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Hague Convention



Title Publication date
Over 30k prospective parents, but only 2.1k kids free for adoption 2023 May 11
79 children died in specialised adoption agencies from April-December 2022 2023 Mar 16
Maltese couple abandon 3 children adopted from India, activists want action 2023 Feb 22
NCPCR lashes out at CARA over 'casual approach' in case of 3 Indian kids abandoned in Malta 2023 Feb 13
Govt takes cognizance of adopted Indian children abandoned in Malta, calls for case details 2023 Feb 11
NCPCR asks CARA to furnish all details of 3 siblings reportedly abandoned by their adoptive Maltese parents 2023 Feb 10
Concerns of the People: Adopted from Overseas 2022 Jan 1
Buitenlandse adoptie moet tijdelijk stoppen volgens rapport, maar adoptie-klokkenluider Roelie Post wil permanente stop 2021 Feb 5
12 years, 58 complaints, no sanctions at Montana residential programs 2019 Jan 22
Placing the entire scrutiny procedure in the domain of the executive may expedite the process, but will not take care of fundame 2018 Jan 25
Sherin Mathews death: India angry with US agency for claiming all was normal, suspends them 2018 Jan 8
Sherin Mathews death: Indian govt suspends US adoption agency 2018 Jan 7
Sherin Mathews case: Adoption follow-ups were satisfactory, 3-yr-old had eating issues 2017 Oct 27
Swedish woman adopted as toddler uncovers sordid past in hunt for her Indian mother 2017 Jun 27
Notice: European Adoption Consultants, Inc. Temporarily Debarred 2016 Dec 16
Public notice 9023: Regulatory change to clarify the application of the accreditation requirements and standards 2015 Feb 10
Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market 2014 Sep 8
48 Hours: Tougher laws at hand for international adoption 2014 Jan 18
Adoption racket opens a can of worms 2013 Nov 19
Astakhov confirms commitment to ban adoption of Russian children for U.S. citizens 2013 Sep 23
Special court rejects former Central Adoption Resource Agency 2013 Jul 24
Preet Mandir adoption racket: Court rejects J K Mittal's discharge plea 2013 Jul 23
NCPCR seeks report from CARA on fake adoptions 2013 Jun 30
Alert: Government of Ghana Suspends Intercountry Adoptions 2013 May 13
Activists call for tighter laws on adoption 2013 May 6
Notice: U.S. – Ireland Operating Arrangement for Outgoing Adoptions of U.S. Children by Irish Prospective Adoptive Parents 2013 May 3
Alert: Democratic Republic of the Congo Immigration Authorities Suspend Issuance of Exit Permits to Adoptees 2013 May 2
Notice: Malian Law Restricts Intercountry Adoptions 2013 May 1
The Evangelical Christian adoption movement: The orphan crisis that wasn't 2013 May 1
Barriers to adopting a baby in Andhra Pradesh 2013 May 1
Notice: Clarification regarding Embassy Kinshasa adoption-related immigrant visa procedures 2013 Apr 30
Notice: Procedural Barriers to Hague Adoptions 2013 Apr 26
Alert: Haiti authorizes U.S. adoption service providers 2013 Apr 24
Notice: Health Concerns in Ethiopia 2013 Apr 2
Alert: Serbia Adoption 2013 Mar 29
India Partially Lifts Suspension on Acceptance of New Adoption Applications 2013 Mar 28
Notice: Reports of the Removal of Children from Orphanages in the DRC 2013 Mar 15
Alert: Morocco 2013 Mar 8
Notice: Taiwan implements a Pre-Adoption Immigration Review requirement for all adoptions by U.S. citizens of children residing 2013 Feb 27
Russian Children’s Ombudsman Campaigns Against Foreign Adoptions Case By Case 2013 Feb 20
Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds 2013 Feb 20
Parents who 'lost' their kids to adoptions to make capital statement 2013 Feb 19
Italy Signs Agreement to Resume Adoptions 2013 Feb 15
Notice: Changes at Embassy Kinshasa for adoption-related immigrant visa processing 2013 Feb 7
Notice: Adoption Notice for Nigeria 2013 Jan 29
Notice: Korea Begins Implementing Special Adoption Act 2013 Jan 25
Notice: Notes from Ambassador Jacobs' Meeting with Adoption Service Providers on December 11, 2012 in Addis Ababa 2013 Jan 25
