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Abuse cases

Title Date
Girl adopted by Ajay and Anjana Bhati 2023 Mar 11
Girl adopted by Waliul Islam and Sangeeta Dutta 2023 Mar 3
Girl adopted by Arun and Anjana Sinha 2023 Mar
Girl adopted by family from Surat (India) 2023 May
Girl adopted by woman from RK Puram (Delhi - India) 2023 Feb
Sherin Susan Mathews 2017 Oct 7
Girl adopted by Rajesh Sengar and Bebi Sengar 2012 Sep 28
Rohit Chakravarthy 2006 Feb 16
Gustavo Adolpho Hunt 2004 Mar 19
21 Girls adopted by John and Marian DiMaria 2003 Feb 1
76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason 1991 May 1
Jennifer Haynes 1989 Nov 1
Dominick J. (Andrew) Diehl 1986 Oct 29
Boy adopted by Mary Lou and Bernard Bauer 1985 Jan 1
Vanessa Pearce 1984 Jan 1

Child trafficking cases

Title Date
India - Malaysian Social Services case 2008 Aug 23
India - Sabila and Akil case 2006 Mar 1
India - Ashwini and Komal, Satara case 2005 Jan 1
India - St Theresa's Tender Loving Care & Priyamvada, 3 yr old from St Theresa's TLC 2004 Apr 2
India - Zabeen (aka Suji) daughter of Fatima and Sali case 2000 Jan 1
India - Preet Mandir case 1999 Jan 1
India - Satheesh Kumar ("Rohit") case 1999 Oct 1
India - Subash (aka Ashraf) son of Sivagama and Nageshwar Rao case 1999 Feb 8
India - Bhagya and Manjula case 1998 Nov 1
India - misc Child trafficking cases 1995 Jan 1

Deportation cases

Title Date
Jennifer Haynes - deportation case 2009 Jan 15
Samuel Jonathon Schultz 2007 Mar 6
Kairi Shepherd 1991 Jan 26

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
3 children from India adopted by couple from Malta 2023 Jan
14 year old girl from India 2010 Jan 1


Title Publication date
Committee on Enforced Disappearances Marks First Anniversary of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions 2023 Sep 20
Indian couple sells their baby to buy iPhone 14 for making reels 2023 Jul 30
Thane: Doctor caught red-handed trying to sell 22-day-old boy for Rs 7 lakh to woman 2023 May 18
Not Feeling “American Enough”: The Mental Impact of Cross-Cultural Adoption 2023 May 15
Over 30k prospective parents, but only 2.1k kids free for adoption 2023 May 11
Minor abuse case accused Dr Sangeeta Dutta arrested at Meghalaya border 2023 May 7
Class 9 girl adopted as 3-month-old raped by father for 2 years in Surat 2023 May 7
Child Trafficking Is One Of The Most Serious & Heinous Forms Of Exploitation: Bombay High Court 2023 Mar 24
79 children died in specialised adoption agencies from April-December 2022 2023 Mar 16
Man Sexually Assaults, Kills 4-Year-Old Adopted Daughter: Ghaziabad Cops 2023 Mar 14
Maltese couple abandon 3 children adopted from India, activists want action 2023 Feb 22
Illegal adoption: Ernakulam MCH staff Anil Kumar arrested from Madurai 2023 Feb 17
Delhi shocker! 50-year-old nurse burns 7-year-old adopted daughter with tongs; arrested 2023 Feb 17
NCPCR lashes out at CARA over 'casual approach' in case of 3 Indian kids abandoned in Malta 2023 Feb 13
Govt takes cognizance of adopted Indian children abandoned in Malta, calls for case details 2023 Feb 11
NCPCR asks CARA to furnish all details of 3 siblings reportedly abandoned by their adoptive Maltese parents 2023 Feb 10
Born in Odisha and brought up in Belgium, she meets family members after long 30 years 2022 Jul 8
19 years on, no justice, no compensation: A TN mother's fight for her abducted son 2018 Oct 16
Follow ICMR rules for surrogacy: Panel 2018 Apr 5
