling 2009 Apr 3
Madonna loses bid to adopt second Malawian child 2009 Apr 3
Judge rejects Madonna's adoption efforts in Malawi 2009 Apr 3
Malawi court denies Madonna adoption, cites her single parent status 2009 Apr 3
Madonna's adoption rejected by Malawian judge 2009 Apr 3
Malawi: Judge Rejects Madonna Adoption Bid 2009 Apr 3
New Details: Madonna Adoption DeniedNew 2009 Apr 3
Madonna adoption 'could have encouraged child trafficking' 2009 Apr 3
Madonna adoption ruling welcomed 2009 Apr 3
Madonna appeals Malawi court ruling on adoption 2009 Apr 3
People's reaction on Madonna adoption refusal 2009 Apr 3
Malawi court rejects Madonna adoption request 2009 Apr 3
Madonna Throws a Pre-Adoption Party in Malawi 2009 Apr 2
Madonna faces legal challenge over girl 2009 Apr 1
Welcome to your new life Mercy: Four-year-old pictured with new sister Lourdes for the the first time 2009 Apr 1
NGO´s won´t challenge 2009 Apr 1
Malawi: Madonna's adoption woes deepen 2009 Apr 1
Madonna disappoints Malawi villagers 2009 Apr 1
Save the Children - Head to head: Madonna adoption 2009 Apr 1
Madonna denies she is using fame to fast-track latest adoption 2009 Apr 1
Madonna denies she is using fame to fast-track latest adoption 2009 Apr 1
'The ruling will be in favour of 2009 Apr 1
Child protection groups call Madonna bully over adoption 2009 Apr 1
Madonna the manipulator: Unease grows over singer's ruthless tactics in adopting a second African child 2009 Mar 31
Madonna confirms her adoption push in Malawi 2009 Mar 31
Madonna adoption: Star's Chanel tracksuit raises eyebrows in Malawi 2009 Mar 31
Second adoption sparks new row 2009 Mar 31
Father of Madonna's adopted son wishes star had not divorced 2009 Mar 31
Madonna’s adoption ruling Fri 2009 Mar 31
Malawi activist expresses concern over Madonna’s adoption application 2009 Mar 31
Madonna's adoption ruling delayed until Friday 2009 Mar 30
Madonna and another Malawi child? 2009 Mar 30
Madonna in Malawi for new child adoption 2009 Mar 30
Malawi rights body protest Madonna adoption 2009 Mar 30
Madonna appears in Malawi court in adoption (Adds adjournment date) 2009 Mar 30
Madonna arrives in Malawi with her three children as she faces judge today to adopt their 'sister' 2009 Mar 30
Madonna pleads for Mercy 2009 Mar 30
Madonna at Malawi court; adoption hearing docketed 2009 Mar 30
Malawi court to rule on Madonna adoption bid Friday 2009 Mar 30
Statement Human Rights Committee on Madonna 2009 Mar 30
Children best raised in their own environment, charity says 2009 Mar 30
(WITH PICTURES) As Madonna flies to Malawi to adopt Mercy, her family tell of fears they will never see her again 2009 Mar 29
Brangelina to adopt child from India? 2009 Mar 29
Madonna Lands in Malawi Amid Controversy 2009 Mar 29
Madonna landed in the African nation of Malawi on Sunday – but not without controversy. 2009 Mar 29
Madonna heads for Malawi amid adoption row 2009 Mar 29
Malawians support Madonna’s second adoption 2009 Mar 29
Madonna, in Malawi, refuses to talk about adoption 2009 Mar 29
Madonna's adopted son reunited with father in Malawi 2009 Mar 29
Malawians support Madonna’s second adoption 2009 Mar 29
Madonna's new adoption plans could be delayed after court loses David and Rocco files 2009 Mar 28
"Malawi is now reforming its laws to allow easier adoptions by foreigners. -- AFP" 2009 Mar 28
Children's Org to Madonna: Leave the Kids Alone! 2009 Mar 28
Who's against Madge's adoption plans? 2009 Mar 27
