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Sexual abuse


Abuse cases

Title Date
Girl adopted by Ajay and Anjana Bhati 2023 Mar 11
Girls adopted by Bryce Conrad Chatland 2023 Jun 7
Children adopted by Hayim Cohen 2023 Feb
Children adopted by Tana Perkins Reneau 2023 May
Three children adopted by Charles Wadlington 2023 Mar
Boy adopted by Kiyoshi Yu 2022 Aug
Boys adopted by William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock 2022 Aug
Children in care of Robert and Sheri Leason 2022 Nov
Girl adopted by Joel Koskan 2022 May
Girl adopted by Gerald C. Simmons 2021 May
Children adopted by Jose and Gina Centeno 2020 Aug 20
Two children adopted by Cory and Stephanie Valdez 2020 Dec 25
Girls adopted by Ronald and Ty Stinespring 2019 Mar 1
Children adopted by Nikolai Stremsky 2019
Jennifer Kelly 2019
Three children adopted by Donald and Sharon Windey 2018 Feb 12
Girl adopted by Alan and Aimee Friz 2017 Oct 4
Sabrina Ray 2017 May 12
Rachel Johnson 2017 Jan
Boy adopted by Brandon and Melissa Hoffman 2017
Children in care of Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon 2016 Jul
Girl adopted by John and Georgiana Tufts 2016 Aug
Children adopted by Eric Norman Stewart 2016
Denis Flynn 2016
Samantha Killary 2016
Suzanne Connolly 2016
Boy adopted by Kimberly Durlin 2015 Apr 11
Boy adopted by Patrick Michael Anderson 2015 Jun 28
Five children adopted by Tinitale and April Makalea 2015
3 children adopted by David and Rejeana Moss 2014 Sep 12
Children adopted by Dwight and Janet Solander 2014 Mar 20
Children adopted by Travis and Stacy Yates 2014 Feb 1
Girl adopted by Justin and Marsha Harris 2014 Apr 4
Girl adopted by couple from Jackson County, Michigan 2014 Jan 1
Seven children adopted by Owen Miller 2014 Aug 19
10 children adopted by Dave and Wonda Dixon 2013 Aug 21
Boy adopted by a British Columbia man 2013 Jan 1
Children adopted by Donald and Linda Hannah 2013 Feb 14
Children adopted by Matthew and Melissa Dumont 2013 Jul 10
Five children adopted Bernie and Melissa Harmon 2013 Aug 1
Girl adopted by Jerome Mitchell and Hermina Ibarra 2013 Jan 16
Girl adopted by man from Blackman Township, MI 2013 Aug 15
Girl adopted by man in Bermuda 2013 Jan 24
Girl in UK, forced to become pregnant 2013 Apr 28
Girls adopted by a Devon couple 2013 Apr 11
4 children adopted by Richard and Cheryle Burton 2012 Nov 3
Bethany Loerke 2012 Apr 22
Boy 'adopted' by Mark J Newton and Peter Truong 2012 Feb 9
Children adopted by Gregory Bernard Lacy and LaQuron D. McLean Lacy 2012 Oct 12
Children adopted by Jean Paul Kruse and Emily Kruse 2012 Aug 1
Girl adopted by Jonathan Outlaw 2012 Aug 13
Girl adopted by Rajesh Sengar and Bebi Sengar 2012 Sep 28
Girl adopted by Silver Springs Shores couple 2012 Nov 15
Girl adopted by Snohomish couple 2012 Jan 21
Girls adopted by Flagstaff AZ man 2012 Nov 2
Girls adopted by Hickory Hill couple 2012 Oct 19
Matt Sandusky 2012 Jun 26
4 children adopted by Aubrey and Laura Thomas 2011 Oct 14
Boy adopted by Joe Hunt 2011 Sep 9
Boys adopted by George Harasz and Doug Wirth 2011 Nov 30
Boys adopted by William Fox 2011 Mar 21
Children adopted by Kenneth H. Brandt 2011 Mar 1
Children adopted/fostered by Maurice Martinez 2011 Jan 14
Children in care of John Michael McGuigan 2011 May 13
Five girls adopted by Scott and Drew Anne Hamrick 2011 Jun 30
Girl adopted by Cynthia Greenwood 2011 Apr 14
Girl adopted by Stacey Garrett Begay 2011 Apr 27
Girl adopted by couple in Kent, UK 2011 May 27
Girls adopted by Jason Hignight 2011 Jan 18
Siblings of Rolin Allison Jr. 2011 Nov 1
Two girls adopted by John and Roseanne Kincheloe 2011 Jan 4