Alert: Russian Supreme Court Letter on Implementation of Federal Law No. 272-FZ 2013 Jan 24
FY 2012 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoptions 2013 Jan 20
Yanukovych proposed to introduce international norms in adoption law, says Pavlenko 2013 Jan 18
Alert: Families, Agencies Report Difficulties in Completing Russian Adoptions 2013 Jan 11
Alert: Legislation to Ban Intercountry Adoption by U.S. Families 2013 Jan 3
Notice: Update on Status of Intercountry Adoptions between the United States and Cambodia 2013 Jan 2
Stalled adoptions in Guatemala leave all in limbo 2012 Dec 15
American mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare 2012 Nov 29
Govt mulling to tighten post-adoption follow-up 2012 Oct 3
Preet Mandir records being moved without court order 2012 Oct 2
Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children? 2012 Aug 6
Ranch becomes focus for Russian adoption outrage 2012 Jul 11
Russia Poised to Ratify New Adoption Agreement with America 2012 Jul 6
African Organization Wants Adoptions Of Native Children Scaled Back 2012 Jun 3
Citizen of no land: The story of Kairi Shepherd 2012 May 25
US confirms India intervention in Kairi Shepherd case 2012 May 24
Indian Consulate awakens to plight of woman under cloud of deportation 2012 May 22
NGOs up in arms against inter-country adoptions 2012 May 21
Adoption agency at it again, now charges ‘donations’ 2012 May 8
Baby business? NGOs ask SC to suspend inter-country adoptions 2012 May 4
Foreign Adoptions By Americans Decline Again 2012 Jan 24
Foreign adoptions by Americans plunge again 2011 Nov 11
The adoption business in Nepal 2011 Oct 5
Promoting ethics for child adoption in Nagaland stressed 2011 Sep 23
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 2011 Sep 16
"The Latest Batch of Adoption Agencies Under Review: Who Meets Hague Standards?" 2011 Sep 1
Czech state restricts foreign adoptions, "exports" Romani infants 2011 Aug 17
The United States and UNICEF wage war against international adoptions 2011 Aug 2
US caught up in legal battle over Guatemalan child 2011 Aug 1
The Most Vulnerable Citizens 2011 Jul 26
Children trapped between supply and demand 2011 Jun 16
Ambassador post blocked as US adoptive families fight for release of Vietnamese orphans 2011 Jun 15
New regulations make international adoption harder than ever for Americans 2011 Jun 10
Adoption 'donations' encourage crime 2011 Jun 10
CARA Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children, 2011 2011 Jun 1
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
U.S. Still Suspects Fraud In Nepalese Orphanages 2011 May 10
Child adoption process to become more credible 2011 May 8
Med college flouted adoption rules: Govt 2011 Apr 30
SC glare on child adoption flaws 2011 Apr 22
Briefing on Briefing on Joint USCIS/State Adoption Site Visit to Ethiopia 2011 Apr 6
US envoy to take up Cambodia, Vietnam adoption 2011 Mar 15
Bhasin used kids to make money: CBI 2011 Mar 10
UN must condemn China 'one child' policy: lawmaker 2011 Mar 7
Website launched to make adoption process more transparent 2011 Mar 6
Ethiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent 2011 Mar 4
COA board members March 2011 2011 Mar 1
The mounting tally: Another avenue for adoption closes 2011 Feb 28
Half a life: Abandoned, adopted, abandoned 2011 Jan 30
Foreign parents can adopt only if nobody available in India 2011 Jan 13
Stricter norms for domestic, international adoption 2010 Dec 30
Serious adoption issues came to the fore in Pune 2010 Dec 28
Whose Standards? 2010 Nov 1
Hole that swallows babies - how kids are spirited away 2010 Oct 31
Babies for sale 2010 Oct 30
Preet Mandir adoptions: NGOs forward objections to CARA 2010 Oct 20
18 Preet Mandir adoption cases get HC go-ahead 2010 Oct 9
Nepal nightmare 2010 Sep 24
Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis 2010 Sep 12
Adopting new standards on adoption 2010 Sep 10
US halts adoption of abandoned children in Nepal 2010 Aug 6
