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disrupted adoption


Abuse cases

Title Date
Girl adopted by Justin and Marsha Harris 2014 Apr 4
Two children adopted by Kate Parker 2014 Apr 1
Children adopted by Jean Paul Kruse and Emily Kruse 2012 Aug 1
Lucretia and Sabrina Day 2012
Xenia - girl adopted by Mary and Michael Grismore 2010 Jan 1
Girl in care of David Kinghorn 2005 Oct 26
Martha in custody of Milwaukee couple 2005 Aug 7
18 Children in care of Tom and Debra Schmitz 2004 Jun 30
Marianna Matthews 2004 Nov 11

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Amy Rebecca Steen 2012 Nov 1
Boy adopted by a Mesa AZ couple 2012 Oct 30
Children returned to Liberia 2012 Jan 1
Sasha and Masha 2012 Mar 12
Girls adopted by Joyce Maynard 2011 Apr 1
14 year old girl from India 2010 Jan 1
Artem Justin Hansen (Artyom Saveliev) 2010 Apr 8
Ellie Gertz 2010 Jul 8
Girl adopted by Kristen Richburg 2010 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Tom and Beth Remboldt 2010 Oct 15
Girl adopted by a Salt Lake City Family 2010 Aug 31
Nita Dittenber (Nita Durand) 2010 Sep 1
Boy adopted by Tom and Misty Mealey 2009 Jul 5
Boy adopted from Liberia 2009 Jan 1
Children sent to Nicole and Calvin Eason 2009 Jan 1
D. adopted by Anita Tedaldi (aka Anita Doberman) 2009 Aug 26
Isaiah Allison 2009 Jan 1
Anna Barnes 2008 Sep 1
Boy adopted through Ukrainian angels 2008 Jan 1
Quita Puchalla (Quita Davis) 2008 Oct 4
8 year old California girl 2007 Jan 1
Boy Adopted by Matt and Stacey Conner 2007 Jun 1
Dmitri Stewart 2007 Mar 1
Jade Poeteray 2007 Dec 10
Tarikuwa Lemma 2007 Mar 1
Boy adopted by Glenna Mueller 2006 Jul 1
Two Boys from Liberia 2006 Jan 1
Viktor Perdue 2005 Oct 5
Boy adopted from Russia 2005
Four children adopted through Ukrainian Angels 2003 Mar 9
Sasha Bignell from Ukraine 2003 Apr 1
Tristan Dowse (Erwin Reynaldi) 2003 Jan 1
Sage Christensen aka Sajan Myers (Igor Odnohorchenko) 2002 Jan 31
Nora Gateley 2001 Jan 1
Boy from Mali in care of Cheryl Carter-Shotts 2000 Jan 1
Children adopted by Scott and Karen Banks 2000 Jan 1
Michael Stamatis 2000 Jul 1
Samantha - girl adopted by Crystal and Jesse Money 2000 Feb 1
Elena Thomas 1999 May 20
Girl adopted by Peter and Denise Thomas 1999 Jan 1
Rocio Wolverton 1999 Jan 1
Gabriel Petrosino (aka Gabor Lakatos) 1998 Mar 1
Inga Whatcott 1998 Sep 1
Jeremy Harper (aka Karolyi Baranyi) 1998 Jan 1
Emily Fuqui Svenningsen and Eric Svenningsen 1997 Jan 1
Alexandra Austin 1991 Jan 1
Sanjay Farrow 1991 Oct 1
Shannon Aumock 1988 Jan 1
Linda, Michael, and Jeffrey Garber 1986 Jan 1
Hee Ja Byun (Lisa) 1962 Dec 29


Title Publication date
Far from the fairy tale: Broken adoptions shatter promises to 66,000 kids in the US 2022 May 19
National Guardsman gets life sentence in case linked to 're-homing' 2015 Jun 4
Illinois couple indicted in kidnapping of adopted child 2015 May 7
Tucson couple indicted on federal kidnapping charges 2015 May 7
Illinois Couple Indicted for Kidnapping and Transportation of a Minor with Intent to Engage in Sexual Activity 2015 May 6
Lawmakers Address ‘Rehoming’ In Wake Of Adoption Controversy 2015 Mar 8
Victoria adoption family alleges ministry hid extent of abuse 2014 Nov 20
Uganda's child adoption 'market' brings misery and confusion 2014 Oct 6
Adoption disruptions a secretive, misunderstood trend 2014 Sep 9
Lawmaker Wants To Stop Abuse, Neglect To “Re-Homed” Adopted Children 2014 Mar 26
Adopted, Abused Teen Wants Trading of Adopted Children Banned 2014 Mar 24
Girl spent months harboring secret, fearing she would be sent away again 2014 Mar 21
Re-homing victim: ‘I could have been dead’ 2014 Mar 21
Why One Mother Gave Back Her Adopted Son 2014 Mar 20
Russia launches criminal inquiry into U.S. child trafficking 2013 Dec 5
Hana's Story: An adoptee's tragic fate, and how it could happen again. 2013 Nov 10
Ethiopian girl lands in Maine after long, sad journey of adoption 2013 Nov 7
International adoptions: Kids older, have special needs 2013 Oct 30