Victor and Nubia Barahona (Doctor) 2011 Feb 14
Boy adopted by Claude Edward Foulk 2010 Feb 24
Boy adopted by Jennifer Louise Barnes 2010 May 1
Children adopted and fostered by Jonathan and Jaime Swim 2010 May 17
Children in Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children 2010 Feb 12
Children in care of Keith Lashbrook 2010 Mar 1
Children placed with Todd and Lisa Mortensen 2010 Apr 1
Girl adopted by Dino Cardelli & Nancy Cardelli 2010 Sep 16
Girl adopted by Jon Paul Reid 2010 Aug 10
Girl adopted by Renee and Scott Dean 2010 Oct 28
Girl adopted by man from Brazoria, Texas 2010 Feb 2
Girls adopted by Lon and DeAnna Kennard 2010 Mar 22
Jaclyn N. 2010 Sep 20
Two girls adopted by English couple, "loaned" to pedophiles 2010 Aug 18
Xenia - girl adopted by Mary and Michael Grismore 2010 Jan 1
Girl adopted by man from Tenino Washington 2010
Boy adopted by Frank M. Lombard and Kenneth Shipp 2009 Jun 24
Boy adopted by James and Linda Ramaglia 2009 Aug 24
Boy and Girl adopted by Joseph and Linda Mayotte 2009 Jun 5
Boys adopted by/in foster care with Gregg Larsen 2009 Jul 1
Children adopted by Jean-Pierre O. and Anne-Marie O. 2009 Mar 1
Children adopted by Kekoa and Kaylynn Gaunavinaka 2009 Aug 1
Girl adopted by Eddy and Donna Whisenhunt 2009 May 14
Girl adopted by Patrick Ryan Harrison 2009 Mar 18
Girls adopted by Stephen L. and Melina Ann McPherson 2009 Jan 27
3 girls adopted by Charles Sparks 2008 Apr 28
Adopted sibling of Kenneth Ray Knightingale 2008 Feb 11
Boy adopted by Scott Legrand 2008 Feb 8
Boy adopted in Katz family 2008 May 16
Boys at Project Pierre Toussaint 2008 Jan 1
Children adopted by Earnest and Windie Perry 2008 Jul 10
Children adopted by Paul and Paula Dunham 2008 Nov 1
Children adopted by Richard and ? Hill 2008 Jan 15
Children adopted by couple in Haute-Loire, France 2008 Jun 6
Children residing at Tampa Bay Academy 2008 Dec 17
Clare Robertson 2008 Jul 21
Girl adopted by Gerald Dale and Hope Snapp 2008 Jan 10
Girl adopted by Kenneth Lee Ashcraft 2008 Jul 8
Girl adopted by Lynwood Elmer Vinum 2008 Jul 18
Girl adopted by couple in Calgary, Canada 2008 Jun 1
Girls adopted by John Henry Thomas and Carol Ann Thomas 2008 Oct 1
Girls adopted by Juan Rodenas and his wife. 2008 Jun 17
Two girls adopted by Stephen Darrell Taylor 2008 Jan 1
Children adopted by Jerry Wayne Love 2007 Jul 9
Children at Hamro Jivan orphanage 2007 Feb 15
Girl adopted by Acharya family 2007 Mar 11
Girl adopted by Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler 2007 Oct 1
Girl adopted by Christopher and Eva Pitzer 2007 Apr 1
Girl adopted by James Spellman and Delois Spellman 2007 Jan 1
Girl adopted by a couple of Jurbise, Beligum 2007 May 30
Girl in care of Vladimir Karpov 2007 Jul 7
Girls adopted by Eugene Richard Putnam and DoyAnne Putnam 2007 Apr 7
Girls adopted by John and Alicia Bryan 2007 Sep 5
Girls adopted by Patricia Harris 2007 Aug 17
Illegally adopted child of Arab Emirat Couple 2007 Jul 12
Two girls adopted in Fosses-la-Ville, Belgium 2007 Sep 14
Chloe Howey 2007
Boys adopted by John Krueger 2006 Apr 13
Children adopted by James and Vonda Ferguson 2006 Aug 15
Girl adopted by Edward Walter Smith 2006 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Ellery and Krisi James 2006 May 1
Girl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton 2006 Jan 1
Girl adopted by woman in Ontario, Canada 2006 Aug 17
Keri Ponce 2006 Feb 9
Monica Fabregas 2006 Jun 7
Nicholas Rhea Hoffert and Gary Hoffert (Twins); and Girl adopted by David and Lynn Giddens 2006 Feb 10
Children adopted by William J. Every and Sharon Every 2005 Aug 3
