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2004 Apr 30
Alemitu Assefa, Eyob's mother, while being seriously ill, was promised her child was sent to the United States for three years. Instead he was being adopted by an Austrian family who were led to believe his mother had died.
2004 Apr 30
Genet Reshid Hassen, Eskedar's mother, while her husband was seriously ill, was promised her child was sent to the United States for three years. Instead she was being adopted by an Austrian family.
2004 Apr 2
St Theresa's has a long history of trafficking children for adoption.
Also, information about 3 year old child being held at TLC for a US woman. When her husband was charged with killing their newly adopted Guatemalan baby, the adoption was fast tracked. Indian authorities became aware and the adoption was halted.
2004 Mar 7
Main Dim placed her month old son with Chea Kim to be taken to an orphanage for temporary care. She believed she would get him back when her situation improved. He was adopted without her knowledge.
2004 Mar 6
In July 2005, three Indonesian women identified as Rosdiana, Maretha and ER were arrested for persuading poor mothers around their neighborhood in Ciputat, South Jakarta, to sell their children to foreigners.

Maretha and Rosdiana were respectively sentenced to 8 years and 9 years in prison, plus 50 million Rupiah or 5 additional months in jail, for baby selling and document falsification.
2004 Jan 6
Self-styled Archbishop Gilbert Deya, claimed that women could become pregnant through the power of prayer. Women then traveled to Kenya where they were said to have given birth in slum clinics, but DNA tests done proved there was no link to the supposed mother. Meanwhile at Kenya's largest maternity hospital, 24 couples claimed their babies were stolen. At least 53 total children were involved.
2004 Jan 1
A widow sent her 7 children to a child center after her husband died. Three of her children were adopted internationally without her permission, to 3 separate families in Spain.
2004 Jan 1
Misc Trafficking cases
2003 Dec 12
Costa Rican authorities discovered 9 Guatemalan babies in a house rented by International Adoption Resource. The children were destined for adoption in the US while Guatemalan adoptions were on hold. Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Rolf Salomon Levy Berger alleging he smuggled the children to Costa Rica. Levy was also wanted by Colombia government for child trafficking. The children were returned to their families, who did not realize the children were to be adopted.
2003 Sep 25
Mitra Bahadur Thapa (aka Mitra Karki) and Rama Karki, left their two sons (Pawan Karki and Pravesh Karki) in an orphanage temporarily. When Mitra went to visit on Sept 25, 2004, he was beaten. He discovered the 6 year old had been adopted by a Spanish family and the 4 year old was in process of being adopted by a US family.