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Najir W. Diehl

2021 Sep 5

11-year-old boy adopted by Mary E. Diehl died of ingestion of methanol, which was given to him by his adoptive mother. She was charged with criminal homicide and plead no contest to murder in the third degree and serves 10 to 20 years in prison.

2021 Jun

Children adopted by Karey Hedlund were physically abuse by their adoptive mother. The children were struck with a wood backscratcher, the edge of a wood paddle and the handle of a flyswatter and were locked out of the residence during the day, sometimes without access to food or water. The children were being pushed outside in underwear as it was starting to snow. Hedlund was further accused of biting a victim's fingers until they bled as punishment for biting fingernails; withholding meals when the children did not obey orders; slapping the victims and pulling their hair; and chasing victims with a four-wheeler. Hedlund was accused of locking one victim in a pet cage for 2.5 days as a punishment. The victim was allegedly not let out of the cage to use the toilet and Hedlund was accused of pouring bleach into the cage to clean it while the victim was still inside.

2021 May

6-year-old girl adopted by Sophie Hartman was allegedly being given unnecessary medical treatments at the urging of her mother. The child has a surgically implanted feeding tube, a cecostomy tube to flush out the intestines and leg braces and a wheelchair that doctors said the child did not need. 

2021 May

 33-month-old girl adopted by a couple from Hwaseong, was beaten to death by her adoptive father.

2021 May

Girl adopted by Gerald C. Simmons was sexually abused by him since the age of 12. Simmons was sentenced to 30 years in prison, with 15 years fixed and the remaining time indeterminate.

Aaron Carter

2021 Feb 16

6-year-old boy about to be adopted by Carl and Tyler Zachare died while in their care. Aaron suffered from autism and apparently hit his head on the tub while throwing a tantrum.

2021 Jan 21

12-year-old girl adopted by Bartley and Kala Blakely, was abused by her adoptive mother. The charges claimed Blakeley did willfully torture” the girl by “hitting her and/or stomping on her and/or refusing her medical treatment, and/or starving her, and said abuse having taken place on more than one occasion.”

Victoria Smith

2021 Jan 14

3-year-old girl to be adopted by Jerry and Ariel Robinson was beaten to death by her prospective adoptive mother, with whom she was in foster care at the time. The adoption was to take place five days later. Ariel Robinson has to serve a sentence of life imprisonment, while Jerry Robinson has to serve 20 years.

2021 Jan

Two-month-old child in the process of being adopted by Stephen Kegyes and his hisband was being strangled by her prospective adoptive father.

2021 Jan 1

Three children, aged 8, 9 and 11 adopted by Joseph and Jennifer Wolfthal, were imprisoned by their adoptive parents, while denying them food, pouring cold water on them and forcing them to do squats. The situation came to light when the youngest child was hospitalized with kidney and liver failure, sepsis, pneumonia in both lungs, malnutrition and open wounds on her legs.