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US Embassy: donations/adoptions


One of our team members knows the US Ambassador to Burkina and she had granted us audience, before we got to Burkina. Our visit was 8.00am on Monday, September 29th. The visit went very well, Ambassador Jeanine Jackson, is a very personable person and she told us what the embassy is doing in Burkina, which I find very interesting. I knew President Bush has spent a lot of money in Africa, but seeing the benefits first hand makes a huge difference. We went from the embassy to an orphanage. I must confess that I'm not an orphanage guy when on a mission trip, but this place was fascinating to me and for the first time (in many orphanages worldwide), I actually carried some of the children. The children ministry of a church (http://www.enwc.net) in Omaha donated $1300 to the home, plus another $300 from another ministry in Omaha. A lady whose husband work at the US embassy is helping to coordinate donations (from the US) for a school building within the orphanage facility. She also wants me to pass on that Children in the orphanage (and other orphanages in Burkina) are available for adoption, a new deal just signed between the American government and the Burkina Faso government.

2008 Oct 10