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This page was captured on Mar 2009, but the information is older than that - 2007 or earlier

  • For further information on the programs offered by the following agencies, please contact them directly. Also, though I try to keep up with changes, that is not always possible so contact the agencies for any updates to their India programs as well. If you know of other US agencies with programs in India (& the subcontinent) that are not listed here, please let me know.
  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This is a listing of agencies that have India programs and inclusion of an agency on this list is not meant to endorse or recommend any agency or program! It is highly recommended that you research any agency before you apply. 

30-31 Hampstead Circle, Wynnewood, PA 19096 
Phone: (610) 642-7200
Fax: (610) 642-7938
INDIA: Adoptions From The Heart is excited to offer a new adoption program in India. The agency recently became licensed to place children from India with adoptive families in the US, after establishing collaborative agreements with two child welfare institutions in India. The adoptable infants and toddlers are girls; however older children with special needs and sibling groups of either gender are also available. The age of the children at the time of referral is generally 6-9 months. Following the referral, there is a wait of approximately 8 months before the child can travel to the US.
Only families of Indian ethnic heritage may apply, (for couples, only one member of the couple must be of Indian origin). Couples and single women may adopt. Childless parents are given first priority with this program but people who already have children may adopt.. Adoptive parents must be at least 27 years of age to adopt, and no older than 55 years. Families from anywhere in the US may apply. If you meet these requirements and would like to request additional information please complete our fill-in form.

8555 16th Street, Suite 600 Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: 301-587-7068 Fax: 301-587-3869
Email:  info@asia-adopt.org
SRI LANKA; Please check with the agency for further information on their Sri Lanka adoption program

121 Springdale Way 
Redwood City, CA 94062 
Fax (650) 369-7400 
Email adopt@adoptinter.org
NEPAL: Please ask for details

Contact: aiaainfo@aol.com
2151 Livernois, Suite 200 Troy, MI 48083
phone: (651) 687-0259
fax: (651) 688-6639
INDIA: Basically healthy babies and toddlers needing families and children of all ages with minor or correctable medical conditions and more significant medical involvement wait for families. Children may be escorted to the US, or families may travel. All families will be considered on an individual basis by AIAA and the orphanage responsible for the specific child.

email: info@allforchildren.org
40 William St., Suite G-80 Wellesley, MA 02481-3902
Tel (781) 431-7148
Fax (781) 431-7474
INDIA: Infants and toddlers are in need of families. The average age of infants at referral is five months, average age at arrival is 8-10 months. Parents may travel or children may be escorted. Currently consideration can only be given to N.R.I (non-resident Indian) families. Couples and singles accepted. Parents must be under 42 years of age, and have no more than two children in the family in order to adopt an infant. Parents ages 42-45 may adopt toddlers. Parents 45-50 may adopt children ages three and older. For couples, there is a minimum marriage length of two years, with no more than one previous marriage. 
Apply to INS for advanced approval to be eligible to adopt from India. Satisfy the laws of the state where applicant resides. Complete a homestudy by a licensed agency or social worker. Provide documents that Indian adoption laws require. Have these documents notarized, state sealed, and authenticated with the assistance of this agency. It takes approximately three months to obtain INS approval, complete a homestudy, and prepare a dossier. The time between the dossier being sent to India until the family receives an assignment is approximately 1-3 months. Children are escorted to the United States 3-5 months after acceptance of the referral or parents may travel for a stay of approximately 3-4 weeks. An expedited travel option (for an additional fee) allows parents to stay in India for only 7 – 10 days.