U.S. Lawmakers Call for Action to Curb Internet Child Trading 2013 Oct 29
China Sees Decreased International Adoptions 2013 Oct 28
Lawmakers demand stop to parents giving away adopted kids on internet 2013 Oct 20
Who would give up an adopted child? 2013 Oct 12
Christensen guilty of manslaughter in Beverly slaying 2013 Oct 12
Jury deliberates in Beverly slaying 2013 Oct 11
A Painful Decision To Give Up Two Adopted Children 2013 Oct 9
Christensen takes stand, admits to stabbing 2013 Oct 9
Doctor says teen was depressed, suffered PTSD 2013 Oct 8
Failed adoptions stir outrage; reforms are elusive 2013 Oct 6
China adoption agency furious over 'child exchange' report 2013 Sep 25
Tucson couple in adoption scandal speaks out 2013 Sep 20
International adoption: I was stolen from my family 2013 Sep 16
Tough adoption standards are essential to protect children: Guest opinion 2013 Sep 14
Governments call on U.S. to track foreign adoptees 2013 Sep 13
People like dolls: the Americans handed children from hand to hand 2013 Sep 12
A Chinese girl is moved to Tennessee, and ‘hell’ begins 2013 Sep 11
White Mom, Black Daughter, Natural Hair: When Beautiful Means “Different.”[blog post] 2013 Sep 11
Tucson couple the face of adoption scandal 2013 Sep 11
Why I Supported the Adoption “Rehoming” Group That Yahoo and Reuters Shut Down 2013 Sep 11
Some Parents of Adopted Children Turn to Online Networks, Triggering Problems 2013 Sep 11
Adopted girl: 'My parents didn't want me. I didn't want to live.' 2013 Sep 11
Internet Child Exchange: Lost Children 2013 Sep 11
Orphaned in Russia, brought to America, and then abandoned time and again 2013 Sep 11
Unwanted adopted children traded online in underground network 2013 Sep 10
Despite ‘grave danger,’ government allows Internet forums to go unchecked 2013 Sep 10
With blind trust and good intentions, amateurs broker children online 2013 Sep 10
For desperate parents, ‘there was no other option’ 2013 Sep 10
Adopted girl says mother forced her to dig her own grave 2013 Sep 9
In a shadowy online network, a pedophile takes home a ‘fun boy’ 2013 Sep 9
The Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children 2013 Sep 9
Inside America's underground network for adopted children 2013 Sep 9
Girl, given up by adoptive parents, made to dig own grave in abusive new home 2013 Sep 9
Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas 2013 Sep 9
Where's the post-adoption support for traumatised children? 2013 Jun 24
Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement's Adoption Obsession 2013 May 1
Russian spy Raymond Poeteray jailed by Dutch 2013 Apr 23
How Evangelical Christians Are Preaching The New Gospel Of Adoption 2013 Apr 16
We need to value foster care, not fixate on adoption 2013 Apr 16
Guest Blog post: Is There Life After Custody Relinquishment? 2013 Mar 4
EXCLUSIVE: New York widow in $250 million estate battle gave up another child from China 2013 Mar 3
Widow Owes Rejected Adopted Daughter Millions, Court Rules 2013 Feb 15
Rich Widow Owes Girl She Took In & Gave Away 2013 Feb 13
To Avoid Broken Adoptions, Avoid Breaking Families 2013 Feb 13
MATTER OF SVENNINGSEN - appellate court 2013 Feb 6
Adoption: From an Option to a Mandate 2013 Jan 15
Romanian foster care: equipping carers to help challenging children 2013 Jan 15
Bans children make not happy 2012 Dec 27
Who helps when adoptions unravel? 2012 Nov 24
Russian-To-Russian Adoption Booms, But With Too Many Sad Endings 2012 Oct 8
Two Of The Thimble Islands For Sale On Long Island Sound 2012 Aug 29
Ex-diplomat Raymond Poeteray didn't' spy while in HK, court told 2012 Aug 26
U.S. Mom Appeals Child Support for Boy Sent Back to Russia 2012 Aug 17
Stephen Myers, former P.S.1 charter school principal: Did he molest boys, including his son? 2012 Aug 12
It takes more than love: What happens when adoption fails 2012 Aug 1
The Loved One 2012 Aug 1
It takes more than love: What happens when adoption fails 2012 Aug 1
DanAdopt silent on closed orphanage 2012 Jul 30
