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Judge Chombo to examine Madonna adoption case


Judge Chombo to examine Madonna adoption case
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Rabecca Chimjeka 28 March, 2009 08:04:00
Madonna and David Banda
Malawi High Court has allocated Judge Justice Esmie Chombo to preside over the second adoption by the US pop star Madonna in the country from Monday.
Madonna is expected to jet at Kamuzu International Airport in the capital, Lilongwe on Sunday around 2pm in readiness for the hearing of the adoption of Chifundo James.
According to court documents sourced by Nyasa Times, Chifundo was under the custody of Mrs Antje Saakje Chikhwaza after her mother, Mwandida Maunde died on 5 February, 2006 at Kavinthiwe Village, Traditional Authority Chikowi, Zomba.
Chifundo was born on 22 January, 2006.
The consent to allow adoption, according to papers logged at the court is Peter Bennett.
High Court officials in Lilongwe have also been put on alert on the expectation of an army of journalists on Monday with Madonna’s appearance to have her adoption case examined.
"We are certain that Madonna, she's coming here on Monday, probably around eight-thirty in the morning," High Court watchman Charles Boli said.
"Actually it's about the adoption case, and no media coverage, the reporters will not be allowed inside, only the parties involved will be allowed to go inside the court."
The four year girl who would be a sister to David Banda whose earlier adoption sparked controversy as she battled accusations that she used her celebrity status to circumvent Malawian adoptions laws, is being kept at the luxury Kumbali Lodge.
Madonna will spend time with Chifundo on Sunday at the Lodge and is hoping to fly out with her to US if the court gives her a lee way on Monday.
The second adoption has also generated some controversy with Save the Children, the international children’s charity, urged the singer to rethink the plans, while family of the toddler she wants to adopt is reported to be fighting her plans.
According to British tabloid, The Sun, Lucy Chekechiwa, 61, Chifundo’s grandmother, described Madonna's interest in her granddaughter as "stealing".
“Why doesn’t this singer pick other children? It is stealing. I want to go to court, I won’t let her go,” the paper quoted her.
Mrs Chekechiwa, according to the paper, claimed it had been agreed the child would go to her when she reaches the age of six.
Save the Children said orphans should be cared for by extended family in their home country and suggested international adoption can make matters worse. --(Additional reporting by Edgar Msowoya)
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Comments (13 posted):
Banana on 28 March, 2009 10:20:04

Once again, we have a story whose main source is a watchman! While * do not doubt the info, a big story like this one needed an equally 'big' and credible source. These are the basics of journalism that Nyasa Times seems to disregard. You need to improve on news sources, please.

chiwanga mtali on 28 March, 2009 10:20:34

It is unfortunate to hear people denying orphans better care and rights under world stars like Maddona. We know the problem is that once the kids are not in orphanages, these people will not have a share in the proceeds. They are just behaving like Judas who claimed to have interest in caring for the poor yet he wanted the money collected to go into his pocket.

It is surprising and disappointing to hear someone saying Maddona wants to steal a child. Had she wanted to steal she could not have gone through the legal processes. Moreover, Maddona lives a transparent life compared to those who claim otherwise.

Let the kids have better life in the US.

Even myself * would like to stay in the US so * know that refusing someone that chance is just jealousy and cruelty.

HARRY on 28 March, 2009 11:09:19

* agree with Chiwanga. Let the baby have better life, better education and later support fellow Malawians. The baby is lucky to be chosen among a pool of orphans in Malawi.

Save the Children in question should leave Malawians alone to make a determination on the matter. It should not influence our thinking. Those against the adoption do not give better living alternatives. Are you going to give the baby equivalent material, economic and financial support as well as living conditions and environment as an alternative to Madonna'*? Stay in the ultra village poverty these orphans are in just for a month and then comment. * think you may openly support of the baby by Madonna.

However, the baby should be allowed to be visiting her relatives at least once a year. This should be one of the conditions in the adoption.Koma osadzamuloza because of jealousy.