BAL JAGAT-Children's World
email: BJCW@earthlink.net
9311 Faralone Ave Chatsworth CA 91311
phone: (818) 709-4737 fax: (818) 772-6377
INDIA: Bal Jagat has been licensed to facilitate adoptions in India since our agency was founded in 1983. The children are healthy and come from well-run orphanages. All children are tested for AIDS, Hepatitis B, and are free from TB. Program available to California residents only - unless adoptive parents are of East Indian origin. (The program operates fastest for prospective parents of East Indian origin.) Children may be escorted to the United States.

website: www.barkerfoundation.org
email: info@barkerfoundation.org or cmclain@barkerfoundation.org, ckenrick@barkerfoundation.org
7945 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 206 Cabin John, MD 20818
301-229-0074 (fax)
INDIA: infants up to one year of age available primarily to applicants of East Indian origin.  Toddlers, older children, special needs and sibling groups may be available to applicants who are not of East Indian origin. One spouse or single applicant must be a US citizen or hold a "G" or "A" visa. Hindu adoption or legal guardianship are possible. Travel to India required, minimum three days.

email: info@bethany.org
Main Office: 901 Eastern NE Grand Rapids MI 49503-1295
phone: (616) 224-7610 or 1 800 BETHANY
INDIA: mostly older and special needs children available.
1.Couples must be married a minimum of three (3) years.
2.Single parents are accepted.
3.Open to families with up to two (2) children.
4.Children are escorted. Parents may travel if they so desire.

Contact Jan or Deb Email: india@chsm.com
1605 Eustis St., St. Paul, MN 55108
India Program Specialists are Jan Simon (office # 651-255-2230) and Deb Dreyer (office # 651-255-2210). Email: India@chsm.com
Jan and Deb are also both adoptive parents of children from India!
INDIA: Children's Home Society of Minnesota has had a presence in India for 25 years. We currently work with several nurseries in varying areas in India. We have fairly quick referrals for NRI families - international families usually will have a 6-12 month wait for a referral, upon homestudy approval. Children's Home Society of Minnesota strongly believes in providing humanitarian aid to all the programs with which we work. The majority of the monies paid goes towards maintenance of the nurseries, providing services to birthmothers and birth families, assisting the nurseries with essential items needed to give the children excellent care and providing the children good nutrition and support during their wait to join their adoptive families. Outreach/humanitarian programs outside the nurseries include street-child projects and rehab/training for birthmothers, among others.
In Kerala - SKB nursery. This nursery has a birthmother program and children receive excellent care from the moment they enter the nursery. We place an average of 20 children per year from this nursery. NRI families receive fairly quick referrals and there is a reduction in fees for NRI families.
In Pune - Preet Mandir nursery. This nursery has many children in care, being cared for in crisis nursery situations, as well as those having adoption plans. This is a strong toddler program (ages 2-4 years). NRI families receive fairly quick referrals and can receive infant referrals.
In Delhi - Welfare Home for Children nursery. This nursery currently will only place with NRI families. NRI families can receive fairly quick referrals.
Children's Home Society of Minnesota will also work with NRI families for designated adoptions. Please visit our web site at www.chsm.com

Contact: Gloria Akers
9229 Lackland Road St. Louis, MO 63114-5412
phone: (314) 890-0086
INDIA: The agencies we work with in India are noteworthy for the outstanding quality of their childcare. The children are given the very best care possible in India – the most nutritious baby food available, routine immunizations and tests, and regular weekly visits from a pediatrician. Emotional well being is also a priority. The ratio of babies to baby nurses is very low, which means the babies receive lots of care and attention from a woman who comes to truly love each one. The babies are cared for night and day by the same primary baby nurse from the day they enter the nursery until they leave. The baby forms a bonded relationship to the caregiver, which means he or she can then deeply bond to the adoptive family.
The timeline from submission of dossier to referral is approximately 9 to 12 months. Once you have said yes to a particular child, your case will go to the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) and then on to court. The child’s picture, videos (when available) and medical information is forwarded to CHI and then on to you during the CARA approval and court process (approximately 6-9 months). Once court approval is granted, traveling families will leave in about 5-6 weeks. Both boys and girls are available for adoption, but girls are more numerous. Many of the boys are adopted domestically. All of the children are from wonderful orphanages where they receive excellent, loving care from the same caregiver from arrival to departure. Most of the children have medium to dark skin, lovely big brown eyes, and Caucasian features. Little or nothing is known about the children’s backgrounds. At the present time, it takes about 9-12 months after all documents are submitted before there is a referral. You will receive your child approximately 6-9 months later. (It can take longer if unforeseen circumstances occur such as strikes, holidays, vacations, and litigation.) You may travel to pick up your child, spending about a week in India. You will be assisted while in India to complete any required adoption processes.
Single parents must be at least 25 years old. For couples, the minimum age is 22 but no older than age 40 to be considered for a young child. (However, we will consider older parents on a case-by-case basis up to age 50 if adopting older or special needs children or some sibling groups.) In order for a married couple to adopt a young child, their combined ages can total no more than 90 years. Couples must be married at least two years at the time of application. A stable marriage must be evidenced. Single women are allowed to adopt. Also, a single applicant can be no more than 40 years older than the child he or she is adopting (for example, a 47-year-old person would have to adopt a child who is at least 7 years old). Singles and persons previously divorced one or two times are permitted to adopt. At least one applicant must be a U.S. citizen. Families with children are permitted to adopt from India. Occasionally siblings are available. They are always placed together Special Notes: NRI 's are given priority by Indian government. Referrals of young, healthy babies occur 4 to 6 months after documents are submitted. We welcome NRI applicants.