MADONNA is just days away from adopting a second child from Malawi, The Sun can reveal. 2009 Mar 27
MADONNA is just days away from adopting a second child from Malawi, The Sun can reveal. 2009 Mar 27
Officials Confirm Madonna Is Adopting 3-Year-Old Girl, Mercy (father alive) 2009 Mar 27
MADONNA is just days away from adopting a second child from Malawi, The Sun can reveal. 2009 Mar 27
Madonna flies to Malawi with David Banda to collect his new sister 2009 Mar 27
Madonna's Attorney Confirms Malawi Adoption Trip 2009 Mar 27
Madonna must stick to Malawi law in second adoption: activists 2009 Mar 27
Court Will Examine Madonna's Adoption of 'Mercy James' 2009 Mar 27
RE: Äthiopien Adoptionsprobleme 2009 Mar 26
Madonna seeks to adopt second child from Malawi 2009 Mar 26
Kenye: Adopting a new way of life 2009 Mar 20
Canadian parents raise concerns 2009 Mar 19
L'adoption tout risque 2009 Mar 19
Madge to adopt tot No2 'in days' 2009 Mar 19
Ethiopia: Adoption : Des pratiques douteuses 2009 Mar 18
Double-up on adoption 2009 Mar 17
Blog - five months in malawi 2009 Mar 15
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
Blog: adoptie tweeling Zambia 2009 Mar 13
African refugee family fights landmark adoption case 2009 Mar 13
Madonna confirms her adoption push in Malawi 2009 Mar 1
MALAWI: Rights body protest Madonna adoption 2009 Mar
In the sight of the Prosecutor: Adoption Association insolvent 2009 Feb 1
Stopp für Adoption 2009 Jan 24
Government adopts inter-country adoption standards 2009 Jan 23
Adoptionsskandal um äthiopische Kinder: Zwei äthiopische Kinder Mütter klagen an 2009 Jan 19
Money for children 2009 Jan 19
Äthiopien: ein Land verkauft seine Kinder 2009 Jan 18
Forum: Making Sense 2009
Adopsjonsforum ETI 04 - Project HIV 2009
Hoosiers face challenges adopting abroad 2008 Dec 26
Wish to adopt leads to creation of orphanages 2008 Dec 24
Eine neue Familie für uns Waisenkinder 2008 Dec 20
Madonna is reportedly planning to adopt her fourth child. 2008 Dec 19
Madonna Plans to Adopt Fourth Child 2008 Dec 19
Nieuw te ontwikkelen Contacten Wereldkinderen 2008 Nov 29
Malawi and the US Commemorate National Adoption Month 2008 Nov 22
Jan en Esther Ekkel-Vorstenbosch 2008 Nov 15
NAS opens Zambia 2008 Nov 15
Under one roof 2008 Nov 9
Madonna's Adoption Plans In Tatters 2008 Nov 4
David Banda's Dad: "Maybe He'd Be Better Off Back With Us" 2008 Oct 20
The threat of deportation 2008 Oct 20
'Madonna's adopted son would be better off in Malawi' says his biological father 2008 Oct 18
CWA - STOLL Anwers Jury 2008 Sep 10
Elderly citizens are now calling on the Kenyan government to encourage Kenyans to adopt AIDS orphans. 2008 Aug 28
Grandmother of little girl Madonna wants says officials are bugging her 2008 Aug 27
Adopting Ethiopian Orphans May Not be the Best Solution 2008 Aug 26
Madonna not adopting girl from Malawi 2008 Aug 13
Trafficking for exploitation on the increase says 2008 Aug 8
Couple accused of taking Kenyan baby 2008 Aug 7
Malawi Introduces Compulsory Birth Registration to Curb Child Labor and Trafficking 2008 Jul 29
Stoll v Christian World Adoption - Complaint and Jury demand 2008 Jul 25
Presentation: Joint Council & The Network 2008 Jul 12
UK teacher 'delighted' to be free 2008 Jul 3
Court Judgement: ADOPTION CAUSE NO. 2 OF 2006 2008 May 28
Madonna to become a Malawian 2008 May 24
Out of Africa, a trickle of orphans 2008 May 21
Zeewoldse geheel in de ban van Oegandese baby 2008 May 20