Amys mor gav sine børn væk af kærlighed 2012 Jul 29
Judge upholds child support in Russian adoption 2012 Jul 14
Næstved Municipality regrets process with Amy 2012 Jun 26
When adoptions fail - Even those who make a living sharing their lives are silent, devastated [opinion] 2012 Jun 18
Adoptivfamilie bryder tavshed: Vi vil have Amy tilbage 2012 Jun 14
Child removal results in violence accusations against council 2012 Jun 5
US woman who sent back Russian boy to pay $150,000 2012 May 18
Women behind Listen to Your Mother walked interesting paths 2012 May 6
Letter from Joyce 2012 Apr 4
Joyce Maynard Announces Failure of Her Adoptive Family 2012 Apr 4
Joyce Maynard Announces Failure of Her Adoptive Family 2012 Apr 4
Woman abandons adopted twins in freezing temps, warrant issued 2012 Mar 13
Hunt for American woman who dumped adopted Russian twins on freezing street with just a note saying: 'I've given them up' Read 2012 Mar 12
Tenn. mom who sent boy to Russia must pay support 2012 Mar 7
Twins Returned to Adoption Agency's Doorstep 2012 Feb 28
Twins Returned to Adoption Agency's Doorstep 2012 Feb 28
Torry Hansen doesn't appear for deposition 2012 Feb 23
BREAKING: Hansen ordered to give deposition in child support case 2012 Feb 1
Return to Sender (2012 Broadcast) 2012 Jan 18
Artyom Savelyev has a home 2012 Jan 10
Ellie Gertz, Adopted Then Relinquished, Tore Families Apart 2011 Dec 7
Twice-abandoned triplets know Russian boy's pain 2011 Dec 4
Tennessee woman who sent adopted child back to Russia wants court hearings closed 2011 Nov 21
Hearing set for mom who returned son to Russia 2011 Oct 26
15 Months Later, Boy Rejected by U.S. Mother Lives in Orphanage 2011 Jul 28
American foster parents to pay alimony for rejected kids 2011 Jul 27
Russia, US agree on safe adoption rules 2011 Jul 14
CPS fails to report missing child, complicating search for killer 2011 Jun 28
Raped Russian orphan to be isolated at children's rancho in USA 2011 Jun 20
Hope Despite Broken Dreams: Kristen Richburg 2011 May 10
Russian Adoptions Slow but not Stopped a Year after Uproar 2011 Apr 7
West Valley mom buries teenage daughter, 20 years later 2011 Apr 5
El Mirage funeral held for 16-year-old girl killed in 1992 2011 Apr 5
Medical examiners' dream: Identifying all victims 2011 Mar 26
1992 slaying victim identified, exhumed from Tempe cemetery 2011 Mar 22
Two teens accused of killing man 2011 Mar 19
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
In adoption, Chicago family felt helpless to combat little girl's special needs 2011 Jan 25
Russia to seek adoption payment, annulment 2011 Jan 18
Reward for information about the murder of Shannon Aumock 2011
Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze 2010 Nov 12
Status conference set for Hansen situation 2010 Oct 8
Battered Adoptive Parents Give Away Their Out-Of-Control Child 2010 Sep 23
Adopting at 55 2010 Sep 23
Parents face heartbreaking choice: Do they give up their adopted 7-year-old daughter? 2010 Sep 21
Matter of Campbell (Svenningsen) 2010 Sep 9
Adoption: How I lost my little sister 2010 Aug 31
Documents 'fudged' because of concerns about Russian response 2010 Aug 22
Joyce Maynard: Family Is Ultimate Source Of Inspiration 2010 Aug 18
Who Will Write the End to Russian Orphan's Story? 2010 Jul 2
Centre’s scheme to rehabilitate children 2010 Jul 2
Agency asks court if Russian boy was abused 2010 May 11
Russia, U.S. talks set on adoption suspension 2010 Apr 23
Congressional letter to President Medvedev 2010 Apr 23
U.S. gets no official notice of suspension of adoptions from Russia 2010 Apr 16
Adoption tragedy strikes twice for Russian driver 2010 Apr 16
Adoption tragedy Strikes twice for Russian Driver 2010 Apr 16
Returned Russian Adoptee Celebrates 8th Birthday 2010 Apr 16
State Dept: No suspension of adoptions from Russia 2010 Apr 15
Adoption case stays in 'limbo' 2010 Apr 15
Suspending Adoption Is Not the Answer 2010 Apr 15
Russia halts all adoptions to U.S. 2010 Apr 15
Local investigators hope to talk with Hansens and Russian child 2010 Apr 14
