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Couple accused of taking Kenyan baby

August 7, 2008 - 8:19 PM   
Couple accused of taking Kenyan baby
A criminal investigation has been launched against a Swiss citizen and his wife who are accused of taking a baby from a Kenyan woman.
Kenyan police confirmed the probe was underway on Thursday after a complaint had been lodged to the UNICEF-funded Children Legal Action Network.
Nairobi police processed charges of kidnapping, child trafficking and perjury against the Swiss citizen, who has diplomatic status as a United Nations employee, and his wife.
The complaint says the couple stole the baby and forged documents to prevent the mother reclaiming him.
The couple deny the allegations and say the mother signed away her guardianship rights.
The UN has declined to comment on the case.
Swiss foreign ministry spokesman Lars Knuchel said they were aware of the case and it was being followed by their Nairobi representatives

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