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Isabella Kalua

2021 Sep 12

6-year-old girl adopted by Isaac and Lehua Kalua kept her in a dog cage in the bathroom with duct tape on her mouth and declined food. In September 2021, Isabella was reported to be missing. On July 27, 2023 a judge declared the girl deceased. The Kalua's have been arrested for second degree murder and are awaiting trial.


Title Publication date
Judge declares Hawaii girl who was kept in dog cage dead after she went missing 2 years ago 2023 Jul 31
Isabella Kalua officially declared dead, her body remains missing 2023 Jul 29
Isabella Kalua’s adoptive parents plead not guilty, trial set for January 2021 Nov 29
‘Our keiki deserve it’: Calls grow for tougher sentencing in child murder cases 2021 Nov 13
For months, Isabella’s family wanted to know what happened. Now they’re struggling with why. 2021 Nov 13
‘Unbelievable’: Advocates say Isabella’s placement in adoptive home raises serious questions 2021 Nov 13
Experts outline challenges prosecutors could face in murder case against adoptive parents 2021 Nov 12
Court documents reveal horrific allegations against adoptive parents charged with murdering girl 2021 Nov 12
Drones and canine units are key tools in the search for remains of Isabella Kalua 2021 Nov 11
Police continue search of property for 6-year-old’s remains after arrests of adoptive parents 2021 Nov 11
Police release details on the disappearance of Isabella Kalua following the arrest of her adoptive parents 2021 Nov 10
More than 3 weeks since 6-year-old’s disappearance, community continues to seek answers 2021 Oct 6
Family of missing six-year-old say not enough is known about her disappearance nearly a month later 2021 Oct 6
Missing girl had serious injuries investigated by state in past 2 years 2021 Sep 21
As search for missing 6-year-old continues, police say many ‘unanswered questions’ remain 2021 Sep 18
Foster care expert says missing 6-year-old’s adoptive placement raises red flags 2021 Sep 17
Why adoptive family of missing 6-year-old Waimanalo girl have remained absent in search parties 2021 Sep 17
Attorney: Missing girl’s adoptive family ‘fully cooperative’ with police 2021 Sep 17
Intense search for missing 6-year-old enters 4th day with no signs of the child 2021 Sep 16
Day 4: Police say foul play has not been ruled out in search for missing 6-year-old girl in Waimanalo 2021 Sep 16
Day 3: Search continues for missing 6-year-old girl in Waimanalo 2021 Sep 15
Hundreds rally in Waimanalo to search for missing 6-year-old girl 2021 Sep 14
‘We need all of Hawaii’: Police encourage community to rally together to locate 6-year-old girl in Waimanalo 2021 Sep 13
Loved ones remain hopeful as search for missing 6-year-old in Waimanalo stretches into third day 2021 Sep 13