Pune Preet Mandir's licence suspended 2010 Jun 18
Adoptive parents unhappy with long wait over paperwork 2010 May 22
Russian officials call for suspension of adoptions to U.S. parents after death of Dillsburg-area boy 2010 Mar 5
Child Migration a Difficult Issue 2010 Feb 26
Letter AAAA to U.S. State Department regarding adoption from Nepal 2010 Feb 22
Vegetable vendor's plea moves apex court 2010 Feb 15
Nepal 'should suspend' adoptions 2010 Feb 4
FY 2010 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoptions 2010 Jan 31
Tragedy Exploited: A Sad History Repeating Itself in Haiti 2010 Jan 21
Haiti quake puts parents' adoption dreams in limbo 2010 Jan 15
State decision suspends adoptions from Vietnam 2010 Jan 15
Embassies get role in adoptive child care 2010 Jan 9
6,000 kids not legally adopted in Gujarat 2009 Dec 30
Overseas adoptions halted 2009 Dec 27
More trouble for Preet Mandir 2009 Dec 24
Minnesota couple caught up in apparent adoption fraud 2009 Dec 19
Briefing by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond on National Adoption Day 2009 Nov 20
HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency 2009 Nov 5
Cambodian National Assembly passes legislation regulating adoptions 2009 Oct 23
Adoption treaty sets up double standard in U.S. 2009 Oct 14
Vietnam to reopen for Irish adoptions 2009 Oct 12
'Kids up for adoption need psychiatric screening' 2009 Oct 10
Adoption group is under shadow 2009 Sep 27
Adoption body chief offers to help process Vietnamese cases 2009 Sep 24
Vietnamese adoptions face scrutiny 2009 Sep 21
Court hears woman who wants adopted grandkids back 2009 Aug 11
The cost of reshaping adoption 2009 May 23
U.S. PRESIDENT Barack Obama has named the Republican governor of Utah to be the next U.S. ambassador to China. 2009 May 17
Comments on the Proposed Regulations to the Hague Intercountry Adoption Act 2009 May 13
Dead Baby Scam 2009 Apr 21
'Lost' grandkids in Spain, vendor moves court 2009 Apr 11
Russia, U.S. discuss treaty on child adoption 2009 Apr 7
The Perverse Effects of the Hague Adoption Convention 2009 Mar 16
"Ethica's Response to 'Meet the Parents': Hold Agencies Accountable" 2009 Mar 15
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
International adoptions by Americans get really tough 2009 Mar 15
US - India: Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption 2009 Mar 9
Author’s Note on an Ethical Dilemma 2009 Mar 9
Vietnamese adoptions thrown into doubt 2009 Mar 7
Girl adoptions up in state 2009 Mar 7
Dad fights for son taken to Brazil 2009 Mar 4
Rules are changing; programs are closing. 2009 Mar 1
Baby sold, now back with mother 2009 Feb 25
A-G's dept scours India on adoption kidnap trail 2009 Feb 24
Stolen and Sold 2009 Feb 24
US wants transparent cooperation with Vietnam in adoption16 2009 Feb 16
Samoan adoption scandal fuels call for reform 2009 Feb 16
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Open Adoption 2009 Feb 13
Lakewood adoption agency agrees to pay misled parents 2009 Feb 13
US to maintain visa, immigration policies in Vietnam 2009 Feb 12
Want a Baby? Gay or Straight, Come to India, Says Doc 2009 Feb 12
Meeting US Embassy 2009 Feb 10
10 disturbing cases 2009 Feb 6
Satara to Spain: Grandma wants adoption probed 2009 Feb 4
Exclusive Interview with Kim Noonan 2009 Feb 3
The Adoption Option: By The Numbers 2009 Feb 2
All in the family of God 2009 Feb 1
File reply on Haynes' plea, court tells govt 2009 Jan 31
Woman adopted by US couple has nowhere to go 2009 Jan 31
Surrogacy in India is not all that it is cracked up to be…..laws appear to be non-existent 2009 Jan 28
Adoption Of 267 Filipino Children By Florida's Gabriel German Underway 2009 Jan 28
Aging US citizen and 19-year-old Pinay 2009 Jan 27
Alleged baby broker remains in Mexican judicial limbo 2009 Jan 27
Army officer’s clan expands twice in South Korea 2009 Jan 27
Millionaire plans on adopting 268 children 2009 Jan 27
Blog: fake medical report? 2009 Jan 26
Government adopts inter-country adoption standards 2009 Jan 23
