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Zambian Adoption Program


Special Needs - Waiting Children
From time to time abandoned children are placed into our transition home in Zambia requiring special care. We firmly believe that every child deserves a family.
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Zambian Adoption Program

PLEASE NOTE:  As this program is presently full we are not accepting any new Zambian adoption applications until our present clients in this program have been processed.

Please contact our office for further details before submitting a new application for Zambia.

The Zambian adoption program is open to both single female applicants, and married couples between the ages of 25 - 50 years old.

Once your Canadian dossier has been prepared and approved, your authenticated file will be forwarded to Zambia.  All adoption applications are reviewed, approved, and processed by The Department of Social Welfare (the adoption authority).

Once approved, the Department of Social Welfare will match a waiting child with the adoptive applicants. 

Upon the adoptive applicants approving the child proposal, the child will remain within a loving and nurturing Imagine Adoption Transition home.

Our Zambian Transition Home is a lovely facility located in the Chudleigh area of Lusaka, surrounded by various Embassies, gardens and greenery. 

Our Baby’s & Toddler’s home received extremely high praise during a Grand Opening inspection conducted by the Department of Social Welfare.  They were very impressed with the high standards of quality and care within the home.

Adoptive applicants will be required to travel to Zambia to bond with their child and complete the adoption. 

Once the Canada Immigration visa has been issued the adoptive applicants and the child will travel home. For further details regarding this program, kindly contact our office or email admin@imagineadoption.ca.

No follow up reports are required by the Zambian government at this time.

Our representative will pick adoptive applicants up from the airport in Lusaka and assist you in arranging your accommodations at a local guest house. You will be given a full day of sight-seeing which will assist you in learning about your child's heritage and birth place.It is important to take the time to learn about the culture and history of your child's birth place as this will enable you to better teach your child of their heritage as they grow and mature.

Country Profile
Zambia is a beautiful country, rich with culture and history. Amidst its spectacular rivers and waterfalls, it is also a poor country, where thousands of orphaned children are in need of permanent loving homes.

The capital of The Republic of Zambia is Lusaka.  Zambia is located in southern Africa.  The neighboring countries are the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia to the south, and Angola to the west.  The population of Zambia is approximately 11 million, with approximately 1.7 million people living in the capital city.