exposing the dark side of adoption
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Title Publication date
Mass grave of up to 800 dead babies exposed in County Galway 2014 May 26
Des Moines couple with adoptive children charged with child endangerment 2013 Apr 16
Sadistic methods of raising children absolutely normal in US 2013 Jan 30
Adoption Nonprofit Cooperating With Investigation Into Alleged Child Torture 2013 Jan 24
Air Force lieutenant colonel arrested for child abuse 2012 Dec 3
Charges: Couple Starved Boy, 8, Down To 35 Lbs. 2012 Nov 5
Report slams Wash. adoption system 2012 Oct 23
State to pay $5.3M to abused children 2012 Oct 2
Affidavit: Middlefield Parents Physically, Mentally Abused Adopted Children 2012 Sep 28
Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar because ‘the Bible says’ 2012 Jul 13
More Russian children tortured in US 2012 Jun 6
State notes alarming spike in starvation of adopted children 2012 Jan 18
Pacific discussion on child abuse vs child discipline 2011 Dec 9
Family friends tell of concern before adopted Wilson girl died 2011 Dec 1
Can Adoption Lead to Child Abuse? 2011 Nov 9
Preaching virtue of spanking even as deaths fuel debate 2011 Nov 7
Parents accused of killing adopted Ethiopian daughter 'were inspired by religious discipline book 2011 Oct 27
A Q&A with William Ingaldson, Counsel for the ‘Hot Sauce’ Mom 2011 Aug 23
'Hot sauce' mom child abuse trial begins 2011 Aug 18
Mom on trial for punishing child with hot sauce 2011 Aug 18
Accused Abusive Adoptive Parents Sentenced 2011 Aug 1
Jan Pryor: A positive spin on parenting 2009 Apr 3
Loganville woman charged in abuse case 2008 May 28
Harford couple sentenced to 22 years after guilty plea in son’s starvation death 2008 Apr 18
Invisible children (Editorial) 1988 Apr 2