Adopted Indian girl returns home after abuse from Swedish parents 2018 Mar 30
Placing the entire scrutiny procedure in the domain of the executive may expedite the process, but will not take care of fundame 2018 Jan 25
Sherin Mathews death: India angry with US agency for claiming all was normal, suspends them 2018 Jan 8
Sherin Mathews death: Indian govt suspends US adoption agency 2018 Jan 7
Sherin Mathews case: Adoption follow-ups were satisfactory, 3-yr-old had eating issues 2017 Oct 27
A Swedish woman’s search for her Indian mother uncovers another tale of baby snatched at birth 2017 Jun 28
Swedish woman adopted as toddler uncovers sordid past in hunt for her Indian mother 2017 Jun 27
Woman returns from Sweden to see ailing mother in India 2017 Jun 14
Lies, greed and heartbreak: How orphans are ‘made’ for the adoption industry 2017 Jun 10
Pune: Mother, three others arrested for ‘trying to sell’ baby 2017 Jan 7
Karnataka child trafficking case: Children were sold to couples in US, Kenya 2016 Dec 1
Germany-based adopted woman’s search for her mother ends in Pune 2016 Jun 6
Founder of orphanage among accused arrested 2016 Jan 7
Court asks cops to probe adopted Swedish woman’s complaint 2014 Jan 15
Adoption racket opens a can of worms 2013 Nov 19
Guardians get time in adoption case of orphan children in Mysore 2013 Nov 9
Couple from Pune seeks preference over foreigners in adoption 2013 Sep 28
Adoption agencies looked at with suspicion following news report on 'baby-selling' 2013 Aug 2
Special court rejects former Central Adoption Resource Agency 2013 Jul 24
Preet Mandir adoption racket: Court rejects J K Mittal's discharge plea 2013 Jul 23
Kasargod child trafficking: Kundapur couple say baby was legally adopted 2013 Jul 6
NCPCR seeks report from CARA on fake adoptions 2013 Jun 30
German Claudia Gerstner in search of her biological mother in Mangalore 2013 Jun 10
Israeli serial sex abuser adopts Indian girl through surrogate mother 2013 Jun 7
Barriers to adopting a baby in Andhra Pradesh 2013 May 1
India Partially Lifts Suspension on Acceptance of New Adoption Applications 2013 Mar 28
Indian baby under US foster care returns to Kolkata 2013 Feb 27
Indian mum demands return of stolen daughter 2013 Feb 23
Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds 2013 Feb 20
Parents who 'lost' their kids to adoptions to make capital statement 2013 Feb 19
Adoption a child’s play 2012 Nov 5
Govt mulling to tighten post-adoption follow-up 2012 Oct 3
Preet Mandir records being moved without court order 2012 Oct 2
BANGLADESH: More data needed on abandoned children, trafficking 2012 Sep 6
Cops nab hospital nurse, 4 others for child trafficking 2012 Aug 23
Governments Communicate in Kairi Case But Won’t Reveal Details 2012 Jun 13
Citizen of no land: The story of Kairi Shepherd 2012 May 25
US confirms India intervention in Kairi Shepherd case 2012 May 24
Indian Consulate awakens to plight of woman under cloud of deportation 2012 May 22
NGOs up in arms against inter-country adoptions 2012 May 21
Adoption agency at it again, now charges ‘donations’ 2012 May 8
Baby business? NGOs ask SC to suspend inter-country adoptions 2012 May 4
Grandmother’s investigation plea against Preet Mandir dismissed 2012 Jan 5
Illegal adoption racket busted, 19 kids rescued 2011 Oct 22
Promoting ethics for child adoption in Nagaland stressed 2011 Sep 23
Bhasin's Preet Mandir entry: Inquiry ordered 2011 Jul 1
TRUE CONCERN 2011 Jun 21
CARA Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children, 2011 2011 Jun 1