Trafic d'Enfants. Un réseau vers les Etats-Unis a été démantelé cette semaine. 2009 Jan 21
US Schools Here Blind to Adoption Abuse Cases 2009 Jan 20
Volontaires pour faciliter l’adoption internationale 2009 Jan 19
Svetlana Chifa figureaz? în trei cauze penale legate de organizarea adop?iilor interna?ionale ilegale, procurorul general Valeri 2009 Jan 15
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10
Out of Cambodia 2009 Jan 9
Umbrellaing-India 2009 Jan 9
Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea and U.S. Enabled Sex Trade Near Bases 2009 Jan 8
Adoption Netherlands from US 2009 Jan 8
After 2 years, Mosinee couple adopts second child from India 2009 Jan 6
China Melamine Scandal Affects American Adoptions 2009 Jan 5
Newborn baby sold by doctor recovered 2009 Jan 2
Visit to India – January 2009 2009 Jan
Inside story of an adoption scandal 2009
Adopting ... but not Adapting 2009 Jan 1
Australia - Visit to India 2009 Jan 1
Tribune update: Vietnamese adoption agony ends in triumph 2008 Dec 28
Mpls. mother in center of adoption battle talks 2008 Dec 28
Hoosiers face challenges adopting abroad 2008 Dec 26
Hoosiers finding it harder to adopt from foreign countries 2008 Dec 26
Tarrant attorney sentenced to 180 days in jail and probation for forgeries 2008 Dec 18
Family Reunion 2008 Dec 14
Courts clear 67 of 300 adoption cases 2008 Dec 14
State sues local adoption agency; couples lose thousands 2008 Dec 14
US State Department: Adoption Alert 2008 Dec 10
Oviedo agency faces multiple complaints 2008 Dec 3
Lisa Novak’s defense: Adoptions are risky 2008 Dec 2
NY court rules against heiress in adoption fight 2008 Nov 26
Child Trafficking: Parents accuse HANCI 2008 Nov 26
Where have all the children gone? 2008 Nov 24
Fewer children up for adoption in city 2008 Nov 24
Desperately seeking toddlers 2008 Nov 24
To save adopted girl, Calif. couple gives her up 2008 Nov 22
Out on bail, woman reunited with daughter 2008 Nov 16
Sent to CHSFS Ethiopia Families (Fraudulent Kebele Letters) 2008 Nov 12
Adoption on hold over licence 2008 Nov 11
The orphans left behind 2008 Nov 9
NGO worker gets two years in jail for child trafficking 2008 Oct 31
Liberia: 25-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Child Trafficking 2008 Oct 28
Police shocks court with its lack of awareness 2008 Oct 25
Blog: Trafficking in Children (US Embassy) 2008 Oct 24
Civil racketeering lawsuit filed against adoption 'facilitator' in 2008 Oct 20
Daughter accused of murder says mother hit her 2008 Oct 17
Bishop adopts 26-yr-old woman, Kerala smells scandal 2008 Oct 15
US - Vietnam Joint Statement On Adoptions 2008 Oct 15
National Council for Adoption recommends caution on certain special needs adoptions from Vietnam 2008 Oct 11
US Embassy: donations/adoptions 2008 Oct 10
Warning on suspect Indian adoption agency ignored 2008 Oct 3
Small commodities 2008 Sep 22
Shady Child Adoptions in Guatemala 2008 Sep 16
A Crisis 2008 Sep 8
Red tapism delays relief for parents 2008 Sep 1
US-Vietnam adoption pact ends, hundreds in limbo 2008 Sep 1
The Great Indian adoption racket across four continents 2008 Sep 1
In search of the stolen children 2008 Aug 30
In search of the stolen children 2008 Aug 30
'Stolen' kids traced to Dutch orphanage 2008 Aug 28
'Maybe now, we will get justice' 2008 Aug 28
Concern over child trafficking 2008 Aug 26
Adoptions from India under scrutiny 2008 Aug 26
Reports of child trafficking in name of adoption "malafide" 2008 Aug 25
Australia to return 'abducted' children? 2008 Aug 25
Riding white-knuckle adoption roller coaster 2008 Aug 25
'Stolen babies' adoption racket 2008 Aug 24
Kidnapped children adopted by Australians 2008 Aug 23
Couples sent stolen children by Indian adoption agency 2008 Aug 23
Adoption racket kids 'may be returned' 2008 Aug 23
Australia investigates child trafficking 2008 Aug 23
Time: Stolen Children 2008 Aug 21
Stolen Children 2008 Aug 21
China Center of Adoption Affairs Talked with Officials from US Embassy 2008 Aug 14
