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From: Brenda Compton <brenda@ifservices.org>

Sent: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 8:45 pm
Subject: IFS CAN ACCEPT INDIA CONTRACTS starting January 19, 2009!

IFS is thrilled to announce that as of  January 19, 2009 we can start accepting contracts for India adoptions from non transitional families!

While IFS is waiting for our final Hague accreditation approval (we are still "pending"), we have been asked to partner with an agency in Florida that has already received their Hague accreditation and who would love to offer India adoptions to their families in the future.  By doing so, IFS can take advantage of this agency's accreditation and they can work through our India contacts once their program is settled.  It is a win win situation for both agencies and for all families interested in adopting from India. 

The agreements between IFS and this other agency are being signed and we can officially accept new non transitional contracts for our India program as of January 19, 2009. We will not have to worry about "transitional" situations after that date, which is great news for everyone.

Due to new requirements and steps that the Hague is implementing for all agencies working with Hague country adoptions, it has become necessary increase our Country/Program fee by $500.   We are thrilled that it is such a small increase and know that families will appreciate this also.

The IFS fee of $4,950 remains the same and the Country/Program fee for a healthy infant/toddler up to age 5 will now be $12,400. The Country/Program fee for children 5 and over is now $9,400.

I wanted to let you know immediately about this good news so you can begin filling out your contract and application if you are interested in adopting from India.  If so, you simply need to overnight the notarized contract, application and initial $4,950 to our main TX office by FedEx, UPS or some other trackable way for your own security. But please be sure it does not arrive before January 19, 2008, as we cannot start accepting them until that date. 

This also means that all children who had previously been listed as needing "Transitional" families only, can now be adopted by non transitional families. Please disregard that heading on any information you might have from before. Referrals will be given in order of contract date and dossier readiness.

I am looking forward to working with you on your adoption and we will be here to guide you through the steps of bringing your children home!

Brenda Compton
Senior Adoption Consultant
International Family Services
(417) 332-0844

~This world is our gift to our children, let's make sure it's a great one~

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