exposing the dark side of adoption
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2022 Aug

2 boys adopted by William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock were sexually abused by their adoptive fathers and were pimped out by them.

2022 May

Girl adopted by Joel Koskan was sexually abused by her adoptive father. Koskan was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with no time suspended.

Lucas Birchim

2022 Apr 1

6-week-old boy about to be adopted by Erick Custodio, died from severe bodily injury. Custodio was convicted and will spend between 23 and 28 years in prison.

2022 Mar 23

Two boys, aged 4 and 5, adopted by John and Brittany Edwards were physically abused by their adoptive parents. The boys were adopted 3 months prior. One of the boys was hit in in the face with a belt by his adoptive father, while later, his adoptive mother came into his bedroom and choked him.

2022 Jan 21

11-year-old boy adopted by Reed and Georgianna Karriker was abused by his adoptive parents. The boy was brought to the hospital unresponsive  found to have sepsis, hypothermia and open wounds.

2022 Jan 13

Boy adopted by  Kenneth and Kimberly Deaton was beaten by his adoptive mother with a baseball bat. She serves a 15 year sentence.

2022 Jan

Three siblings adopted by Roy and Garland Malcolm were severely punished by their adoptive mother. One of the children, a 6-year-old boy has permanent brain damage as a result. Garland Malcolm received 32 years in prison.

2022 Jan

A boy adopted by Timothy and Tracy Ferriter was locked up in a box-like structure in the garage. 

2021 Oct 30

13-year-old Felicity and 9-year-old Barrett Kreb adopted by Christof M. Kreb and Yvette M. Siegert-Kreb were killed in a murder-suicide where their adoptive father killed the entire family and then took his own life. Felicity was adopted from China, while Barrett was adopted from Albania. Both were born with dwarfism.

Isabella Kalua

2021 Sep 12

6-year-old girl adopted by Isaac and Lehua Kalua kept her in a dog cage in the bathroom with duct tape on her mouth and declined food. In September 2021, Isabella was reported to be missing. On July 27, 2023 a judge declared the girl deceased. The Kalua's have been arrested for second degree murder and are awaiting trial.