exposing the dark side of adoption
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2010 Aug 14
Céline Giraud, a Frenchwoman born in Peru, was adopted by French parents when she was 16 days old through the NGO, Rayon de Soleil de l'Enfant Étranger. Up to 24 years, she believed that her biological parents had abandoned her for lack of means to raise her. But by finding her birth family in 2004, she discovered that she was stolen from her parents and 25 other Peruvian children adopted in France, Switzerland and Holland in the early 80s, were also stolen from their parents. Her story was written by the French journalist Emily Trevert in her book.
2010 Aug 1
Tia Sang
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2010 Jun 25
Children seized by family planning in Gaoping County, Hunan province and placed for adoption with falsified records.
2010 Jun 22
2010 Jun 22

Sarita Bhujel, placed her daughter in Prayash Nepal so her daughter would be cared for and get an education. She visited her daughter 5 times, the final time she went to visit, her daughter had been placed for adoption with a family in Italy.

2010 Mar 14

Cao Thi Luong and Cao Thi Lan Cao Thi Luong and Cao Thi Lan siblings aged about 3 and 8

In 2005 or 2006, 13 children were solicited from families of the ethnic minority Ruc hill tribe in rural Quang Binh provice. The Ruc families were told the children would be fed and educated at the Nuturing/Social Welfare Center in Dong Hoi until the family situation improved. When families visited their children, they discovered they'd been adopted internationally.

Also mentioned are siblings Cao Duc Muoi and Cau Duc Buoi aged between 7 and 10 at the time.

2010 Feb 15
Three sisters aged 13, 11, 6 are solicited for adoption by CWA. They believe they are coming to the USA on an education program and that they will return to Ethiopia.

The adoptive parents were told the girls were 7, 6, and 4 with a dead mother, a dying father, and no one to care for them. Their father was alive and healthy, with middle-class income, and the girls had 3 older sisters, and older brother and  extended family who also cared for them.

The girls father received money for placing them for adoption.

Journee Bradshaw's adoption ended in disruption, and later she changed her name back to Tarikuwa Lemma.
2010 Jan 1
Death Certificates for birth parents and Birth Certificates for 1 child are forged. Based on falsified documentation, guardianship was granted by Ugandan courts to adoptive parents and then a NOID issued by USCIS. Child was not an orphan, not eligible for adoption and returned to care of bio family.

Other cases of 3 families paying AFAA for foster care for 5 children they intended to adopt, only to learn these 5 children were in their birth homes and not in need of adoption.
2009 Jul 1

1980's poster advertising China's one-child policy 

In 2003 after Social Welfare Institute in Zhenyuan County, Guizhou Province was approved for international adoption, the local family planning officials stopped seizing livestock from poor families and began seizing children.

At least 80 children, mainly baby girls, were taken from their family when the parents were unable to pay the 'tax' due on excess children. The children were placed in the local SWI and adopted internationally. The orphanage claimed all the children they placed internationally were 'abandoned'. Apparently the local orphanage and family planning officials split the orphanage donation.
2009 Jun 1

Rajun and Maya placed their 6-yo son and 3-yo daughter in an orphanage for temporary care. When they returned to pick them up, they discovered both children's names were changed: Kaushal and Karuna to Dharma and Ahimsa. The children's paperwork was being readied for intercountry adoption. Orphanage director Sabitri Basnet, would only return their son Kaushal. Several months later, Karuna was in the custody of a US family for adoption. The child was eventually returned to the orphanage, and then to her parents.