Girl adopted by David and Karen Gilmore 2005 Jan 22
Girl in care of David Kinghorn 2005 Oct 26
Girls adopted by Gary McCoy 2005 Apr 4
Girls adopted by Jessica Banks 2005 May 9
Swarbrick siblings 2005 Jan 1
"Rebecca" from Bulgaria 2004 Dec 16
Andy Cannon 2004 Aug 14
Boy adopted by William Delos Peckenpaugh 2004 Dec 1
Children at Kerelaw Residential School 2004 Jun 18
Girls adopted and fostered by Joe David Lujan and wife 2004 Nov 6
21 Girls adopted by John and Marian DiMaria 2003 Feb 1
Children adopted by Scott Francis 2003 Aug 26
Girl adopted by David and Holly Meyers 2003 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Wanda and Bobbie Holmes 2003 Aug 1
Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) 2003 May 27
Girl adopted by Earl and Tammy Steidl 2003 Jun
Boy adopted by Donald Shissler 2002 May 31
Girls adopted by Henrique Cruz 2002 Jun 16
Nikolina Stoyanova aka Nicole Kuchler 2002 Jan 1
Boy adopted by couple from Colorado Springs 2001 Sep 11
Children adopted by Sylvia and Michael Wenger 2001 Jan 1
Daughters of Pastor in Ocala, Fl 2001 Jan 11
Girl adopted by Stephen Douglas James 2001 Dec 4
Girl in guardianship of James Matthew McDaniel-Webb 2001 Nov 1
Girl adopted by Richard and Ann Stenfeldt 2000 Apr 6
Pridine Fru 2000 Feb 24
Boys adopted and fostered by Thomas Cusick 1999 Oct 26
Girl adopted by David Karl and Jennifer Danser 1999 Mar 1
Boy adopted by George Alex Allen 1998 Nov 26
Boys in care of David Christie 1998 Jan 1
Elsa Garcia aka Esther Alice Combs 1998 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Earl "Butch" Kimmerling and Saundra Kimmerling 1998 May 1
Girl adopted by Richard Cook 1998 Apr 1
Girls adopted by Michael A. Paulin and wife 1998 Jan 1
Melissa Crossland 1998 Jan 1
Angel Martin 1997 Nov 16
Boys adopted by Dr. Daniel Carleton Gajdusek 1996 Jan 1
Holly and Nicole (O'Connor) Cooke 1994 Sep 27
Girls adopted by George Ogle 1993 Jan 1
Dylan Farrow 1992 Jan 1
Helen Gillin 1992 Jan 1
22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott 1991 Jan 1
76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason 1991 May 1
Children adopted by Kodzo Dobosu (aka Kojo Odo) 1991 Oct 22
Children adopted by Thomas L. Bates 1991 Sep 21
Children adopted by Thomas and Dolly Crapser 1991 Sep 18
Girl adopted by Missouri couple 1990 Oct 1
Carmina Salcido (Cecelia Swindell) 1989 Jan 1
Children adopted by Dr. Philip J. Broeckel Sr and Julie Broeckel 1989 Oct 1
Jennifer Haynes 1989 Nov 1
Kelly Pope 1988 Jan 1
Boys adopted by David Allen Lindsey Sr. 1987 Jun 6
Boy adopted by Jay Ram aka Gary Winnick aka Jay Mizraha 1985 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Mary Lou and Bernard Bauer 1985 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Ted and Merrily Ripley 1984 Jan 1
Vanessa Pearce 1984 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Douglas John Burnham 1983 Jan 1
Boy adopted by Stephen Pratt 1983 Nov 1
Girl adopted by Laurence Jacobsen 1983 Nov 5
Ariel Ariza (aka Ariel James Mitchell), and L.M. in care of Rev. James Mitchell 1982 Jan 1
Children living at Casa Pia de Lisboa 1981 Jan 1
Girl adopted by Gaithersburg MD couple 1981 Jun 1
C.T. Wilson 1978 Jan 1
Jackie Zudis (Thi My Lan Nguyen) 1977 Jan 1
Karamjeet Kaur Singh 1964 Dec 31
Children in care at the Christian Brothers at Bindoon 1950
Children in care of the Sisters of Nazareth 1950

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Boy adopted by a Mesa AZ couple 2012 Oct 30
Children sent to Nicole and Calvin Eason 2009 Jan 1
Sage Christensen aka Sajan Myers (Igor Odnohorchenko) 2002 Jan 31


Title Publication date
