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Congressional letter to President Medvedev


Dear President Medvedev,

We are a group of United States Senators and Representatives who focus on issues related to vulnerable children and intercountry adoption. We are deeply concerned by the recent incident involving Artyem Saviliev and his adoptive mother, and the concern it must have caused you and the Russian people. However, on behalf of thousands of Americans families who have lovingly adopted Russian children or hope to adopt children in the future, we respectfully request your leadership in ensuring that intercountry adoptions between our two countries — particularly those already in process — will continue.

The welfare and safety of children must be the goal and responsibility of all nations, We can assure you that many in the U.S. Congress are concerned by this case. lt belies the reality that tens of thousands of children are adopted successfully by American families every year, allowing them to thrive in loving homes.

We will continue to work with our colleagues in Congress on legislation and policy initiatives that help improve the adoption process and support adoptive families so that all children are ensured of protection. We will work with Secretary Clinton on such international or bilateral steps as needed to protect children’s rights and best interests. We believe children are best served when they may live in a permanent and safe family setting.

You have demonstrated your leadership in protecting children and ensuring that they live, grow, and flourish in permanent and safe families by maintaining intercountry adoption. We hope that adoptions between our two countries continue and stand ready to support such improvements as are needed to serve the best interests of the children and their new families.


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2010 Apr 23