Med college flouted adoption rules: Govt 2011 Apr 30
Four get bail in adoption racket 2011 Apr 29
SC glare on child adoption flaws 2011 Apr 22
Infertility rises and so does adoption of girls 2011 Mar 21
City's orphanage under high court scanner 2011 Mar 13
Bhasin used kids to make money: CBI 2011 Mar 10
Website launched to make adoption process more transparent 2011 Mar 6
Debate swirls around overseas surrogacy 2011 Feb 12
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
Foreign parents can adopt only if nobody available in India 2011 Jan 13
'Couples should go for adoptions' 2011 Jan 9
Uttar Pradesh child adoptions under court scanner 2011 Jan 9
Stricter norms for domestic, international adoption 2010 Dec 30
Serious adoption issues came to the fore in Pune 2010 Dec 28
Adoption racket unearthed in Delhi; four arrested 2010 Dec 20
Mandir: After phone threat, FB messages distrub complainant 2010 Dec 19
After 17-year battle, man meets biological mother 2010 Nov 18
Complainant in adoption racket case alleges threat 2010 Nov 10
Deported from Chicago, she waits for Barack Obama 2010 Nov 6
South African woman waiting to adopt from Preetmandir asks activist to drop her demand for inquiry 2010 Nov 5
The big daddy of adoptions 2010 Nov 1
Hole that swallows babies - how kids are spirited away 2010 Oct 31
Babies for sale 2010 Oct 30
'In affairs, girls become pregnant. They are hidden for 5-6 months for this work' 2010 Oct 30
Preet Mandir adoptions: NGOs forward objections to CARA 2010 Oct 20
18 Preet Mandir adoption cases get HC go-ahead 2010 Oct 9
It happens only in India: An adoption record in five lines 2010 Aug 10
Bombay high court registry gets a week to trace adoption papers 2010 Aug 3
Bombay high court: Let one agency monitor adoptions 2010 Jul 30
Birth of a booming baby industry 2010 Jun 26
Queen-pin of adoption ring 2010 Jun 23
Pune Preet Mandir's licence suspended 2010 Jun 18
In search of roots, Dutch woman smells a 'racket' 2010 Jun 17
The membrane between adoption and trafficking is money. 2010 Jun 16
Orphanages get away with violation of rules 2010 Jun 16
VHP accuses Christian organisations of child trafficking 2010 Jun 13
Ouders eisen via DNA-test kind ’terug’ 2010 Jun 5
HIV child traded off through illegal adoption in Pune 2010 Jun 4
Infanticide - India 2010 Jun 3
A Chennai slum dweller's fight for her Dutch son 2010 May 28
Adoptive parents unhappy with long wait over paperwork 2010 May 22
Maharashtra officials linked to adoption scam: CBI 2010 May 18
Adoption racket? Karnataka hospitals 'selling' babies 2010 May 17
Preet Mandir adoption racket: NGO to approach HC to expedite case 2010 May 9
The horrifying story of Vanessa Pearce 2010 Mar 21
Vegetable vendor's plea moves apex court 2010 Feb 15
'US couple didn't tend to adopted kid' 2010 Feb 6
Agencies need to check on kids adopted by foreigners: High court 2010 Jan 31
Embassies get role in adoptive child care 2010 Jan 9
6,000 kids not legally adopted in Gujarat 2009 Dec 30
More trouble for Preet Mandir 2009 Dec 24
Minnesota couple caught up in apparent adoption fraud 2009 Dec 19
What has India done to deserve Lindsay Lohan? 2009 Dec 11
High court tightens adoption norms for foreigners 2009 Dec 9
Silence on Case of Stolen Children 2009 Nov 6
HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency 2009 Nov 5
Anger grows over adoption scam 2009 Nov 4
Italians make best parents for adopted Indian children 2009 Oct 18
American gays all for Indian surrogacy 2009 Oct 12
