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2009 May 8
2009 May 1
In May 2009, Pam & Juan Johnson adopted 3 bio siblings in Ethiopia aged 11, 8 and 7 at the time. The siblings believed they were in the US for an education, and did not understand adoption severed ties with their mother. They expected to be able to regularly call and visit their mother in Ethiopia.

In 2006, Johnsons adopted 3 other Ethiopia bio siblings under the belief that the children would be leaving the orphanage for the streets. Turns out the siblings had wealthy extended families.

Both sets of Ethiopia siblings were adopted using Christian World Adoption.
2009 Mar 18
Two children made claims about family being alive after being adopted by Canadian families. Upon investigations these allegations turned out to be true, while the official papers said no living relatives existed.
2009 Jan 1
Ethiopia, misc child trafficking and falsified documentation
2009 Jan 1
Misc Child Trafficking for adoption cases including:

Documents were presented with presumed christian children only to be found as forgeries by USCIS after guardianship was granted to US parents. In 2 cases, both the child's Birth Certificate and the alleged mother's Death Certificate were forged.
2009 Jan 1
Miscellaneous articles from Egypt of child trafficking for adoption. Both domestically (within Egypt) and internationally
2008 Dec 15
Filipino babies coerced or purchased from their mothers were illegally transfered to Singapore and then adopted by Singaporeans and internationally.
2008 Nov 1

John Varkpola whose niece is now in the US

Over the years West African Children Support Network placed more than 100 children from Liberia. Early 2009, the agency was under investigation of whether the children were being taken care of properly and according to our basic standards.
2008 Aug 23
Ravindrath family Ravindranath family             

For years stolen children were processed through adoption agency and orphanage known as Malaysian Social Services, at Tiruverkadu in Chennai's northwest. MSS paid people to steal children, gave them new identities and placed them for adoption. As many as 165 stolen children may have been adopted by overseas parents, with 14 going to couples in Australia. See Individual cases:

Sateesh Kumar (Anbu Rohit Bisessar aka "Rahul") case
Subash (aka Ashraf) son of Sivagama and Nageshwar Rao case
Zabeen (aka Suji) daughter of Fatima and Sali case
2008 Jul 1
Truc Ninh in Tam Binh Province

(Far Left) Truc Ninh entrance

(Left) Babies at Y Yen

Between 2005 and 2008, identifying documents on children born in hospitals were destroyed so the children could be placed as 'abandoned'.

Mothers were given food and money in exhange for leaving their newborns at specific hosptials. Documents were then forged to allow adoption to the west. Pregnant women were housed at the orphanages.