Trafficking cloud over baby Manji 2008 Aug 13
US State Departement - Adoption info Rwanda 2008 Aug
NA talks on introducing Hague rules on adoption 2008 Jul 26
Information Note on International Adoption from Kazakhstan 2008 Jun 20
Fear for irregularities in adoptions from Vietnam 2008 Jun 16
Texas family split apart for years during adoption plight 2008 Jun 12
Vietnam Adoptions – Fact Sheet 2008 Jun
Announcement Regarding CAII’s Hague Accreditation 2008 May 30
USCIS Implements Required DNA Testing for Vietnamese Adoptions 2008 May 27
Guatemala annuls 15 adoption cases 2008 May 22
Police find abandoned baby’s mother in Jharkhand 2008 May 18
Cradle baby scheme intensifies gender discrimination, say activists 2008 May 16
CBI goes after foster parents in child racket 2008 May 14
An Adoption Nightmare 2008 May 14
Adoption agencies under fire 2008 May 6
Adoption agencies under fire 2008 May 6
Vietnam adoptions banned for Americans 2008 May 1
Vietnam adoptions banned for Americans 2008 May 1
Vietnam to end adoption program with US 2008 Apr 28
Madonna abandons India adoption plans after Guy Ritchie’s outrage 2008 Apr 27
U.S. alleges serious breaches in Vietnam's adoption system 2008 Apr 24
Summary of Irregularities in Adoptions in Vietnam 2008 Apr 23
The Embassy is aware of Adoption Fraud 2008 Apr 11
Lengthy process, foreign adoptions take a hit 2008 Apr 9
Cradle baby scheme intensifies gender discrimination, say activists 2008 Mar 28
Millville woman's agonizing wait for adoption ends with happy homecoming 2008 Mar 22
Embassy of Kazakhstan Halts Processing of Adoption Dossiers 2008 Mar 21
Guatemala: No Amnesty for Adoption Fraud 2008 Mar 12
JCICS visit to Vietnam part 2 2008 Mar 7
State department accretations (29 February 2008) 2008 Feb 29
16 Abandoned Babies Saved 2008 Feb 22
Long Wait 2008 Feb 16
China, the sad truth (no adoption for African American) 2008 Feb 8
Bill Aims To Block Excessive Adoption Fees 2008 Jan 14
Renewed US concerns about Vietnamese adoptions leave American parents in limbo 2008 Jan 6
A Brief Overview On Adopting In Estonia 2008 Jan 1
Suspension of Intercountry Adoption in Zambia 2008 Jan
Adoptions from the United States 2008
Warning Concerning Adoptions in Vietnam 2008 Jan
Adopting Nadia 2008
Vietnam: Examples of Problematic Adoption Cases 2008
Hoping in Hanoi: Queens couple’s adoption stalled in Vietnam 2007 Dec 27
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
Utah couple forced to give adopted baby back to tribe 2007 Dec 12
State Department Unofficial Visa Numbers for 2007 Available 2007 Dec 4
Ambassador Maura Harty with Vietnam Television 2007 Nov 30
Cambodia promises US that adoption law is inching forward 2007 Nov 29
Probe begins into sexual abuse charge in Mahabs 2007 Nov 26
Addressing the Challenges of Intercountry Adoption- with Vietnam 2007 Nov 21
Making a Child your Own 2007 Nov 17
Vietnam Adoptions — DIA Objects to Recent NOIDS and Abandons Plans For Fee Schedule 2007 Oct 29
Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption 2007 Oct 21
New guidelines soon for child adoption 2007 Oct 6
CBI to probe adoption racket cases 2007 Sep 6
The siblings they left behind 2007 Sep 4
Suspension of Adoptions in Lesotho 2007 Aug 29
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2007 Jun 26
Inquiry finds no wrongdoing at Pune-based orphanage 2007 Jun 16
Denmark suspends all adoptions from India following reports children could have been abducted 2007 Jun 11
Surge in Adoptions Raises Concern in Ethiopia 2007 Jun 4
India demands return of adopted child 2007 May 22
U.S. Leads in Adopting Children from India 2007 May 21
2,000 Vietnam children for adoption to foreign parents this year 2007 Apr 18
A Daughter Stolen in Wartime Returns to El Salvador 2007 Apr 5
‘Much more orphan kids may find US homes’ 2007 Mar 24
J K Mittal takes over as chairman of Central Adoption Resource Agency 2007 Mar 17
Embassy grilled on adoption scandal 2007 Mar 11
Oberösterreichisches Homosexuellen-Paar adoptierte Kind 2007 Jan 17
