exposing the dark side of adoption
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2021 Jan

5 children adopted by Robert and Stephanie Duncan were systematically abused. The primary abuser was their adoptive mother, who regimented and controlled every aspect of their lives. 

2020 Dec 25

A 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl adopted by Cory and Stephanie Valdez were abused by their adoptive parents. The boy reported he was forced to use the bathroom in a pickle jar, had to drink water out of the toilet, and was placed in a trashcan filled with snow. The girl reported Stephanie Valdez kicked her, tackled her, and sat on her when the girl would ask for more food. She was also sexually abuysed by Cory Valdez.

2020 Nov 30

9-year-old boy adopted three years previously by his aunt Jamie Lynne Jackson was found dead in the bath tub. His adoptive mother was charged with criminal homiced. 

Anson had injuries to the anus and pubic areas, marks believed caused by cigarette burns and abrasions to the head, neck, chest, torso, legs, feet, arms, hands and back, the autopsy showed.

While in jail, Jamie Lynne Jackson died of a multi-drug overdose.

Karreon Franks

2020 Nov 27

15-year-old boy adopted by Jesse and Felicia Franks, was starved to death.

Josie Ann Abney

2020 Oct

10-year-old girl adopted by Randall and Susan Abney was starved to death by her adoptive parents. Both were sentenced to life in prison.

Jonathan Lamber

2020 Sep 9

19-year-old mentally disabled boy adopted by Sharon Lambert died severely malnourished and neglected.

2020 Aug 20

Three children adopted by Jose and Gina Centeno were allegedly tortured, sexually abused by their adoptive parents.

2020 Jul

Seven children adopted by Jonathan and Marlaina Rockwood werre kept locked in their rooms. Their food and water intake was restricted and they were regularly beaten. The adoptive parents each received a one year suspended sentence.


2020 Jun 10

16-month-old girl from Seoul, South Korea, adopted by Ahn Sungeun and Jang Hayeong, was abused and tortured by her adoptive parents for and ultimately died due to abdominal injuries. Jang was sentenced to life imprisonment while Ahn was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Jang's sentence was on appeal reduced to 35 years.

2020 May 22

Five children adopted by Michael Anthony Sr. and Shirley Gray were severely abused by their adoptive parents. Two of the children died at the hands of their adopters: 8-year-old Jonathan Gray and 13-year-old Sophie Heather Gray. Both children were buried behind the home they lived in. 

All the children were kept in cages and were fed only water and bread for extended periods.