Adoptie binnenkort weer mogelijk, maar verdienmodel blijft, vindt geadopteerde Sam: 'Kan alleen sprookje zijn met waterdicht systeem' 2022 Nov 2
Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn 2022 Aug 7
Closed Mouth Syndrome 2015 Sep 11
Mom accused of having sex with adopted son 2015 Apr 11
Victoria adoption family alleges ministry hid extent of abuse 2014 Nov 20
HSE chiefs 'failed to fully investigate child sexual abuse claims' 2013 Nov 15
Details of deaths of children known to HSE services revealed 2013 Nov 15
Orphaned in Russia, brought to America, and then abandoned time and again 2013 Sep 11
The Child Exchange: Inside America's Underground Market for Adopted Children 2013 Sep 9
In a shadowy online network, a pedophile takes home a ‘fun boy’ 2013 Sep 9
Victim Uses Namesake Law to Sue Exploiters 2013 Aug 27
Expert on human trafficking to address Louisville doctors, nurses 2013 Aug 22
Austrian commission reports rampant child abuse in former city-run home 2013 Jun 12
Specific Changes in Brain Structure After Different Forms of Child Abuse 2013 Jun 1
Russia may treat child adoption for cash as trafficking 2013 Jan 23
State to pay $5.3M to abused children 2012 Oct 2
5-year-old tortured, killed by her foster parents in Indore 2012 Sep 28
This care system is creating written-off children 2012 Jun 18
Deported woman seeks MEA’s help 2012 May 28
Child abuse survivor tells her story to help other victims 2012 May 24
Big family's issues escape scrutiny 2012 Feb 10
Snohomish man accused of assaulting adopted daughter 2012 Jan 21
Mexico prosecutor says 4 children seized in child-trafficking ring show signs of sexual abuse 2012 Jan 19
Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest 2012 Jan 11
The Adoption Taboo: Is There Temptation For Fathers Of Interracial Daughters? 2011 Aug 16
WikiLeaks: Foster Care Children in Ireland Used as Sex Slaves 2011 Jun 15
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
New Study Shows Media Underreport Child Sexual Abuse, Miss Key Aspects of Issue 2011 May 24
Foster father goes on trial in sex abuse case 2011 May 1
'That was me when I was a kid' 2011 Apr 19
PTSD – A Debilitating Mental Condition 2011 Apr 4
Abuse victims declare solidarity with child-orphanage-victims in Germany 2010 Dec 12
Former foster parent and teacher sentenced for child porn 2010 Nov 23
UN: Vatican child rights report 13 years overdue 2010 Jul 15
Police's 25 failings in children's home sex inquiry 2010 Jan 28
When evil is cloaked as good 2009 Dec 16
Licking County Foster Mom Arrested For Alleged Sexual Battery 2009 Dec 9
Foster parent accused of sex abuse: 'You can't know the things people hide' 2009 Nov 18
Roman Catholic church stalls on £8m child abuse claims 2009 Nov 15
Review follows rape of girl, 10 2009 Nov 5
Child abuse: On the front line 2009 Oct 25
Sex offenders have jobs as charity trustees 2009 Oct 18
Abuses Against Children Persist Despite Rights Convention 2009 Oct 8
Orphanage worker jailed for sex abuse loses appeal 2009 Oct 7
Accused bishop is leaving the Maritimes for Ottawa 2009 Oct 7
Church Loses Fight Over Sealed Papers 2009 Oct 6
Farm of fear 2009 Oct 2
Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican 2009 Sep 28
The warning signs of incest: What parents can do to stop sexual abuse in the family 2009 Sep 24
State studies abuse, safety of children in foster care 2009 Sep 21
Prosecutors to Fight Molester's Parole 2009 Sep 18
Bindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children 2009 Sep 6
Australia to apologise for child abuse under state care 2009 Aug 30
The lost children of Franco-era Spain 2009 Aug 25
