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Adoption Agency Lost Contact with Shelbyville Mother in March


by Blake Farmer

The adoption agency overseeing the placement of a Russian boy in Shelbyville hasn’t talked to the mother in weeks. A 33-year-old nurse named Torry Hansen adopted a 7-year-old she named Justin last year and sent him back to Moscow last week with a note saying he has psychological problems. Russian officials have threatened to suspend international adoptions.

Adoption Assistance Inc. said a social worker completed a post visit with the Hansen family in January. At the time, the child appeared to be adjusting to his new home, according to a statement from the agency. But in late march, contact was lost with the mother. Adoptive Assistance says it worked diligently, including emails and phone calls.

“If the mother would have contacted us,” the statement reads, “we would have worked with her on the issues or arranged alternative placement.”

Torry Hansen has refused to talk to law enforcement until charges are filed. Bedford County Sheriff Randall Boyce said Monday the U.S. State Department told him it knew of no federal laws that had been broken and it was up to him to press charges.

2010 Apr 13