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2006 Dec 1
1 -year-old boy adopted from Ethiopia by Sandi Siemens of whom there exist no adoption records in Ethiopia.
2006 Nov 3
 Angelyn Lisseth Hernández Rodríguez (aka Angielyn Lisset Hernández or Angelina) kidnapped Nov 3 2006 and probably in the US with adoptive parents under the name Dulce Maria or Karen Abigail. She is believed to be the child adopted by Timothy and Jennifer Monahan of Missouri.
2006 Oct 2
Marta Lidia Barrientos was told her son died during her c-section. Three months later she was asked to sign documents to approve the adoption. She refused and her son was finally returned to her at 12 months old.
2006 Sep 27
Olga Lopez's daughter Arlene Escarleth disappeared on September 27, 2006 when she was 1 month old. Believed to be adopted abroad. Olga recognized her daughter's picture, and according to Survivors Foundation, they know the US location of the girl and have requested DNA tests. See quote  possibly under the name Cindy Colwell or Cindy Thomas

There is now a reward of 40,000Q, for information about Arlene Escarleth Lopez
2006 Aug 1
Mildred had been tricked while pregnant with Ana, she was given an early c-section by the trafficking ring, when she awoke, both girls were gone.

A US potential adoptive parent ("Cindy") identified Mildred's name in a newspaper as being the parent of a child she was in process of adopting. She questioned CCI, who then withdrew the referral. Cindy then notified the US Embassy to check on the cases of facilitator Marvin Bran and CCI. The children were located and returned to their mother - they had been stolen by a ring headed by Marvin Bran's mother.
2006 Jul 11
My Linh Soland facilitated Vietnam adoptions to Ireland by systematically forging documents and encouraging wrongful removal and theft of children. My Linh Soland also may have worked with US and French families. The Irish Adoption Board replaced My Linh Soland with Vu Thi Tanh Binh, her primary employee.
2006 Jul 1

Markets for Bulgarian babies and other Balkan countries have been located in France, Greece, Italy and England.

See also:

Bulgaria - child trafficking case "Affaire bébés bulgares"

2006 Jun 2

Padam Bahadur Shahi Padam Bahadur Shahi was struggling to take care of his three children when his wife fell ill. A friend suggested that he send his oldest son to the Tuguda Balbalika Udaya Kendra in Kathmandu to be looked after.Later Shahi found out his son, Kobi Raj Shahi (aka Kaviraj Shahi), was adopted in Spain. Shahi says he never agreed to put Kobi Raj up for adoption, but the paperwork is all in order. Under Nepali law, there is no way to reverse such an adoption.

This case came to the light when Nepal was being investigated for child trafficking. It closed its borders in May 2007, but reopened December  2008.

2006 Apr 6
Raquel Par was traveling with her 1 year old daughter was drugged, and woke to find her daughter missing. The girl is believed adopted by US family in 2006.

There is now a reward of 40,000Q, for information about Heidy Sarai Batz
2006 Mar 1

In 1996 Sabila and Akil were taken away and sold by their drunken father for the equivalent of $50. The children, aged two and three, were traded by child traffickers.