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16 Abandoned Babies Saved


02/22/2008 04:00 AM ID: 68680Permalink   

16 Abandoned Babies Saved
 Between August 2004 and December 2007, 13 abandoned baby girls and 3 baby boys were discovered and reported to the pediatrics department of All India Institute of medical Services. This trend has left the population ratio of men to women unbalanced.
Many of these babies are found in fields, in sacks, abandoned in wards, and even labor rooms. The babies are sent to care centers through a Child Welfare Committee. They are monitored until they are rehabilitated through adoption.
A program officer of UNICEF, says: "Lakhs of children are in need of care but our CWCs are able to deal with only a few thousand. The gap in providing facilities is the biggest lacuna, hence the government needs to create necessary infrastructure."
 Source: www.medindia.net

2008 Feb 22