Priest demands freeze on recruiting clergy 2009 Aug 24
Jersey carer convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne 2009 Aug 20
Archbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report 2009 Aug 11
Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting 2009 Jun 27
Probation for care home abuse man 2009 Jun 22
Roots of a warped view of sexuality 2009 Jun 20
Sex abuse by adults is about power, not gratification 2009 Jun 20
Surgeon 'may have abused hundreds' 2009 Jun 15
Child-trafficking bill closer to becoming law. 2009 Jun 8
Diocese Accused Of Mishandling Sex Abuse Case 2009 May 26
Fake Australian priest 'abused Indian orphans' 2009 May 25
Staff preyed on children with disabilities 2009 May 21
Catholic Church turned a blind eye as thousands of children were sexually abused by priests in Ireland, says official report 2009 May 20
Civil suit charts history of church abuse in county 2009 May 17
Ireland abuse inquiry report due 2009 May 17
DYA Assistant Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges 2009 May 6
Lawyer for alleged 5-year-old abuse victim files $820,000 suit vs. state 2009 May 1
Are there women paedophiles? 2009 Apr 29
Abuse survivors: Markey bill our chance at justice 2009 Apr 21
The Playground Project 2009 Apr 21
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
£5m claim over 'sex abuse by priest' 2009 Mar 24
Child safety sham puts lives at risk 2009 Mar 22
Children Of the World For Sale 2009 Mar 20
New York Child Sexual Abuse Law Could Allow More Adult Victims to File Lawsuits 2009 Mar 12
Prostitution of boys at India's pilgrim sites called rampant 2009 Mar 10
Church ‘regrets’ abuse of boys 2009 Mar 8
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside 2009 Mar 7
SA abuse victims push for compensation 2009 Mar 7
Pedophiles find Ukraine a good place to roam 2009 Mar 4
Child neglect 'going unreported' 2009 Feb 25
Initiative tackles child abuse, domestic violence 2009 Feb 16
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
Child Trafficking: When The Solution Becomes A Part Of The Problem 2009 Feb 15
More to claim in child abuse case 2009 Feb 3
Carey couple surrenders foster care license 2009 Feb 3
Child abuse victims 'more prone to headaches' 2009 Feb 2
DCF settles federal abuse suit 2009 Feb 2
Liberia, Moldova Halt International Adoptions 2009 Jan 30
Sexual Abuse - Sibling 2009 Jan 20
Adoptive father gets state prison 2009 Jan 6
People will be shocked by sex abuse report, says archbishop 2009 Jan 5
State 'not ready' for child sex reporting 2009 Jan 2
Nigeria: Country Leads in Child Labour 2009 Jan 1
How often do children’s reports of abuse turn out to be false? 2008 Dec 28
Abuse Cannot Be Tollerated 2008 Dec 27
Suspected 'Cameraman' Charged in Child Sex Assault Case 2008 Dec 18
Plea may not cost Oklahoma DHS worker’s job 2008 Dec 9
Child abuse on the rise in Scotland 2008 Nov 23
Albania: Briton jailed 20 years for child abuse 2008 Nov 19
Doctor detained over pedophilia suspicion 2008 Nov 15
Norwegian Female Pedophile Predators go Free and stay in job at Oslo orphanages 2008 Nov 15
Sexual Exploitation of Children is a Growing Phenomenon 2008 Sep 26
Help Pass the Protect The Children Act 2008 Sep 16
Lynch extends statute of limitations on self-reporting of child abuse 2008 Sep 3
Rejected for adoption, some end up on the streets 2008 Sep 3
Adoption advocate charged with allowing abuse 2008 Aug 28
Young boys abused after being placed in foster care 2008 Aug 21
Boy was raped, lawsuit says; It alleges he was victimized by another boy in foster care. 2008 Aug 13
Legacy of Canada's residential schools 2008 Jun 11
