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Dutch agency stops adoption from Ethiopia pending investigation


(UAI News) — A large adoption agency in the Netherlands, Wereldkinderen, has temporarily stopped adoptions from Ethiopia as a result recent reports about abuse of the system by the government in Ethiopia and local adoption agencies.

Research done by the adoption agency, shows that the information about the children on file does not match with their actual back ground. In several cases the mothers of the children were still alive, while being listed as deceased.

Last month Wereldkinderen’s executive director Ina Hut, resigned because of intimidation by the Dutch Ministry of Justice in relation to corrupt adoption practices in China.

Euradopt partner Wereldkinderen was alerted of this news and started their own investigation, a task which the Dutch government should have done as member of the Hague Treaty for Adoption.

The Dutch government said it has nothing to do with this situation. At least not before Wereldkinderen finalised their investigation regarding the adoptions from Ethiopia. This is a remarkable comment from the Dutch authorities since they prohibited the proposal for investigation in China recently, which is one of the reasons why former director of this agency decided to resign. It might be, that the interest for trade and diplomatic relationships with Ethiopia is less important for the Dutch government as with China.

This weekend 3-5 couples where preparing to depart to Ethiopia but have been informed not to go.

2009 Sep 23