Email Lisa: Chi4adopt@aol.com
Phone:  360/380-5370
INDIA:  My name is Lisa Anderson. Finding homes for Indian Children is my goal in life. I am thrilled to be the India Program Director for Children's House International. CHI has been placing Indian children in loving homes for 26 years now, and is recognized by the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) of India. We are licensed to assist anyone living in the United States (or U.S. Citizens living abroad) with international adoption. This photo is of me with my two children. I have been through the same process that you are beginning twice and I understand your questions, emotions and uncertainties.
CHI's India program is different from other India programs because I work directly with the orphanages, attorneys and court systems in India. We do not network or use facilitators, but handle your adoption personally from start to finish. We sponsor orphanages in Pune and Gujarat. I personally travel to India several times a year and we maintain a staff in India working full time to bring you the best possible service and updates on your children. My Assistant in India has his MSW (Masters of Social Work) Degree and has been working in Indian Adoption for 14 years. Families adopting through CHI's India program have become a close support group. Please contact me so I can put you in touch with our adoptive families. Their insights can be a great source of information and comfort to you.GENERAL TIME FRAME Up to nine months for a referral, depending on your requirements.Up to six months for Guardianship. Some children have come home much sooner, others have taken a little longer. Sometimes the court processes your adoption in 2 months. Indian holidays, changes in judges, etc. can delay your court process.

email: adoption@childrenoftheworld.com
110 S Section Street, Fairhope, AL 36532
phone: 334-990-3550
INDIA: Infants through school age children. Applications are being accepted from couples who are under 45 years of age, who have been married at least 2 years and have no more than 2 children. Travel in not required.

Contact: Carol
email: carol@commonwealthadoption.org
4601 E Fort Lowell ~ Suite 200 ~ Tucson, Arizona 85712
phone: (520)327-7574 ~ Fax (520)327-8640 toll free: 888-324-4651
INDIA: Infants and up. Please contact agency for further and updated info as this is a new program