Adoption Agency Lost Contact with Shelbyville Mother in March 2010 Apr 13
Mother in Adoption Scandal Was Trying for Second Child 2010 Apr 13
WACAP statement: Child Returned to Russia FAQ’s 2010 Apr 13
We Are The Truth, A Campaign and Call to Action 2010 Apr 12
Posvojila, nato zavrgla otroka (Slovanian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Sending adopted child back to Russia monstrous: Medvedev 2010 Apr 10
TN mom's return of adopted son to Russia ignites furor 2010 Apr 10
U.S. public organization shocked by Russian adoptive child incident 2010 Apr 10
'Average Little Boy' or Menace? Witness Describes 7-Year-Old's Trip Back to Russia 2010 Apr 10
Grandmother: Boy terrorized adoptive family in US 2010 Apr 10
Adoptive mother delays meeting with sheriff as furor explodes 2010 Apr 10
Adoptivsohn allein nach Russland zurückgeschickt (German article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Rusland: terugsturen 7-jarige is 'de druppel' (Dutch article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Adoptiezoon naar afzender (Belgian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Vietnamese article about Hansen case 2010 Apr 10
Une Américaine renvoie en Russie l’enfant qu’elle avait adopté (French article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Chinese article about Hansen case 2010 Apr 10
Adotta un bimbo in Russia poi ci ripensa (Italian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Lithuanian article about Hansen case 2010 Apr 10
Mor vil ikke have mig (Danish article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Rusia Marah, Bocah Adopsi Dipulangkan dari AS Seorang Diri (Indonesian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Gutt (7) sendt i retur til Moskva av sin amerikanske adoptivmor (Norwegian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Hungarian article about Hansen case 2010 Apr 10
Dorosli po raz kolejny zawiedli (Polish article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Avó envia neto adotivo de volta para a Rússia (Brazilian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Rusya çocuklarini ABD'ye vermek istemiyor (Turkish article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Adopta un chico de siete años, pero lo devuelve (Argentinian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Rusia paraliza las adopciones con EEUU tras la devolución de un niño adoptado (Spanish article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Mãe americana 'devolve' à Rússia rapaz adoptado (Portugese article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Un baietel rus adoptat în SUA, trimis înapoi cu un bilet: "Nu îl mai vrem" (Romanian article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
Niño adoptado fue enviado solito de vuelta a Rusia (Chilean article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 10
In Tenn., Reminders of a Boy Returned to Russia 2010 Apr 10
Story of Artem Justin Hansen: How I Became Involved in an International Adoption Scandal 2010 Apr 9
JCICS: Statement about Artem Justin Hansen case 2010 Apr 9
Boy sent back to Russia; adoption ban urged 2010 Apr 9
Renton agency caught in Russian adoption scandal 2010 Apr 9
Russia halts work of U.S. adoption agency over returned boy 2010 Apr 9
US Mother Returns Adopted Russian Boy like Pair of Shoes 2010 Apr 9
Artyom,7, sattes på flyget med en lapp om halsen (Swedish article about Hansen case) 2010 Apr 9
Russia Calls for Freeze on U.S. Adoptions 2010 Apr 9
Picking up Artem Savelyev, agency may be denied accreditation 2010 Apr 9
Adoption freeze urged after boy returned to Russia 2010 Apr 9
Tenn. mother 'returns' adopted kid to Russia 2010 Apr 9
Fury as U.S. woman adopts Russian boy, 7, then sends him back alone with note saying: 'I don't want him anymore' 2010 Apr 9
NCFA Reacts to News of Adopted Child Returned to Russia 2010 Apr 9
Adoptive mother delays meeting with sheriff as furor explodes 2010 Apr 9
