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Malawians support Madonna’s second adoption


Malawians support Madonna’s second adoption
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Thom Chiumia 29 March, 2009 04:02:00

Many Malawians have expressed happiness with plans by US pop star Madonna to adopt a second child from the country despite criticism by British charity, Save the Children.
Madonna’s bid  to adopt orphaned Chifundo James, 4, will be examined by High Court Judge Esmie Chombo in Lilongwe on Monday and the 50 year-old US singer will be present during the hearing.
The pop queen who adopted David Banda was encouraged by President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika to even adopt more Malawian children.
“Malawi has over one million orphans and some of them many aren't even able to go to school. And someone comes and takes ones child to give that child a future, an education and we want to make a noise? I don't know, I really don't know. I wish someone had come and taken 10,000 Malawian children because I know 10,000 Malawian would have better education and opportunities,” Mutharika  captured in a Reuters video clip said.
Mzondi Lungu a Malawian writing on the social networking site, Facebook, commended Madonna for her plans and trashed calls by Save the Children UK that the singer should rethink.
“I thinks that Madonna is doing lots of good works at home in Malawi which needs respect and recognition. I see no problem with adoption. These so called charities who oppose are just trying to sabotage her good works.  After all , many orphaned kids roam the streets begging helplessly while some charity bosses live a luxury life in the name of the poor,” Lungu who is based in England wrote on his Facebook page.
Lungu’s poem in support of Madonna’s adoption on Facebook also attracted positive comments.Abigail Mhango wrote: “Oh thank God for Madonna indeed. It makes me angry. Am sure if people had a choice they would say Madge please take me! Madonna woyeee!”
Tylon Kondowe also chorused his support comment and called the condemnation of Madonna by the charity as hypocrisy saying the organization is not really helping many orphaned children in Malawi.
Towera Ngwira, however is excited  that Madonna’s adoption publicity is putting the southern African country on the world map.
“We should thank her because she is putting Malawi on the map now, everyone knows Malawi and also for the love and kindness she showed as a mother,” pointed out Ngwira.
Save the Children UK, spokesman Dominic Nutt statement also received bashing by readers on Nyasa Times through their comments to the story.
James Malizani a regular contributor in comments section on Nyasa Times wrote: “I would suggest these rich British should live in an orphanage for a year and experience the hardship these kids are going through, before they open up their mouth and speak on behalf of the orphans.
“Can I suggest that Mr. Nutt has a nice, spacious home, bed, food in the UK and has a bright future and if he has kids they too are looking forward to a prosperous future? Orphans in Malawi and around the world are facing a bleak future and life.”

Malazani added: “Madonna should be applauded for what she is doing by everyone around the world. The problem of orphans, poverty has no boundaries, or colour. It is a global problem and should have both global as well as local solutions. I get frustrated by these bodies, who purport to speak on behalf of these kids and yet, they cannot offer practical solutions that provides these kids with a bright future.

“Can I also suggest to Mr. Nutt to adopt one of two orphans from Malawi or other country, and stop killing the only little hope these kids have. May be Mr. Nutt should hear stories from people with personal experiences with orphaned kids, I am one of those. We all have a responsibility to help. One planet, all Gods’ people.”
In another comment, one Njala Nthenda Nsanje wrote: “Now I know why President AlBashir of Sudan doesn’t want these so called charity organizations in his country. The fact is that these organizations are full of white people with blue eyes just to quote President of Brazil Luala Da Silva. These people with blue eyes do not in any way love a black person. Not at all. If Madonna adopted a white child say from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Albania these organizations could kept mum but since Madonna is adopting a black child from s is a matter of concern.”
Nsanje claimed the opposition was inspired by racism.
According to Associated Press report, Austin Msowoya, legal researcher with Malawi’s Law Commission, said the child’s best interests should be taken into account — whether that means staying in an orphanage in Malawi or getting "an education with Madonna."
The singer will be led by her Malawian lawyer Allan Chinula in court on Monday to sign the adoption papers.

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