email: kids@CrossroadsAdoption.com
(*For Minnesota and in specific cases for other states)
4620 W 77th Street, Suite 105 Minneapolis MN 55435
phone: (612) 831-5707
INDIA: Crossroads works with several voluntary licensed child caring agencies to place Indian children in adoptive homes. They provide for the welfare of children from economically deprived backgrounds by providing education, nutrition, recreation, medical care, daycare for children of working mothers and health check ups. They provide love, care, comfort and seek suitable parents so that the abandoned child can be ensured a bright and secure future. Crossroads has been facilitating adoptions from various agencies in India since 1978.
CHILDREN AVAILABLE The children are often infant girls and arrive home at 10-14 months of age. Occasionally siblings are available. Older boys and are also available. The children's care while in India is good.
FAMILY CHARACTERISTICS Married couples or single parents may adopt from India. A previous divorce is acceptable. Parents under the age of 45 are preferred. The final decision on the suitability of the family is made by the agency in India.
PROCESS The family is registered on a waiting family list. It will take 9-12 months to receive the referral of a child. Dossiers are completed and forwarded to India for the Indian courts when a referral is received and accepted. For non-resident Indians (NRI), the dossier may be sent before a referral is received. Processing time in India usually takes 4 to 6 months. From time to time, changes in court personnel will extend the processing time by 1-3 months.
TRAVEL Families are encouraged to travel. Escorting is allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Rebecca Hackworth or Tami Davidson
Email: info@dillonadopt.com
3227 East 31st Street, Suite 200   Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: (918) 749-4600
INDIA : Dillon is seeking U.S. families in all 50 states and overseas to adopt infants.   Dillon International has a separate adoption program for NRI families.  At least one spouse must be a U.S. citizen; overall shorter adoption process for NRI couples.  See our website for details.
REQUIREMENTS:  Married couples, whose combined age adds up to no more than 88 years at the time of their application to adopt and single women, ages 30-35. Couples should be married a minimum of 3 years.  Prefer second marriages to be at least 5 years, but will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Families may not have more than 2 children already living in their home.
PROCESS:  Waiting time for a referral of a child is 12 months.  Families will wait another 4-6 months to receive their child’s legal documents from India before receiving travel clearance for their child to enter the U.S.   Families must travel to receive their child and babies are usually between 10-12 months old at the time of their arrival.
AVAILABLE CHILDREN:  Babies are well-cared for in an orphanage setting with a low caregiver-to child ratio.  Boys and girls are available for adoption and families may request their child’s gender.  Moderate medical care is available by a physician who reviews the babies’ health daily. Children with special needs are sometimes available for adoption.
FEES: $10,300  plus approximately $4,500 for travel expenses.  Home study and post-placement fees will be additional expenses.  Adoption grants are available to qualifying families.  Dillon offers annual post-adoption heritage events for families with children adopted from India .  For additional information on Dillon 's India program, please visit our website.

7550 Bee Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34241
phone (941) 342-8189
fax (941) 371-3125
Email: info@flhomestudies.com
NEPAL: FHSA is an approved agency in Nepal to place infants, toddlers, and school-age children from Nepal.
Adoption Requirements: Applicants are accepted from both single and married persons. Adoptive parents must be at least 30 years old (both parents must be at least 30 years of age). Adoption by single parents is permitted. Single parents must be at least 35 years old.Single women with a child already in the home/family are allowed to adopt a child from Nepal as long as: the child to be adopted from Nepal is younger than child already in the home/family; and is age 2 and above; and of opposite gender to the child that is already in the home/family. Maximum age difference between parent and child is 45 years. [Meaning a 47 year old must adopt a child at least 2 year old and a 49 year old must adopt a child at least 4 years of age. Based on the age of the older spouse.] Children already in the home: The child to be adopted must be younger than any other children in the immediate family.Families who have a child of one gender may only adopt a child of the other gender (no exceptions are made). Families who have both a boy and a girl are ineligible to adopt from Nepal at this time. Couples must be married a minimum of four (4) years and be infertile.

1562 Pearl Street Denver CO 80203
phone: (303) 837-9438

email: info@holtintl.org
Main Office: PO Box 2880, 1195 City View Eugene OR 97402-9970
phone: (541) 687-2202
INDIA: Children available. 18 months-8 years old, Younger children, especially males or children with special needs are often available for inter-country adoption.
Parent's Age: Up to 40 years between younger parent and child. Parents 50+ not accepted.
Age requirements may vary by court and region in India and sometimes change. Contact Holt on borderline cases.
Length of Marriage: Minimum 5 years, but applications accepted at 4 years.
Divorce: Accepted on a case-by-case.
Children in Family: Officials prefer childless couples but will consider families with 1-2 children if motivation is strong. More flexibility for children with special needs. No more than 4 children.
Single Applicant: Women considered case-by-case basis for children with special needs.
Travel in Country: Usually optional, 1 week; escort usually available. Travel is often required for children 36 months plus.
How Long it Takes: Application to child placement in the U.S. averages 13 months. This is a statistical average, individual case timings vary.
Additional Information: Holt has special programs for Indo Americans. Younger children are available Indo-Americans. Indo-Americans should contact the Holt-India desk directly for detailed information.
Holt's Director of Social Services for India, Dean Hale, MSW worked with the India programs since the early 1980's. During that time, he has traveled to India over 30 times and is familiar with Indian culture and adoption practices. He has adopted internationally, a child with special needs.

