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Emails related to revocation of license in Ethiopia


Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 12:28 PM
To: ‘bfas’
Subject: BFAS Situation
Importance: High


We filed a law suit against MOWA for what they did against one particular family and for hampering our activities based on Abebe’s false report in retaliation against BFAS (litigation document attached.) Mahider used MOWA’s lawyer to request the Charities and Societies Agency Director General to take administrative action against BFAS based on Abebe’s report and their fabricated false evidence on us (letter attached.)  They did this without the knowledge and authorization of the Minister of MOWCYA. As a result, the Minster has taken a stand not to be involved in the messes created without her knowledge and authorization.

The Director of Charities and Societies Agency, Mr. Ali Siraj, has acknowledged that he was mislead by MOWCYA and will present our case to the Agency’s board. According to the legal code that MOWA’s lawyer stated in his letter, 3 steps must be followed before suspending a license: Advise, Written warning, and  Final warning if the written warning has not been satisfied. BFAS didn’t know anything until the respondents brought to court what they had been doing without our knowledge.

As the oral promises took so long to be fulfilled, we met with the U.S. last Friday. Concerning the process of our 10 families who were heard in court, the embassy told us that and agency that was shut down used another licensed agency and that didn’t work. They suggested a private attorney. Assefa met with the adoption judge today if that would work. The judge told him clearly that  a private attorney will only be accepted for Ethiopian Americans and MOWCYA will never accept a private attorney for others. I will check with the Minister  of MOWCYA first thing tomorrow morning and let you know what our next step would be.

Agitu Wodajo
Executive Director
Better Future Adoption Services, inc.

Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 10:20 AM
Subject: Updated Informatio

Dear Families,

Below is an e-mail update regarding our current situation in Ethiopia.

Dear BFAS Families,

I met with the MOWCYA Minister, Mrs. Zenebu and was told that they did an investigation and found the allegations against our agency are baseless. She told me that they are working with Ato Ali Siraj, Director General of CSA to resolve our issue and asked me to be patient for two days until they locate the Eritrian woman (mother of Bethelehem and Meskerem) who is in a hide. Concerning our 10 families, she assured me that they will be processed through BFAS and asked me to tell them to wait for two days. She has their lists on her desk and they can call her at 011251-118590183 if they wish to do so.

Concerning the letter that has been posted to the US State Department’s website, the Minister told me that she has warned her staff not to write or say anything about BFAS without her knowledge and doesn’t believe that the letter was sent to DHS from MOWCYA. She wants to know who sent it to US State Department. Please have US State Department give you the source and email it to me so I can pass to the Minister, or they can email it to her directly at: zenebt2009@yhoo.com.

Thank you

Agitu Wodajo
Executive Director
Better Future Adoption Services, inc.

2011 Feb 8