exposing the dark side of adoption
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Kim Marie Firth

1972 Sep 15
2 year old Korean girl to be adopted by Marie and Frank Firth. Mrs. Firth, and immigrant from Ireland, became angry when Kim spat out food and threw the girl. Marie plead guilty to Manslaughter
1965 Mar 28

Dennis Craig Jurgens
(December 6, 1961 – April 11, 1965) was the most famous and only fatal victim of prolific child abuser Lois Jurgens, who abused a total of six adopted children during a period spanning the 1950s to 1970s. Lois and  Harold Jurgens eventually lost custody of the 5 other adopted children: the eldest, Robert Jurgens, who testified against his mother, and the 4 Howton siblings from Kentucky. The eventual trial of Lois Jurgens for Dennis' murder made national headlines and was the top news story for the state of Minnesota in 1987. Twenty two years after Dennis' death, Lois was convicted.
1964 Dec 31
Adopted by her uncle and aunt, Joginder Singh and Darshan Kaur Bains after her mother had died. At age eight sexual abuse started and lasted for over a decade. She was subjected to oral and anal sex, apart from beatings. To prevent pregnancy when she reached puberty, the couple had an IUD inserted. Joginder Singh was a Sikh priest
Karamjeet Kaur Singh is known as Vicky Waters since her marriage.

Wendy Kay Ott

1957 Jun 1
Girl adopted by Howard and Edith Ott. Mrs. Ott was indicted for second degree murder in the death of 22 month old Wendy from Korea. Wendy had head trauma. There were 3 other adopted children in the household. 2 caucasian, and Timothy (19 months) also from Korea who was placed in the home along with Wendy in October 1956. Outcome of the case is unknown. Apparently the Otts adopted at least 2 more korean girls (twins) in 1958.

Wendy and Timothy were among the first 100 Korean children brought to the US by the Holts.
For decades the Sisters of Nazareth ran institutions in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Australia. Abuse in these facilities was endemic.
For decades migrant children from England were sent to Bindoon, Australia, where the were both physically and sexually abused by the Christian Brothers, running the orphanage.