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Forum: I wish they were rumours. I wish.


Re: [EthiopiaAdopt] Re: ethiopia mentioned, article on international adoption corruption/issues

I wish they were rumours. I wish.

In the first case (the 5 year old kid) the mother thought the same thing you
did. May the kid be lying? Curiously enough, she is always coherent about
the story. And everything she says is coherent also with the story this
other boy tells, the one who is "sent" to the first world to become a

In the second case, as the then PAP's were worried beforehand about
corruption, they sent me the referral dossier to be translated by an
Ethiopian friend of mine. I helped him with the translation, as he's fluent
speaking, but not such much in writing. So I'm a witness to what the
official papers said.
This boy started blurting his story still in Addis, but he was not
understood till a kind ethiopian from their hotel brought along a friend who
spoke his regional language. The parents were shocked, but first they sent
this people to his far away region to check the story. They confirmed
everything. And the boy's parents have sent them two letters, one in
amharic, one in english, asking them to take good care of his son.

I wish they were rumours, truly.

Sun May 10, 2009 1:03 am

2009 May 10