American parents send adopted 7-year-old back to Russia – by himself 2010 Apr 8
Sixteen adopted children returned last year 2010 Apr 1
Couple on probation in Samoan adoption case adopt child 2010 Mar 4
Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me 2010 Feb 15
In the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Affidavit by Duke Purcell 2010 Feb 8
In the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Affidavit by Auriel 2010 Feb 8
'US couple didn't tend to adopted kid' 2010 Feb 6
‘US couple didn’t tend to adopted kid’ 2010 Feb 6
Fly Away Home 2010 Feb 3
Agencies need to check on kids adopted by foreigners: High court 2010 Jan 31
Oklahoma Couple Want to Return Troubled Adopted Son to State 2009 Dec 21
Couple say adopted son beyond their help 2009 Dec 6
postscript to blog 2009 Nov 21
HC framing new rules for international adoptions 2009 Nov 16
'Kids up for adoption need psychiatric screening' 2009 Oct 10
"I Don't Want This Baby After All": Judging Anita Tedaldi 2009 Oct 1
Terminating an Adoption + My Adopted Son blog post 2009 Aug 26
Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails? 2009 Aug 17
Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails? 2009 Aug 17
These boys deserve so much more than I can give them 2009 Jun 9
Ukrainian Angels Families page 2009 Apr 14
The ethics of keeping a child from its parents 2009 Feb 16
Unfortunate Son, and an Aborted Adoption 2009 Feb 10
The curious case of Tristan Dowse 2009 Feb 8
From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions 2008 Nov 29
Utah couple won't give up proof of kids' identities 2008 Nov 10
Disruption A Failed Mom's Look Back 2008 Jul 10
Anita's web page 2008 Apr 21
Assessing the Field of Post-Adoption Services:Family Needs, Program Models, and Evaluation Issues: Analysis of Secondary Data 2008 Apr 8
Adoption Disruption Indicators 2008 Apr 8
"Out of the blue" - life as a military wife 2008 Apr 4
Patience with health care difficult 2008 Feb 23
Bankses' parenting challenged 2008 Feb 15
Babies Are A Gift - By Anita Doberman 2008 Feb
For troubled adoptees, a last stop 2008 Jan 20
A couple runs into horrific problems after they adopt two brothers from Russia 2008 Jan 13
Returning adopted child unjustified (blog post) 2008 Jan 10
His mother wants the adoption dissolved, saying the state forced the relationship. 2008 Jan 9
We Can't Trade In Our Children or Husbands (blog post) 2008 Jan 1
Can an Adopted Child Be Returned? 2007 Dec 18
Diplomat 'dumped his adopted child because she did not fit in' 2007 Dec 14
After seven years, Dutch diplomat puts adopted daughter back up for adoption 2007 Dec 13
Couple gives up girl, 7, adopted here as a baby 2007 Dec 10
She Bought Another Island. People Are Wondering. 2007 Jun 10
Living in America An Italian-American Shares Her Perspective on Patriotism 2007 Feb
Sasha to remain at Northwood, judge rules 2007 Jan 17
Timeline 2007 Jan 9
Running out of answers (part 3) 2007 Jan 9
End of Sasha’s second chance (part 2) 2007 Jan 8
No place for Sasha (part 1) 2007 Jan 7
Alone again 2006 Dec 17
Military families have much to offer (blog post) 2006 Oct 20
Govt wants to monitor adopted RI kids living abroad 2006 Mar 6
Painful adoption issues still remain 2006 Feb 24
Couple must pay for boy's future 2006 Feb 24
Husband gave evidence at closed session 2006 Feb 24
About a boy 2006 Feb 24
From orphanage to home and back, but now Tristan is where he belongs 2006 Feb 24
Ahern welcomes court ruling on Tristan 2006 Feb 23
Safe Haven or House of Horror? 2006 Feb 13
USA Today Helps Expose AT Underground Trafficking of Unwanted Children 2006 Jan 20
Underground network moves children from home to home 2006 Jan 18
Profile: Scams plague efforts to adopt beyond borders 2006 Jan 8
Preying on Parents 2005 Oct 1
Adoption row roils Jakarta 2005 Sep 8
Russia Roundtable Meeting Notes 2005 Aug 24
Couple gives adopted child back to orphanage 2005 Aug 8
Most foreigners adopt children illegally: Official 2005 Aug 5
Three arrested for child trafficking 2005 Aug 2
Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005 Jun 25
w/ Former MNT Defender John Stollmeyer 2005 Apr 29
'You want a baby? I have three children not yet born' 2005 Apr 24
Comment: Brenda Power: A throwaway society's disposable child 2005 Apr 17
Father faces probe into Indonesian adoption 2005 Apr 17
Romanian suing Canadian couple over adoption 2005 Feb 17
Rejected adoptee launches $7M suit (Canadian couple send 9 yr old girl back to Romania) 2005 Feb 16
Sent back after 5 months, adopted Romanian sues 2005 Feb 16
Rejected Romanian adoptee sues Canadian couple 2005 Feb 16
Return to Sender (Television Documentary 2005) 2005
re-home-ing 2004 Nov 15
Child Abuse in Two Huge Tennessee Families Investigated 2004 Sep 2
New foster parent says children relieved to be rescued 2004 Aug 23
Authorities still wondering how Schmitzes got 18 children 2004 Jul 6
Communication with Jill Rufus 2003 Jul 13
Julie Anne Williams - Assessment by Family Life Services 2003 Jun 1
Tenn. couple specializes in raising kids 2003 May 11
Agency, Families at Odds Over Adoptions 2003 Apr 27
Mega-families bring 'it takes a village' to life 2002 Jul 29
Amherst High School in Chaos: Molestation by Principal Upsets Most Parents 2002 Feb 11
Follow That Story: Principal Principles 2002 Feb 7
East Coast molest case turns local 2002 Feb 5
Traveling School rebuts accusation 2002 Jan 31
Amherst principal to quit under fire 2002 Jan 16
A mother's first Christmas 2001 Dec 22
Boy's plight launched a mission 2001 Sep 23
Internet adoption a tangled web of hope and fear 2001 Mar 11
A Tangled Web of Hope and Fear 2001 Mar 11
Some Adoptive Parents See Hope Turning to Horror 2001 Feb 11
History of FOC from their website 2000 Oct 12
More U.S. adoptions of Russians fail 2000 Aug 13
Woman who tried to sell adoptee on Net gets probation 2000 Aug 2
Suspect in bid to sell child cuts deal 2000 Aug 1
Catching up with John Stollmeyer 2000 May 8
The First Step 2000 May 4
The Perfect Child 2000 Feb 10
TELEVISION REVIEW; An Adoption Dream Turns Nightmarish 2000 Feb 10
The Situation Worsens 2000 Feb 9
A Dream Come True? 2000 Feb 9
A Difficult Decision 2000 Feb 9
Testimony to U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1999 Sep 30
Well-crafted adoption plan fooled parents 1999 May 29
Woman accused of trying to sell child via Internet 1999 May 26
Woman accused of trying to sell child by e-mail 1999 May 25
Return to sender 1998 Sep 3
Two Adoptions End in Return to Sender Unwanted Children 1998 Aug 11
Transition from Russia goes apace for adoptees 1998 Jul 10
East Bloc adoptions fuel quiet debate 1997 Dec 22
Stollmeyer getting his kicks with growing family, Former IU soccer star back from Russia after adopting pair 1997 Dec 3
Deaths SVENNINGSEN, JOHN A. 1997 May 29
Agony, Not Joy; Greatly torn, some give up adoptees they can't handle 1997 Jan 3
Broken Dreams; In some foreign adoptions, hope fades to hard reality 1997 Jan 2
The Global Youth Academy 1994 Sep 1
Picking Up The Legos And The Pieces 1994 May 8
Adoption of troubled children offers challenges 1992 Oct 25
A Seles-connors 'Battle Of The Sexes'? 1991 Sep 26
Photo Caption: US actress Mia Farrow holding her son Sanjay 1991 Sep 24
Adoptions of abused children lead to couple's trial by fire 1990 Nov 25
When Adoption Dream Turns Into Nightmare 1990 Nov 6
Students Hit the Books and Road in Mobile School 1987 Apr 26
Baby Flights Welcomed 1983 Mar 20
Court Offers Hope to Retarded Girl, 17 1979 Apr 27
Retarded Girl Wins Ruling 1977 Jun 20
Girl placed with foster family three weeks after being adopted
Ukrainian "unadoption" denied by appellate court in California
Reaching Johnny
After Wife's Death, Dark Secrets of Utah Doctor Revealed
Not of My Womb: Parenting the Legacy of an Addict
Q & A with Kristen Richburg author of Disrupting Grace
To Hug a Porcupine
ACT summary of Sasha Bignell case
Adopted girl says new 'mom' slept naked with her
Journalist spotlight: Megan Twohey on her investigative series on “The Child Exchange”
Letter Torry Hansen