India: Child trafficking in India has a new guise to wear: adoption 2007 Jan 1
CNN/IBN - how Preet Mandir sourced children for adoption 2007
India opening to adoptions 2006 Dec 25
Utah governor, his family pick up baby at Indian orphanage 2006 Dec 20
Huntsmans meet Asha, their new addition, in India 2006 Dec 19
Nepal - completion pipelinecases 2006 Nov 6
Review and Re-organisation of Adoption System in India 2006 Nov 1
Comments to Hague Convention 2006 Aug 8
Romania - 31 children disappeared abroad 2006 Jul 27
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2006 Jun 26
Agency burns evidence 2006 Jun 25
Babies are a steal in steel city 2006 Jun 20
Liberia: Adoption Or Child Trafficking 2006 Jun 14
When we meet to part no more 2006 Jan 1
Huntsmans 'expecting' a child from India 2005 Dec 29
U.S. Backs European Request for Romanian Adoptions To Proceed 2005 Dec 16
Cradle Snatchers 2005 Oct 23
Adoption Service - Notice 2005 Aug 1
The Big Racket of Small Babies 2005 Jun 12
[duplicate to delete] Behind the facade 2005 Jun 6
A tussle in Andhra Pradesh 2005 May 21
Behind the facade 2005 May 21
The adoption nightmare 2005 May 21
Adoption Agreement US Vietnam 2005 2005 May 21
A tussle in Andhra Pradesh 2005 May 21
Complaints from foreign adopters 2005 May 21
The Adoption Market 2005 May 21
Bending the rules 2005 May 21
'The final objective is the child's interest' 2005 May 21
Parents trace kidnapped child to US 2005 May 6
Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown 2004 Nov 21
US homes for China's abandoned babies 2004 Oct 7
The Adoption of Indian Children by Norwegian Parents 2004 Sep 1
ACTION AT LAST (paedophilia) 2004 Aug 21
Ethiopian siblings seek new life in Denver 2004 Mar 7
Dohle case puts the spotlight on adoption issue 2004 Feb 3
Lack of proper monitoring is cause for worry 2003 Dec 26
Virtual land of the baby broker business 2003 Dec 16
White and Jewish 2003 Nov 11
The baby harvest: scandal over Westerners 'shopping' for children in India - Child Rights 2003 Aug
Civil war leaves Liberian orphans in limbo 2003 Aug 1
A Challenge in India Snarls Foreign Adoptions 2003 Jun 23
Judge attacks social worker over international adoption scandal 2003 Mar 8
5 Arrests in U.S. and Mexico Halt a Ring Smuggling Children 2002 Jan 31
A new Act and some concerns 2001 May 26
Children as commodities 2001 May 12
Roda Mistry's ICSW to surrender adoption right 2001 May 6
After AP, child adoption racket unearthed in Orissa 2001 May 4
Sale of infants: Police to grill Amala in Hyderabad 2001 Apr 29
A business in babies 2001 Apr 28
Sale of infants: Police to grill Amala in Hyderabad 2001 Apr 28
Thomas Furey backs out 2000 May 25
US Embassy responds to allegations 2000 Apr 19
Spanish Agencies - India 2000
Adoption of abandoned child -- HC serves notice to Centre 1999 Sep 20
Adoption as a deal 1999 Apr 24
The pains and pleasures 1999 Apr 24
Mothers say Brazilian Judge snatches babies 1998 Apr 30
In the Shadow of Mother Teresa, Many Others Toil 1997 Sep 10
El Salvador's Stolen Children Face a War's Darkest Secret 1996 Aug 5
THE BABY TRAIL: A special report.;Adoptions in Paraguay: Mothers Cry Theft 1996 Mar 19
Adoptions in Paraguay: Mothers Cry Theft 1996 Mar 18
Adoption Saga Of Rio's Streets 1994 Dec 29
Ordeal in Peru: Cuddling a Baby, Clinging to Hop 1992 Jun 9
Mrs. Reagan Acts to Aid Adoption of Peruvian 1982 Sep 10
COA's public comments on Proposed Hague Regulations
PEAR Ethics Alert - China Special Needs Programs
"Adoption Is Not a Solution for Poor Children"
Govt amends inter-country adoption process
Statistics Spain - India
NCPCR seeks report from CARA on fake adoptions
Foster care too often fails to keep kids safe
Delhi High Court orders probe into child trafficking
Konflikt um «Terre des Hommes» in Indien
Sherin Mathews murder: Sushma Swaraj seeks probe into child's adoption process; Women and Child Development ministry says it is 'transparent'
NCFA public comments on Proposed Hague Regulations


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