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2017 Nov

Michael Rivera was found dead in his crib. Two months later his younger sibling was also found dead. Both children were adopted by Anthony Rivera and his wife. A medical examiner labeled both deaths as homicides from blunt force trauma. Anthony Rivera was scheduled to go on trial February 2023, but a judge disqualified the prosecutors working on the case due to a potential conflict of interest.

2017 Oct 7

3-year-old girl adopted from India by Wesley and Sini Mathews was found dead in a culvert in Richardson, Texas. She was reported missing by her adoptive father Wesley Mathews on October 7, 2017. Her body was found October 22, 2017, under a road in a culvert near her home. Mathews admitted to the disposing of her body on the same day the body was found.

2017 Oct 4

14-year-old girl adopted from Ukraine by Alan and Aimee Friz was imprisoned, starved and sexually abused by her adoptive parents. Both adoptive parents pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent after which they both received a suspended sentence of two years probation.

2017 Oct

At the time 7-year-old girl adopted by Byron and Gwendalyn Buthman was deprived of food by her adoptive parenst, forced to sleep in a laundry room. She went into cardiac arrest due to being forced to stand outside in nothing but a diaper in cold temperatures. They received four years of probation and 300 hours of community service and were allowed to keep 4 other adopted children in their care.

2017 Jul 27

Nine children adopted by John Elmer Bell and Joyce Marie Bell were physicially abused by their adoptive parents. They were given two years probabtion.

Sabrina Ray

2017 May 12

16-year-old girl adopted by Marc Ray and his wife, Misty Jo Bousman-Ray was tortured and starved to death. She was also sexually abused by her adoptive father.

2017 Mar 22

Four children adopted by Richard and Martha Roesch were physically abused by their adoptive parents. One was stabbed with a fork, another was shocked with a cattle prod in the genitalia.

Jeffrey Franklin

2017 Feb 28

16-year-old boy adopted by Ernest and Heather Franklin was killed by his adoptive parents. They set the house on fire in an attempt to make it look like an accident.


5-year-old boy adopted by Brett Parker Tobiasson, 31, and his wife, Clarissa Anne Tobiasson, was locked in a small room in the basement. His diet consisted mainly of carrots.


Boy adopted by Brandon and Melissa Hoffman was sexually abused by his adoptive father between January 2006 and September 2010, but only reported the incidents in 2017, after becoming an adult. Hoffman received 32 months probation. On June 2, 2023 he died, age 50.

In 2009 Brandon and Melissa Hoffman received the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award. They were nominated by Jerry Moran.