exposing the dark side of adoption
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2020 May 8

Four children adopted by Tommy and Patricia Hyler were abused by their adoptive mother. One of the children bore the brunt of the abuse. The abuse the adoptive mother committed against the boy over two years, included chipping his front teeth with a pair of needle-nose pliers and a hammer; strangling him with her hands and at times a dog leash; and striking him with 2-by-4 pieces of hickory wood, baseball bats, a chain dog leash and miscellaneous items throughout the house. The boy also endured forced isolation and starvation, was not allowed to go outside and was kept away from the other children. 

Ana Loera

2020 Jan 20

11-year-old girl adopted by Rafael and Maribel Loera was physically abused and left to die after she got seriously ill. The girl's body was kept in the attic of the house. Ana was adopted together with three siblings who also experienced abuse.

2019 Oct 8

A 9-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl adopted by Lee Steven and Tammie Lyn Brady were severely abused by their adoptive parents. The abuse includes starvation, hitting them, pouring buckets of water on them, zip-tying, choking, beating them with a belt, kicking, cutting and smacking. 

2019 Jul 8

14-year-old twins, adopted from Bulgaria by Mark and Melissa McGregor were starved, physically abused, and imprisoned by their adoptive parents.

2019 Jul

Ranch for Kids was a Private Alternative Adolescent Residential or Outdoor Program (PAARP) in Montana. It lost its license due to serious allegations of egregious, chronic and persistent child abuse and neglect. The Ranch for Kids specialised in housing and rehoming teens adopted from Russia.

2019 Jun 14

A boy and girl, aged 8 and 10, adopted by Samuel Earl Hollie II and Brandi Rae Hollie were starved and tortured by their adoptive parents. Brandi Hollie received a three year sentence, wil Samuel Hollie had to serve 13 years.

2019 May

Four girls adopted by Patricia Taylor where allegedly tortured by their adoptive mother.


2019 Mar

7 children adopted by Machelle Hackney Hobson were physically abused by her. Hobson died November 12, 2019 before she could stand trial.

The children were forced to participate in her YouTube channel Fantastic Adventures. When they refused to do so, or their performance didn't meet their adoptive mother's approval, they were physically abused.

Two biological sons of Hobson were accused of sexual abuse.

2019 Mar 1

Two girls adopted by Ronald and Ty Stinespring were sexually abused by their adoptive father. Ronald Stinespring was sentenced to 100 years in federal prison.

2019 Jan 19

A 14-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl adopted by Patrick and Angel Henderson were imprisoned, starved, and beaten by their adoptive parents. Patrick Henderson was sentence to 4 years in prison. Angel Henderson was sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison.