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2003 Aug 1
Shushila Sunuwar (aka Sushila Lamitzane)  agreed to send her daughter Sabina to Spain for 'as long as her daughter wanted to be there', and expecting she would remained in regular contact with Sabina, and other conditions which indicate Shusila did not understand adoption in the Western sense.
2003 May 1
20 month old "JT" was adopted in 2003. JT's father never consented to adoption and tried to stop the adoption. JT's adoptive parents were told lies about her history.
2003 Jan 1
Michael U. McKrola aka Posi Iva  Iva Fuiono and Posi Iva (US Photo)
Posi Iva's family was mislead about adoption.

"Dan Wakefield was like a friend who came here every week," grandfather Fatu Fuiono said. "He came with a sack of rice, noodles. That is why I loved him. If I saw him now I would ask him why he lied to us."

2003 Jan 1

Sunita Bhattarai left her son Ayush temporarily in a child care center. When she asked for him back, she was told she had to pay. She worked 3 months to earn money and returned to visit and ask for him again. She was told he was adopted to a family in Spain. She left the child care center and attempted suicide by lighting herself on fire with kerosene.
2003 Jan 1
A translator explained Western adoption to the devout LDS parents, "It's something like a mission."
2002 Mar 1
Concetta and Dennis Charles (a Malta citizen born in Pakistan) purchased babies from poor families in Pakistan to sell to families in Malta under guise of adoption.  Seven people were arrested including Dennis' brother Derrick Charles. Estimates vary between 39 and 100 children.

Dennis had already been arrested in 1997 for smuggling babies.
2002 Feb 1
Scott and Karen Banks                  Heta Nua's Parents
Prosecutors say recruiters exploited the faith of the Samoan parents -- many of whom are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- and sold adoption as a program that would send youngsters to live with an American Mormon family and get a good education before returning home at 18. The Samoan parents claim they also were promised money, regular letters and photos from the U.S. families. Some were told adoption was like a 'mission' trip.

Adoptive parents were not told of the promises, and were falsely told that the youngsters were orphans or abandoned.  See also individual cases:
Elleia Nyberg (Sei So) case
Fa'anunu Faiupu's children case
J.T. case
Michael Ulisese McKrola (Posi Iva) case
Heta Nua's death
and this abuse case which mayt be an FOC placement
Boy adopted by Scott and Catherine Kanani Nelson
2001 Dec 7
Sea Visoth Sea Visoth
Chanthea Chea was solicited to give up her baby, she allowed him to be taken for a medical exam, but he was not returned, and she was coerced into signing papers to relinquish him to an orphanage, but not for adoption. The next day she tried to re-take custody of her child, and was denied. The child was found in custody of KAOA with false paperwork, and was in the final stages of being issued an adoption visa.

2 more women were were solicited to surrender their children to an "organization for widows and orphans". All 3 women were given passport style photos when they asked for information about their children. Courts awarded custody of the children to the mothers.
2001 Sep 14
Serey Puth ran Asian Orphans Association orphanage as well as several 'clinics'. He claimed the children in his orphanage were 'abandoned' in local villages.  However, several mothers accused the organization of offering them money for their children,  taking their babies, and/or refusing to return their children after temporary care. After a raid, some children were determined to belong to local women and were returned.
2001 Apr 8
Asian Orphans of Hope Vietnam contact confessed that every child they placed had been purchased.