HC takes serious view of child adoption, will issue guidelines 2009 Oct 11
'Kids up for adoption need psychiatric screening' 2009 Oct 10
Heading to India for a Longed-For Child 2009 Oct 7
U.S. couple wanted to adopt Indian boy as servant, court hears 2009 Sep 1
Court hears woman who wants adopted grandkids back 2009 Aug 11
Ludhiana couple who adopted ‘stolen’ infant held 2009 Jul 12
LSG adoptions raise stink 2009 Jul 6
IPS officer named in illegal child adoption case 2009 Jul 4
Fake Australian priest 'abused Indian orphans' 2009 May 25
U.S. PRESIDENT Barack Obama has named the Republican governor of Utah to be the next U.S. ambassador to China. 2009 May 17
Human trafficking a serious organised crime: CBI chief 2009 May 11
MPs say no to sex education in schools 2009 May 4
'Lost' grandkids in Spain, vendor moves court 2009 Apr 11
Change in Indian Adoption Procedures. 2009 Apr 1
Angelina Jolie Ready To Adopt An Indian Child 2009 Mar 31
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie May Adopt a Child From India 2009 Mar 30
Brangelina to adopt child from India? 2009 Mar 29
Traffickers prey on disaster-hit children in India - agencies 2009 Mar 23
"Ethica's Response to 'Meet the Parents': Hold Agencies Accountable" 2009 Mar 15
Delhi notebook - agony of missing children 2009 Mar 13
Prostitution of boys at India's pilgrim sites called rampant 2009 Mar 10
Does it matter where babies come from? 2009 Mar 10
Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption 2009 Mar 9
US - India: Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption 2009 Mar 9
Author’s Note on an Ethical Dilemma 2009 Mar 9
Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption 2009 Mar 8
Girl adoptions up in state 2009 Mar 7
Baby sold, now back with mother 2009 Feb 25
A-G's dept scours India on adoption kidnap trail 2009 Feb 24
Stolen and Sold 2009 Feb 24
Indian mother sells baby to rickshaw drivers 2009 Feb 24
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
Want a Baby? Gay or Straight, Come to India, Says Doc 2009 Feb 12
Giving birth to ethical problems, Just because old folks can have babies doesn't mean they should 2009 Feb 9
Satara to Spain: Grandma wants adoption probed 2009 Feb 4
Job Advertisement Secretary CARA 2009 Feb
Woman adopted by US couple has nowhere to go 2009 Jan 31
File reply on Haynes' plea, court tells govt 2009 Jan 31
Surrogacy in India is not all that it is cracked up to be…..laws appear to be non-existent 2009 Jan 28
Blog: fake medical report? 2009 Jan 26
Volontaires pour faciliter l’adoption internationale 2009 Jan 19
She was adopted, assaulted & deported 2009 Jan 15
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
Umbrellaing-India 2009 Jan 9
After 2 years, Mosinee couple adopts second child from India 2009 Jan 6
Orphan Outreach expands ministry 2009 Jan 6
Newborn baby sold by doctor recovered 2009 Jan 2
Newborn baby sold by doctor recovered 2009 Jan 2
Inside story of an adoption scandal 2009
Launch of the Centrally Sponsored ‘Integrated Child Protection Scheme’ (ICPS) 2009
Australia - Visit to India 2009 Jan 1
Integrated Child Protection System 2009
Visit to India – January 2009 2009 Jan
Family Reunion 2008 Dec 14
Courts clear 67 of 300 adoption cases 2008 Dec 14
Fewer children up for adoption in city 2008 Nov 24
Where have all the children gone? 2008 Nov 24
Desperately seeking toddlers 2008 Nov 24
Out on bail, woman reunited with daughter 2008 Nov 16
Doctor detained over pedophilia suspicion 2008 Nov 15
