MadonnaMadonna has reportedly scrapped plans to adopt a baby girl from India because husband Guy Ritchie “went ballistic” about the idea.

A source told the People newspaper that Guy was “100% behind” the adoption of son David from Malawi in late 2006: “But then it turned into the Madonna show and he hated the way it generated so much publicity.”

“So when Madonna mentioned doing it all again he went ballistic. He thought she was mad to want to go through it all again. He refused to get involved.”

“He told her that if she went through with a second adoption it would be the straw that broke the camel’s back [regarding their marriage].”

Madonna and Guy’s adoption of David is set to be finalised next month after hearings this month were postponed while Madonna promoted her new album ‘Hard Candy’.

But speaking on the Today show in the US this week, Madonna dismissed reports that her adoption of the now two year old boy was something she’d just done to take part in a baby fashion fad: “I have been fingerprinted about 20 times and undergone psychological evaluations.”

“I’ve been visited every six weeks by social workers who make sure that you’re being a good parent and that David’s health is thriving and who ask you all kinds of invasive questions.”

“I don’t see how anybody who really understands how complicated it is to adopt a child could say that someone chose to do that as a fad.”

“It’s just too difficult - too traumatic.”

“[But] I appreciate and understand how people could be cynical. That’s fine. I accept that because I think we live in a society where people are naturally suspicious of acts of altruism or generosity.”

She added that despite the difficulty and the trauma: “I’d do it again because David is amazing, because he’s brought so much joy to our lives. I love him. So it was worth it, and I think most people will suffer for the things they love.”