As we advocate for the adoption of the baby, let us also pray hard that Bingu should be allowed a second term in Office. Jealousy aside, Bingu and his team have tried to transform Malawi.


anakonda anaconda on 28 March, 2009 11:18:06

A grandmother who has lived her life wants to stop the poor girl from going....so pathetic....she will never know what this will mean to the little girl in the future. All this grandmother want is to look at this little girl growing without a promising future....Most of us Malawians will never know what it means to have a promising future because we are not willing to accept changes of time, we r still living in the past, its not about the luxuries she will be exposed to today but this girl will make Malawi proud one day

KWENI on 28 March, 2009 11:58:56

One by one until the whole Malawi gets adopted. How * wish Malawi adoption took place before the May 17 generak elections.

Nimrods on 29 March, 2009 12:57:35

Muloleni Madonna amutenge Chifuniroyo, kuletsa kotereku nkosathandiza ata mpang'ono. Ana ngati amenewa tikawakakamila ndi ena mwa ana omwe ati adzalowe M'MABARA chifukwa choti adzapezeka akusowa thandizo potitu sazakhala ku ORPHANAGE CENTRE mpakana kalekale. Ena adzapezeka akukwatiwa ali ndi zaka 13, 14. Chonde tiyeni tivomereze Madonna kutenga mwanayu kotero kuti akathe kukapeza nawo maphunziro ndi chisamaliro chabwino, ngakhale pamawa atati akufunaso ana ena tiyeni timulole munthuyu, anawa ndi anthu sikuti ndi nkhuku zoti zimangokulapo or popanda chisamaliro chooneka.

daniel on 29 March, 2009 01:41:11

Wow we malawians need to get used to it celebs never wait in a queue so law or no law madonna will not have same treatment in adoption cases as an average malawian. it happens here, it happens in the whole world. a malawi zi zachilendo izi. we should just ensure these orphans are not abused in such homes. lets encourage madonna to build the so known orphanage.

OBingu Junior on 29 March, 2009 05:47:52

Agogo mukufuna kuti mwana azakare ***** or mumupunzise kutamba ayi- tamusiyeni mwana akapunzire tamuonani David anarichonchi popita bwanji inu Agogo tawiyanu inata kare mungodikira akakugamureni machimo anu aufiti,Pilizi aMalawi live Chifundo apite bwanji sanje kaduka mukufuna ndaramazo zipite mumnja maSave the Children ziturukamo pls lets be realistic here .Modanna'* money is benefing the really beneficiaries not masalaries ,kugurama expensive Cars and Houses .We will meet at the court amene akuti pwee timuona kumweneko ife anyamata aDPP ufuna chitukuko-Ask your self how much is Madonna spending in all of these issues pilizi Muzungu uyu siwadyera ngati Maexpatriate tikunona Kumalawi kuno

Matope on 29 March, 2009 07:59:46

Let Chifundo be adopted. Her granny has lived her 61 years under the glare of poverty, miseducation and hopelessness. The adoption offers Chifundo a better life. She will attend some of the best schools in the world and she will be totally different from her granny. Madonna go ahead and do your thing.

mfumu on 29 March, 2009 08:25:27

Kodi a Save ma folo bayi folo sanakwanebe. Anakagonena chilungamo kuti akufuna ndalama basi. Chifundo apite basi, palibe nkhani apa.

Ng'anga on 29 March, 2009 08:53:24

Agogowo interest yawo ya pa mwanayo ndi yakuti adzidzawaseta ku ukalamba wawo! Why the kid going back to her at the age of *** and then agogowo at a uselessly age leaving in the village kugonere denje ndi cham'mwamba?

ausyeje on 29 March, 2009 08:57:27

* agree with you anakonda. Let madonna adopt the kid. Uwu timati mwayi wanzam ofukura ndi manja khasu lilipo wina ndi kumaukana. Very sad.

Olayinka . on 29 March, 2009 10:34:46

Strongly agree & surport Madonnna to take the child. Reason is that is going to take good care of the child & give the child better education. Giving the family money is not the best because money that you are not working for how are you going to multiply with it.
With this am in surport & advice Malawi government to allow Madonna to take the child. Who knows tomorrow, the child may become great hero in the world.

2008 Mar 28