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Madonna plans to adopt in Africa


UPI NewsTrack

Singer Madonna and her husband are reportedly at odds when it comes to Madonna's plan to adopt a child from Africa.

Guy Ritchie allegedly fears that his wife wants the child as a symbol of celebrity status and that she has not considered the problems that may come along with the adoption, Britain's The Sun reported Monday.

Ritchie, 38, has experience in the problems that can arise from adoption.

His mother, Amber Leighton, had to give up a baby boy for adoption when she was 17 years old and hid the secret for years, The Sun said.

Also, his stepmother, Shireen Ritchie, fought a battle to find the truth behind her own mother's adoption, the newspaper account reported.

But Madonna, the mother of two, doesn't seem to be taking Ritchie's warnings and spent last week visiting adoption agencies in Malawi.

Charity officials in Malawi have announced that Madonna has adopted a 1-year-old baby boy but Thursday her spokesman sad that she hadn't adopted any African children.

2006 Oct 9