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2006 Feb 18
German man and his Peruvian wife charged with trafficking Peruvian babies to adoptive parents in Europe from 2004 - 2006
2006 Jan 24
Ivan Jerdev, originally from Krasnodar, Russia, set up an adoption facilitation service in Napa California. Originally just Russia, then later Ukraine and Kazakhstan children. Guatemala adoptions started with ultrasound pictures. Allegedly was beginning to work with Mai-Ly Latrace for Vietnam adoption prior to closure. Vladimir Jerdev worked in Krasnodar.

Yunona used photo-listings, which was generally contrary to Russian,Ukrainian, and Kazakhstan laws. Many times children promised where suddenly no longer available after fees were paid, or when the family arrived in country.
2005 Nov 17
Hunan China statistics  (left) Placements for International Adoption soared between 2001 and 2005, then dropped after the ring was exposed. (Statistics from Research China)

In the Hunan province of China a ring of child traffickers was arrested late 2005 - early 2006. Children were bought in Guangdong province and sold to orphanages in Hunan province. Eventually, ten people were convicted.
2005 Aug 4
In 2003, a couple in France adopted Oscar and Marlène, aged 5 and 2,  from Central African Republic. The adoptive parents were told by the association, Rayon de Soleil de l'enfant étranger, that their mother was dead and their father disappeared.   It turns out that they were 10 and 5 years old, and they had living parents and five siblings. The children were told they would study in France and would go back to Africa.

11 other children were adopted from Central African Republic at the same time than Oscar and Marlène without parental consent. Among them, only two had no parent.
2005 Jan 14
The Good Shepherd Orphanage in Lagos was shut down by the government for allegedly engaging in child trafficking and the selling of babies. Eleven arrests were made, and the children, including some pregnant girls, were moved to other state institutions.

In her confessional statement to the police the proprietress of the Good Shepherd Orphanage Home, Pastor Gift John,  allegedly admitted to have been engaged in the burning of babies, but denied doing so for ritual purposes. According to a police source, the woman claimed that she was cremating only the babies who died at her orphanage in mysterious circumstances. She claimed that she did not seek government’s permission for such activities because she was sure that such requests would not have been granted.
2005 Jan 1
Kisabai Tulshiram Lokhande

Kisabai Tulshiram Lokhande's two granddaughters Ashwini and Komal went "missing'' from a children's remand home in Satara in 2004. In 2005, the girls were learnt to have been adopted by a Spanish couple.
2005 Jan 1
Ethnic Roma children trafficked for adoption. Often from Bulgaria to Greece, but also from: Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania and to: Italy, Austria, United Kingdom.
2005 Jan 1
Imelda and Maria's parents were murdered for being dissidents. Imelda,7 and Maria, 3, where adopted by 2 families in Boston and Long Island. The girls were in sporadic contact over the years.