Malawi court delays Madonna adoption ruling 2008 May 16
Madonna adoption case nears conclusion in Malawi 2008 May 13
Misunderstandings plague African adoptions 2008 May 11
Zambia: Kabwe Social Workers Rescue Five Children From Prison 2008 May 3
Adoption Act being abused by Child Traffickers 2008 May 2
US Embassy Meeting on Intercountry Adoption 2008 Apr 29
US Embassy Meeting on Intercountry Adoption 2008 Apr 29
Madonna ‘cuts off’ father from adopted son 2008 Apr 27
Madonna risks dream adoption for Kabbalah 2008 Apr 27
Madonna presents film on charity mission that led to son's adoption 2008 Apr 25
Baby steps 2008 Apr 15
BRIEF: Madonna nixes adoption of second child 2008 Apr 7
Madonna-style adoptions... 2008 Apr 7
Judge Chombo to examine Madonna adoption case 2008 Mar 28
Teacher exposed pedophilia at orphanage in Ethiopia, could face jail for defamation 2008 Mar 5
Teacher exposed pedophilia at orphanage in Ethiopia, could face jail for defamation 2008 Mar 5
Briton faces jail after whistle-blowing 2008 Mar 5
Children's Home Society & Family Services Announces Another Year of Growth in International Adoption 2008 Feb 22
Ugandan Adoption 2008 Feb 3
US Adoption Agencies Registered in Ethiopia 2008 Feb 1
Die verlorene Tochter 2008 Feb 1
Madonna Gets Gucci $$$ for Kabbalah 2008 Jan 9
Adoption agency in child kidnap probe 2008 Jan 9
The Families for Orphans Project 2008
Zambian Adoption Program 2008
Suspension of Intercountry Adoption in Zambia 2008 Jan
Evaluation of Community Based Orphan Care 2008
Raising Malawi Academy For Girls, 2008 2008
US charity under probe in Kenya for alleged child trafficking 2007 Nov 6
Ethiopian adoptees may never be granted citizenship 2007 Nov 2
Madonna gives swimmingpool to Kondanani 2007 Oct 27
Couple make new attempt to win back 'miracle' boy 2007 Sep 15
Is little Mercy the girl Madonna wants to be a sister for David? 2007 Sep 15
Another adoption for Madonna? 2007 Aug 30
Annals Of Orphan Collecting: Madonna Set To Expand Malawian Menagerie 2007 Aug 27
Zambia Smashes Adoption Scam 2007 Aug 13
Namibia: Zambia Smashes Adoption Scam 2007 Aug 13
Zambia Leads The World - Least Expensive/Fastest Adoption Programs 2007 Jul 13
Ugandan police investigates orphanage for alleged child trafficking 2007 Jun 21
Uganda orphans on sale abroad 2007 Jun 20
Surge in Adoptions Raises Concern in Ethiopia 2007 Jun 4
Mozambique: International Adoption a Cover-up for Sex/Labor Traffickers 2007 Mar 28
Malawi: Adoption agreement Kondanani - Kind en Toekomst 2007 Mar 1
Another Malawian baby goes to Canada 2007 Feb 21
Another Malawian baby goes to Canada 2007 Feb 21
MOZAMBIQUE: Legislation reviewed to curb child trafficking 2007 Jan 31
Meet Willard from Malawi. Madonna's paying £20,000 for his education in Britain. Oh, and he works for the adoption ministry 2007 Jan 7
The Slater's Adoption Story 2007
Overview of Zambian adoption 2006 Dec 23
Lifeline to Ethiopia 2006 Dec 7
Update on Zambia 2006 Dec 4
Madonna Fuels Rise in Illegal Orphanages 2006 Nov 30
The little girl at the centre of Madonna adoption riddle 2006 Nov 21
Madonna's Malawi 'support offer' 2006 Nov 2
MALAWI: Illegal orphanages mushroom 2006 Oct 20
Inside Madonna's Adoption Controversy 2006 Oct 18
Group tries to delay Madonna adoption 2006 Oct 17
In whose best interest is adopting African children? 2006 Oct 17
Madonna says she acted according to law in adoption of Malawian boy 2006 Oct 17