Adoption on hold over licence 2008 Nov 11
NGO worker gets two years in jail for child trafficking 2008 Oct 31
Police shocks court with its lack of awareness 2008 Oct 25
Bishop adopts 26-yr-old woman, Kerala smells scandal 2008 Oct 15
Bangalore's tragedy of migrant children 2008 Oct 4
Warning on suspect Indian adoption agency ignored 2008 Oct 3
India - Surrogacy, Adoption and Cyber Crime 2008 Sep 13
Current India to Australia Program 2008 Sep 1
Red tapism delays relief for parents 2008 Sep 1
The Great Indian adoption racket across four continents 2008 Sep 1
Stolen child OK to stay in Queensland 2008 Aug 30
In search of the stolen children 2008 Aug 30
In search of the stolen children 2008 Aug 30
'Stolen' kids traced to Dutch orphanage 2008 Aug 28
'Maybe now, we will get justice' 2008 Aug 28
Concern over child trafficking 2008 Aug 26
Adoptions from India under scrutiny 2008 Aug 26
Reports of child trafficking in name of adoption "malafide" 2008 Aug 25
Australia to return 'abducted' children? 2008 Aug 25
'Stolen babies' adoption racket 2008 Aug 24
Heartbreak for parents in Indian child scam 2008 Aug 24
Kidnapped children adopted by Australians 2008 Aug 23
Couples sent stolen children by Indian adoption agency 2008 Aug 23
Adoption racket kids 'may be returned' 2008 Aug 23
Australia investigates child trafficking 2008 Aug 23
Time: Stolen Children 2008 Aug 21
Stolen Children 2008 Aug 21
Trafficking cloud over baby Manji 2008 Aug 13
Indian Adoption scam leads again to the Netherlands 2008 Aug 8
2 Britons, Indian cleared of paedophilia charge 2008 Jul 23
Police find abandoned baby’s mother in Jharkhand 2008 May 18
Cradle baby scheme intensifies gender discrimination, say activists 2008 May 16
An Adoption Nightmare 2008 May 14
CBI goes after foster parents in child racket 2008 May 14
Madonna abandons India adoption plans after Guy Ritchie’s outrage 2008 Apr 27
The Globalization of Baby-Making 2008 Apr 11
Lengthy process, foreign adoptions take a hit 2008 Apr 9
Cradle baby scheme intensifies gender discrimination, say activists 2008 Mar 28
16 Abandoned Babies Saved 2008 Feb 22
Emotional journey 2008 Feb 16
Long Wait 2008 Feb 16
Devangshu Datta: Whose baby is it anyway? 2008 Jan 5
Foreign wombs for hire 2008 Jan 1
Adopting Nadia 2008
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
Probe begins into sexual abuse charge in Mahabs 2007 Nov 26
Making a Child your Own 2007 Nov 17
Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption 2007 Oct 21
Child adoption process needs to be transparent 2007 Oct 21
Woman, kin held for murder of child 2007 Oct 21
Single, male & an adoptive dad 2007 Oct 10
New guidelines soon for child adoption 2007 Oct 6
Govt plans nationwide registration of adoption agencies 2007 Oct 5
CBI to probe adoption racket cases 2007 Sep 6
Baby selling racket exposed in Delhi 2007 Sep 3
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2007 Jun 26
Inquiry finds no wrongdoing at Pune-based orphanage 2007 Jun 16
Denmark suspends all adoptions from India following reports children could have been abducted 2007 Jun 11
India demands return of adopted child 2007 May 22
U.S. Leads in Adopting Children from India 2007 May 21
Special Additions merges with FTIA - FTIA info 2007 May 1
‘Much more orphan kids may find US homes’ 2007 Mar 24
J K Mittal takes over as chairman of Central Adoption Resource Agency 2007 Mar 17
Tamil Nadu is home to adoption rackets and child-labour gangs 2007 Feb 16