e-mail:   adoption@hopecottage.org
4209 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75205
214-526-8721 or 800-944-4460
INDIA: Hope Cottage offers Indian adoption through our International Adoption Program. The agency is accredited by the Central Adoption Resource Agency and partners with licensed Indian adoption agencies. Our experienced staff includes a native of India to offer expertise, guidance and assistance throughout the process. We provide all of the domestic services needed to adopt from India and coordinate with our partner agencies in India for international services. After a family's home study is approved and the required documents are sent to India, assignment of a child could occur within three to six months with travel planned three months later. A family of Indian heritage with at least one American citizen, living in the United States may have "non-resident Indian" (NRI) status in India, which would allow them some of the privileges of Domestic adoption. While this is true, NRI families must follow the rules for international adoption set forth by the Indian governmental agency, Central Adoption Resource Agency, which operates under the ministry of Welfare. Hope Cottage will work with NRI families to assist them in the entire adoption process of preparing themselves and locating a child. If the family has traveled to India and located an agency that will work with them for the placement of a child, Hope Cottage will assist with the preparation of dossier paperwork, and certification of their application and post-placement reports.

HOPE for Children 1515 Johnson Ferry Rd. Suite 200 Marietta, GA 30062
Call Us: (800) 522-2913 Local (770) 977-0813 Fax (770) 973-6033
INDIA: HOPE for Children, Inc. places children from the Asharan Orphanage, which is run by our parent organization, HOPE worldwide. The orphanage is located in the New Delhi area and provides excellent, loving care for the children.
Indian children from 2 - 15 years are available for adoption. Most of the Indian children we place are ages four and up. Some special needs children and some siblings are placed from India. The children available have been either abandoned or relinquished by their parents for adoption. The children are presented to the family with a thorough health record. The Indian Ministry of Welfare will make every effort to match you with the child that you desire. As with every international adoption, the exact characteristics you request may not always be available.
Generally, couples must have a medical reason for not having biological children to adopt from India. Please contact HOPE for Children, Inc. for details about the current adoptive parent requirements for adopting from India.
If possible, we recommend that the adoptive parents travel to India to get their child. However, this is not required. The child can be escorted by an Indian social worker who will accompany the child to join the adoptive parents in the United States. The social worker and parents will remain together for approximately one week to satisfy the legal requirements and permit a bonding time for the family and the child

700 S. Friendswood Drive, Suite B
Friendswood TX 77546
Email: www.ifservices.org
INDIA: 8 months to 14 years from Mumbai, India. Time frame from completion of dossier: 6 to 9 months

P.O. Box 39 Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: (503) 681-3075 (MAIN OFFICE)
The general email address is info@journeysoftheheart.net
For India contact Judi Kloper  PHONE/FAX 541-745-3830
NEPAL: the ages of children are 0 - 6 years old with both sexes available. Each applicant is considered on a case by case basis in regards to other children in your family, divorce and travel. Please contact agency for current info.
INDIA: Our India program has been active since June, 1999, however our personal experience with adoption from India is long and in depth. Journeys' India program coordinator, Judi Kloper, is herself a mom to five children from India, China and by birth. Her first three children are from Calcutta, and were adopted as an infant, a seven year old and a nine year old. Some have special needs. Having volunteered and worked in adoption since 1982, she has extensive knowledge about the process and ups and downs of adoption from India. She has travelled extensively in India and has been working dilligently on establishing programs there that would be able to help find homes for children and meet the needs of the adoptive families as well.
Currently, we have programs in two different states in India, and soon we will have a third state that we'll be working in. The programs that are open to families are as follows:
State of Kerala A. Kanjirapally: Currently this program is open to families in which one or both parents is of Indian heritage, as well as to families who are not of Indian heritage who meet certain criteria: married, infertility or miscarriage issues, good income, have some kind of religious faith, This program is unique in India in that care is given to birthmothers as early in pregnancy as possible, and a history is taken. Medical care for the infants is excellent, including screening for Hep. B and HIV. Part of the India fee is being used to build a shelter for birthmoms on the grounds near the orphanage, and also to provide counseling and care for them as well.
B. Kottayam: This program is placing babies and toddlers from approximately five months and older, mostly with families of Indian heritage. Children are screened for Hep. B and HIV, and they receive good medical care as well. Whenever possible, the birthmom receives medical care and counseling. Families of non Indian heritage are welcome to call about some of the children with minor special needs.
State of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Currently we are accepting applications for children who have no known special needs as well as children with minor or correctable conditions. Part of the India fee will be used towards many projects which are assisting people in the area, including building a home for people with AIDS, for example.

