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Madge is unfit mother


Madge is unfit mother

Madge is unfit motherrom VIRGINIA WHEELER
in Lilongwe, Malawi
Published: Today

MADONNA’S tour of African orphanages was suspended yesterday after she twisted her ankle falling off a treadmill.
The singer, 50, had gym equipment specially flown to Malawi so she could keep fit.
A worker at Kumbali lodge in Lilongwe, said: “There was a bang and she came suddenly flying off the back of the running machine. She looked hurt.”

Tour ... star, right, visits orphanage
Darren Fletcher/The Sun
The ankle was treated by her trainer and Madge then iced it and rested.
It meant she had to cut short her day’s visit to Malawian orphanages.

She told her soon-to-be adopted daughter Mercy James, four, and adopted son David Banda, three: “Mummy’s been silly.”
The worker added: “In Malawi most people do not even know what a gym is. Our staff are fascinated by the fact you can run but not go anywhere on a treadmill. They say, ‘What is the point?’”
The Sun can also reveal Madonna had been secretly preparing to bring Mercy James home “for months”.
Workers at her London home have been knocking out walls to create a huge nursery filled with rocking horses and flowers. She has even hired a Chichewa-speaking nanny.
Madonna, who will be told today she can take Mercy home, has told staff in London and New York to “prepare for the arrival of my little girl”.
A friend said: “She’s been preparing for months, if not years.”