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Forum: Abandonment cases not being heard


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Re: Abandonment cases not being heard?


I am currently in Ethiopia completing my adoption.

The new rule was posted at the courts on Wednesday. My understanding was that
it would apply to new cases - not those who currently have a court date
scheduled but I may be incorrect on this.

Basically the courts will not now simply accept a police certificate for a child
that was abandoned because of rumours of corruption in the preparation of some
of the police certificates - e.g. bribing of police etc.
Now there will be an extra step where the police report must be verified prior
to a court date being granted or a case being heard.
It is currently not clear exactly how this new rule will be implemented.

There was further clarification on Friday that the rule does not apply to cases
of children at all children's homes and foster homes. The state homes for
example may be exempt.

I hope this helps.



2009 May 10