Contact: Frank or Kate
10306 Highway 21  Hillsboro MO  63050
phone: 314-797-4100 Fax: 636-789-4978
INDIA: AGE: Minimum: 23 year if married; 26 years if single. Christian families.
MARRIAGE: If married, a minimum of three years of marriage is required. Previous divorce is acceptable.
SINGLES: Welcome for same-sex adoption.
COST: Agency fee: $3,000. Overseas fees (including Travel/Escort) $7,500 -$8,500 Home Study/Post-placement services are additional (see the India FAQ for more information).
CHILDREN AVAILABLE: Primarily infants, though some sibling groups and children through age 12 or 13 are available. Most children are healthy; there are some special needs. Children are brown in skin color with black hair, winsome brown eyes, and caucasian-like facial features. Parents can state preference for age range and sex of child they seek.
WAITING TIME: 0-3 months from acceptance of Home Study to assignment; 4-9 months from assignment to placement. (Time frame from assignment to placement is partially dependent upon how quickly adoptive family completes foreign country document packet and on receipt of Immigration approval .
TRAVEL: Not required of adoptive parents.
PROCEDURE: Adoption agencies can refer parents directly; we will send our application packet to them and request the Home Study once the second application packet is reviewed and accepted. Prospective parents should contact us directly to request application materials. We will also forward the application packets to the Agency if preferred.
* Individuals/couples of Asian Indian background are reviewed as above, except that Christian faith is not required for the placement of an Asian Indian child or children.

Contact Jenny
email: jennym@maps.maine.com
277 Congress Street Portland ME 04101
phone: (207) 775-4101
INDIA: Primarily girls who are often abandoned with little or no history, including infants, toddlers, and school age children; siblings are infrequently available. Mostly of Caucasian ethnicity with varied skin tones, Indian children are usually healthy; however, some have special needs correctable or otherwise. Infants are often premature with low birth weight, but we have found that they catch up once they come home.
Family Requirements: Couples who have been married for at least 2 years (singles who are strong candidates may be eligible, case by case), not more that 45 years difference between the youngest parent and the child. Childless couples or one child in the home are preferred.
NEPAL: This is a new program still in the developmental stage.
Children: We currently have several children 5 and older who need homes immediately. We are also accepting applications for infants/toddlers 0-2 years with the understanding that most of the babies will be around age 2 at the time of assignment.
Family Requirements: Couples and single women are accepted. The sum of the ages of the parents must not exceed 100 years, and the difference in age between adoptive parents and child should be a minimum of 25 years. Single women must be between the ages of 40 and 55.
Travel Requirements: Both parents must travel and the stay in-country takes approximately 2-3 weeks to sign for child in the Home Ministry and to prepare the American Visa.

email: adopt@palacenet.net
PO Box 162, 315 West Conant Portage WI 53901-0162
phone: (608) 742-8004
INDIA: Children including sibling groups of all ages are available but infants are usually over the age of 18 months. Escort or travel is possible.. At the present time, there is no waiting list for healthy infant boys and girls. Need Wisconsin families and families of Indian heritage (out of state as well) at this time.