Child abuse by aid workers, peacekeepers rife-study 2008 May 27
Sibling Abuse 2008 May 19
'No excuses' for abuse teen case 2008 May 18
Jersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story 2008 May 15
Ex-Milford priest convicted again of sex assault 2008 May 13
Holier than thou: Spiritual leaders seeking sexual prey 2008 May 8
Bill to pay DCF settlement to couple who adopted sexually abused boys fails 2008 Apr 25
Modern Psychology and Priest Sex Abuse 2008 Apr 21
52 girls taken from polygamist leader 2008 Apr 5
Teacher exposed pedophilia at orphanage in Ethiopia, could face jail for defamation 2008 Mar 5
Facing up to Canada's dark history 2008 Feb 11
His mother wants the adoption dissolved, saying the state forced the relationship. 2008 Jan 9
Mounties to prepare residential school probe 2008 Jan 1
Report finds three decades of abuse at Christian Brothers facility 2007 Dec 11
DSWD: Don't allow foreigners to sleep in orphanages 2007 Nov 9
Boys Town bishop accused of molestation 2007 Sep 30
Self-induced death-sentence 2007 Sep 27
Adoptive vs. Biological Parent Smackdown 2007 Sep 8
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
A History of Child Abuse 2007 Aug 11
Foster Parent Pleads Guilty In Child Porn Case 2007 Jul 26
Catholic Charity? 2007 Jul 15
Parents need to know about Megan's Law 2007 Jun 7
Catholics detail Irish sex abuses 2007 May 2
The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family 2007 Mar 21
Put me in a Holding Room! 2007 Jan 23
10News Looks Into Orphanage Abuse Allegations 2006 Nov 29
Christian Brothers dispute abuse evidence 2006 May 22
Beasts of Kerelaw 2006 Apr 21
Institutionalized child abuse 2005 May 18
Newfoundland sex-abuse fallout hits diocese hard 2005 May 11
California Religious Order to Pay $6.3 to Settle Suits 2004 Dec 24
Briton faces paedophilia charges 2004 Sep 7
Barnardo's pair guilty of child abuse 2004 Jun 23
Abuse survivors attack 'whitewash' 2004 Feb 4
Brothers' move flies in face of public contrition 2003 Oct 28
Portugal awakens to horror of abuse 2003 Jul 26
Multimillionaire pedophile sought known haven 2003 May 12
Abuse spotlight on Australian nuns 2002 Aug 28
Sexual abuse by Catholic clergy 2002 Mar 26
Sex abuse victim to sue Christian Brothers 2001 Dec 3
Briton held in 'orphan abuse' case 2001 Sep 4
Australian church apologies to child migrants 2001 Mar 22
Children's Testimony More Reliable than Physical Exams 2000 May 14
World: Americas Church defiant over Quebec orphans 1999 Sep 15
Man charged in abuse inquiry at Barnardo's 1998 Jun 10
Mia Farrow and Woody Allen story 1992 Nov 1
Sex-Abuse Case in Harlem Leaves Neighbors Confused 1991 May 23
Canadian Prelate Quits In Clerics' Sex Scandal 1990 Jul 20
Md. Family's 'Terrible Secret' 1984 Nov 18
Alford - Church admits abuse at St Augustine's orphanage 1938 Sep 23
Three men accused of molestation in child porn ring that spans multiple Southern California counties
Ex-Bal Mandir Employee, Student Held On Rape Charge ; Republica June 18 2014
superficially normal
Quite exceptional depravity – Brothers
Sex abuse at two Christian Brothers orphanages in Victoria -- St Augustine's and St Vincent's
Report reveals "causes" of Catholic sex abuse - Blame it on the Rolling Stones!
Christian Brothers step away from Irish schools
Tina Anderson Rape Trial Nears
Convicted paedophile had fostered children
For longtime captives, a complex road home
Economy of Child Trade
My Kidnapping
Home schooling 'could be a cover for child abuse and sexual exploitation'
FC vs. FP: Track Record on Safety


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