India: Child trafficking in India has a new guise to wear: adoption 2007 Jan 1
CNN/IBN - how Preet Mandir sourced children for adoption 2007
India opening to adoptions 2006 Dec 25
Utah governor, his family pick up baby at Indian orphanage 2006 Dec 20
Huntsmans meet Asha, their new addition, in India 2006 Dec 19
Review and Re-organisation of Adoption System in India 2006 Nov 1
When Preet Mandir 'kidnapped' a baby 2006 Jul 11
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2006 Jun 26
Agency burns evidence 2006 Jun 25
Babies are a steal in steel city 2006 Jun 20
Groza lends hand to Ukrainians for child welfare reforms 2006 Apr 17
Baby trade booms at hospitals 2006 Feb 19
Huntsmans 'expecting' a child from India 2005 Dec 29
German woman meets biological mother in Gumla after 27 years 2005 Dec 13
Cradle Snatchers 2005 Oct 23
The Big Racket of Small Babies 2005 Jun 12
[duplicate to delete] Behind the facade 2005 Jun 6
The cradle babies 2005 May 21
The adoption nightmare 2005 May 21
The Adoption Market 2005 May 21
'The final objective is the child's interest' 2005 May 21
Complaints from foreign adopters 2005 May 21
Bending the rules 2005 May 21
Behind the facade 2005 May 21
A tussle in Andhra Pradesh 2005 May 21
A tussle in Andhra Pradesh 2005 May 21
Parents trace kidnapped child to US 2005 May 6
The Two Faces of Intercountry Adoption: The Significance of the Indian Adoption Scandals 2005 Jan 1
The Adoption of Indian Children by Norwegian Parents 2004 Sep 1
ACTION AT LAST (paedophilia) 2004 Aug 21
US woman's husband charged with murder 2004 Apr 2
Dohle case puts the spotlight on adoption issue 2004 Feb 3
Adopted boy comes back for mother 2004 Jan 28
Ethnicity and transracial adoption 2004
Lack of proper monitoring is cause for worry 2003 Dec 26
White and Jewish 2003 Nov 11
A Challenge in India Snarls Foreign Adoptions 2003 Jun 23
Abandoned Parents 2002 Sep 3
Report slams two adoption agencies 2002 Jun 5
Nachschub aus dem Waisenhaus / Adoptionsvermittlung im Zwielicht 2001 Nov 13
A new Act and some concerns 2001 May 26
Children as commodities 2001 May 12
Roda Mistry's ICSW to surrender adoption right 2001 May 6
After AP, child adoption racket unearthed in Orissa 2001 May 4
Baby Love - Sites that can help you adopt a child 2001 May 2
Sale of infants: Police to grill Amala in Hyderabad 2001 Apr 29
Sale of infants: Police to grill Amala in Hyderabad 2001 Apr 28
A business in babies 2001 Apr 28
Judi Kloper intro 2000 Jan 14
Spanish Agencies - India 2000
Adoption of abandoned child -- HC serves notice to Centre 1999 Sep 20
The pains and pleasures 1999 Apr 24
Adoption as a deal 1999 Apr 24
Stolen child 'OK to stay in Queensland' 1998 Nov 11
Amanda (formerly Nason) Mays: A Portland woman rescued from the slums of Calcutta believes she's the armless infant with Mother 1997 Sep 13
In the Shadow of Mother Teresa, Many Others Toil 1997 Sep 10
Nason trial: After a year, the jury is out (mentions Jodi, Jason & Natasha Nason) 1995 Nov 15
Nason defense questions key witnesses (Mentions Mandy Nason Mays) 1995 Oct 25
Do-it-yourself foreign adoption: agony, ecstasy 1987 Oct 18
The Childrens Act 1960 1985 Aug 1
Sherin Mathews murder: Sushma Swaraj seeks probe into child's adoption process; Women and Child Development ministry says it is 'transparent'
Konflikt um «Terre des Hommes» in Indien
Delhi High Court orders probe into child trafficking
Statistics Spain - India
NCPCR seeks report from CARA on fake adoptions
Couple, woman booked for illegal adoption of seven-day old child