312 South Lincoln Avenue, Cherry Hill NJ 08002
Phone: (856) 321-0777
NEPAL: Children of all ages are available for adoption in Nepal, including infants. Children of both sexes are available. A large focus of our mission in Nepal is our Waiting Children Program where we have photos and information on file on many children awaiting immediate referral. To learn more about our Waiting Children, please check our Nepal Waiting Children Pages or contact our office. Adoptive Parent Requirements Adoptive parents must be at least 25 years older than the child being adopted. Parents are required to have been married a minimum of four years and be infertile, or single women may adopt and must be at least 35 years of age, but do not have to be infertile. The child being adopted must be younger than other children in the immediate family. Families who have a child of one gender may only adopt a child of the other gender. Families who have children of both genders are ineligible to adopt from Nepal at this time. Families with 4 or more children residing in the home are not looked upon favorably.

Email Beth: India Adoption Program Coordinator
SAI India Phone: 920 746 5199
SAI main office address: P.O. Box 10 19055 Metcalf Ave Stilwell KS 66085 USA
Tel. 913-681-9604     Fax.913-681-0748
INDIA: SAI established our India program with NRI (non-resident Indian) couples in mind and nearly 90% of our adoptive couples are NRI. Our India programs continue to move very well and we placed over 20 children this past year. We help to support the many programs sponsored by our India Partner Organizations, including humanitarian programs, and efforts to place orphaned children within India first, and then with NRI couples.  We limit the number of adoptive families we work with, at any one time, so that we can dedicate ourselves to each adoptive family and give them the attention they deserve. This also means that we do not have long lists of families waiting for referrals. SAI has established long-term relationships with 6-8 Indian organizations that we consider to be exceptional organizations. NRI couples may choose the program they wish to work with. The quality of care at these institutions is outstanding, and the children are given the very best care possible both physically and emotionally. We work directly with our partner agencies in India and travel 2-3 times yearly. We communicate with our SAI India Partner Organizations almost daily.  
Children in Need of Families:
Babies through our SAI NRI program may come through one of the 8 Indian Organizations we work with. NRI (parents of Indian Heritage) couples may receive referrals of young infants considered to be healthy. All but one of the organizations we work with have their own birth mother programs, so most babies are born in the hospital. Birth mother's will have had some pre-natal care and there will occasionally be a history on the babies.
NOTE: SAI does not accepting applications from non-NRI families unless they are open to considering babies with special needs, or older children.
SAI India Staff:
In addition to Beth Peterson Krueger, our SAI India Program Coordinator, Charity Bennett also works 3 days a week with the India program, as India Dossier & Document Coordinator. We also have other volunteer staff, and a full time representative/assistants in India. 

email: amiller@spence-chapin.org
phone Alex: 212-369-0300
phone Noella Rao (India program coordinator) 516 232 3636
6 East 94th Street New York, NY 10128
INDIA: Our program will be for NRI's for "healthy" children. At least one member of the couple should be Indian. Non-Indians will be considered for special needs children. Noella Rao is the India program coordinator.

Contact: Homai Dalal Schmidt
email: info@whfc.org
38 Edge Hill Road Waltham, MA 02154
phone:(781) 894-5330 fax: (781) 899-2769
INDIA:  Placing children from five approved Indian agencies in various parts of India. Program fees and waiting times are reduced for for families with Indian heritage. Infants and older children available.  Some waiting children also.  Referrals of most children are now taking between 9 and 12 months; less time if one or both parents are Indian. Parents can travel or have children escorted. Strong preference is given to childless applicants or applicants with only one child.  Prospective parents of infants must be no more than 40 years old, and no more than 50 for school-age children.  Proof of infertility may be required.  Families are needed.

Contact Myriam Avery
email: wacap@accessone.com
PO Box 88948 Seattle WA 98138
phone: (206) 575-4550
INDIA: WACAP currently has a number of waiting children including infants, older children and siblings. The waiting time to accept the referral of a child after homestudy approval in India has varied from 1 to 21 months. The average waiting time has been 6 to 12 months. .There is currently a need for families , especially those open to a child of either sex, older children and special needs.
WACAP has special programs for families of Indian heritage. Please call for further details.

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