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2007 Nov 1
Since the 1990s, hundreds of Malian children were were sent to France for adoption, by a French NGO, Rayon de Soleil de l'Enfant Étranger.  The Malian parents are searching their children they have lost track of since more than 15 years. They were told they would received news of their children by Rayon de Soleil in Paris, and that their children would be sent to them during their vacations and would returned to them at the age of majority whenever they want.  
2007 Sep 1
child trafficking for adoption articles
2007 Aug 11

A probe of Casa Quivira, where 46 children in the process of being adopted by U.S. families were seized in a government raid, turned up a slew of irregularities, including at least five cases in which birth mothers were allegedly given false identities to avoid having to seek permission from family members and a judge to give up their babies.Eighteen other mothers could not be found under the identities that case files provided.

2007 Aug 7
Children are adopted without obtaining government approval
2007 Jun 20
 Jonathan reunited with his parents
Jonathan Martínez Sol (40 days old)  was taken from his mother Thelma Cristina Sol Matías (Telma Sol) at gunpoint. He was found 27 days later at Módulos Maternos with a new birth certificate naming him Luis Pablo Pérez. Paperwork had begun for him to be adopted. Attorney Ana María Barrutia, director Mónica Contreras Barrutia, Mayra Lizette Cifuentes Gonon, and Clara Esperanza Pérez were charged in connection with the case.
2007 May 11
May 11, 2007, 17 year old Gladys was leaving Hospital Roosevelt with her newborn son, when the boy was stolen from her arms, by Rosalinda Rivera Estrada. Believed to be adopted abroad.  Rosalinda Rivera was charged and sentenced for this crime. Facilitators listed are individuals and organizations in Guatemala who played a role.
2007 Mar 26

Ana Escobar's case was the first that unequivocally proved a stolen child was put up for adoption. March 26, 2007, Escobar reported her daughter stolen day. July 23, 2008, DNA tests identified the toddler, living with a US couple, about to be adopted. Charges were dropped against Feliciano Hernandez, the doctor who falsified the birth certificate, and Otto Galvez, the lawyer representing the adoptive parents.
2007 Mar 7
Nepal Abandonments Graph from the UNICEF/TDH report

The trend of child follows the trend of intercountry adoption. "Abandonments" in Kathmandu Valley plummet after intercountry adoption was suspended in May–June 2007. The number of abandoned children picked up again in December 2007 after the announcement that adoption would be reopened.
General trafficking articles and the UNICEF/TDH report with extensive information about biological families being misled or tricked.
2007 Jan 27
According to Lurdes Mabunda, head of the Department of Women and Children in the Ministry of Interior, international adoption is being used by human traffickers as a false cover to legally smuggle children out of Mozambique for use in the slavery and sex trades.