Madonna adoption goes to court 2006 Oct 16
Madonna's adoption challenged 2006 Oct 16
Should Madonna Adopt African Boy? 2006 Oct 16
Boy to be adopted by Madonna leaves for London 2006 Oct 16
Madonna Trip to Malawi Highlights Cross-Cultural Adoptions Debate 2006 Oct 15
Malawi Judge Grants Interim Adoption Order to Madonna 2006 Oct 15
Madonna leaves child in Malawi Legal procedure for adoption still in works 2006 Oct 14
Activists try to block child's legal adoption by Madonna 2006 Oct 14
Group fights boy's adoption by Madonna 2006 Oct 14
Madonna leaves Malawi but red tape keeps adopted child there for time being 2006 Oct 13
Malawi leader, pop star Madonna meet "secretly" over orphan adoption 2006 Oct 13
Madonna takes custody of boy from Malawi after receiving interim approval for adoption 2006 Oct 12
Malawian man claims Madonna adopted his 1-year-old son 2006 Oct 11
Whose best interest is served when celebs, or any Westerners, adopt African children? 2006 Oct 11
Madonna plans to adopt in Africa 2006 Oct 9
Madonna visits another orphanage in Malawi amid rumors about adoption 2006 Oct 7
Madonna visits Malawi orphanages for second day in a row, official says she plans to adopt 2006 Oct 6
Madonna visits AIDS orphans in Malawi 2006 Oct 5
Madonna plans to adopt child in Malawi, government officials say 2006 Oct 5
Madonna in Africa to help orphans 2006 Oct 4
Annie denies Madonna wants to adopt baby Jessica 2006 Oct
Madonna's Baby Embraces Kabbalah 2006 Oct
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Blog: Bertie Treur travelled to Malawi 2006 Jun 1
Americans adopting more African children 2006 May 19
Madagascar tries to clean up corrupt adoption 2005 Dec 21
Interim Report on Ethiopian-Australian Bilateral Intercountry Adoption Program 2005 Nov 1
Ethiopia's adoption dilemma 2005 Oct 6
Waisenhaus Kenya - Jahresbericht 2005 2005
Les Enfants volés de nos DOM 2005
Ethiopia's Latest Export: Adoptable Children 2004 Dec 26
Illegal adoptions - under diplomatic cover 2004 Dec 2
'Miracle baby' couples fail test 2004 Nov 4
Tracking down Kenya's 'miracle babies' 2004 Sep 20
Trafficking of children in Mozambique? Coelho in an interview with newspaper The Crime'''' 2004 Apr 11
Americans are bringing home baby - increasingly from Africa 2003 Dec 4
A rare new beginning 2003 Nov 3
Court Case for the Legal Adoption of Canowira Robert Okot (Infant 2003 Jul 1
Nachschub aus dem Waisenhaus / Adoptionsvermittlung im Zwielicht 2001 Nov 13
Ethiopian orphans to sue charity 2001 Sep 13
Ethiopia arrests deported British paedophile 2001 Aug 18
Pro Infante - Kinderkriegen in vier Tagen 2000 Aug 21
Above Suspision 2000 Aug 19
Court case - Finot Lewegen Children Orphanage Association 2000 May 12
Adopting Africa's Aids orphans 2000 Jan 30
Charity's haven for famine children destroyed by paedophile scourge 1999 Jul 22
Swiss Group Admits Abuse of Orphans 1999 Jul 22
Government shuts down Girl Child Network
Madonna loses adoption bid in Malawi
Puzzle over adoption of Tazanian children by foreigners
Madonna’s failed adoption attempt shows Bulgaria has a lot to learn from Malawi about upholding children’s rights
HRCC Statement on the adoption of Mercy James by Madonna
Committee on the Rights of the Child
Madge is unfit mother
Madonna divorce leaves kids the cold
Northern Chiefs call for an end to adoption practices
How child traffickers are exploiting the poor and unsusecting


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