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Non-lethal deprivation


Abuse cases

Title Date
Children adopted by Donald Ray Lantz and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather 2023 Oct 2
Children adopted by Tana Perkins Reneau 2023 May
Boy adopted by Matthew and Sarah Stephens 2022 Nov
Boy adopted by Susan Orendorf 2022 Sep
Boy adopted by Timothy and Tracy Ferriter 2022 Jan
Girl adopted by Wilma Edwards 2022 Aug
Girl adopted by Bartley and Kala Blakely 2021 Jan 21
Three children adopted by Joseph and Jennifer Wolfthal 2021 Jan 1
Children adopted by Robert and Stephanie Duncan 2021 Jan
Children adopted by Jose and Gina Centeno 2020 Aug 20
Two children adopted by Cory and Stephanie Valdez 2020 Dec 25
Seven children adopted by Jonathan and Marlaina Rockwood 2020 Jul
Children adopted by Lee Steven and Tammie Lyn Brady 2019 Oct 8
Twins adopted by Mark and Melissa McGregor 2019 Jul 8
Two children adopted by Patrick and Angel Henderson 2019 Jan 19
Children adopted by Machelle Hackney Hobson 2019 Mar
Four girls adopted by Patricia Taylor 2019 May
Girl adopted by Jessica Jo Lindberg 2019
Girl adopted by couple from Perth Australia 2019
Children adopted by Benito and Carol Gutierrez 2018 Feb 17
Olivia Farrell 2018 Jun 23
Three children adopted by Travis and Amy Headrick 2018 Aug 24
Two children adopted by Kenny and Kelly Fry 2018 Jan 30
Six children adopted by Timothy and Barbara Krause 2018 Mar
Two boys adopted by Blaine and Donella Busker 2018 Aug
Boy adopted by Jonathan and Debra Hay 2018
Girl adopted by Alan and Aimee Friz 2017 Oct 4
Girl adopted by Byron and Gwendalyn Buthman 2017 Oct
Two girls adopted by Mary Heller 2017 Jan
Boy adopted by Brett and Clarissa Tobiasson 2017
Children adopted by Christian and Suzanne Seagren 2016 Aug 21
Girl adopted by Eugenio and Victoria Erquiaga 2016 Jan 6
Three children adopted by Jim and Paige Nachtigal 2016 Feb 16
Boy adopted by Richard and Cynthia Kelly 2016 Nov
Children adopted by Allen Richardson and Paula Sinclair 2016 Nov
Two children adopted by Todd and Laura Starnes-Wells 2016 May
Boy adopted by Eric and Angela Corcoran 2015 Mar 16
Camron Foster 2015
Five children adopted by Tinitale and April Makalea 2015
3 children adopted by David and Rejeana Moss 2014 Sep 12
Boy adopted by Melvin and Kenya Bloomingburg 2014 Jul 3
Boy and girl adopted by Eraca Dawn Craig and Christian Jessica Deanda 2014 Mar 21
Girl adopted by Douglas and Kim Sherman 2014 Sep 11
Girl adopted by Roberta and Joseph Shane 2014 Apr 1
Girl adopted by couple from Sedgwick County, Kansas 2014 Mar 28
Girl adopted by couple from Wichita, Ka 2014 Mar 1
Koystya Thyssen 2014 Jun 25
Seven children adopted by Owen Miller 2014 Aug 19
Three children adopted by Charles and Suzan Sealock 2014 Sep 7
Two girls adopted by Johann and Kimery Jorg 2014 May 30
10 children adopted by Dave and Wonda Dixon 2013 Aug 21
2 children adopted by Erin and Jennifer Pickel 2013 Jun 14
3 children adopted by Mark and Susan Hooper 2013 Feb 1
Boy adopted by Lee M Rager and Diana J. Haley 2013 Jul 22
Children adopted by Lev Dzyuba and his wife 2013 Aug 15
Children in care of Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper 2013 Nov 18
Five children adopted Bernie and Melissa Harmon 2013 Aug 1
Girls adopted by Dwight and Janet Solander 2013 Feb 1
Three children adopted by Phillip and Kimberly Loesch 2013 Jul 15
Two children adopted by Ingrid Brewer 2013 Jan 15
3 children adopted by Tim and Iliana Archuleta 2012 Oct 13
4 children adopted by Richard and Cheryle Burton 2012 Nov 3
Boy adopted by Mona and Russell Hauer 2012 Nov 6
Boys adopted by Leslie Tiesler and Brad Thill 2012 May 1
Children adopted by Douglas and Kristen Barbour 2012 Sep 14
Children adopted by Nikki and Larry Russell 2012 Nov 27
Children adopted by Paul and JoAnn Drake 2012 Nov 8
Girl adopted by Dorothea Vega 2012 Nov 2
Girl adopted by Samuel and Diana Franklin 2012 May 30
Lita Morgan 2012 Oct 31
Logan Garrett and his twin sister 2012 Oct 22
4 children adopted by Aubrey and Laura Thomas 2011 Oct 14
Boy adopted by Kathlyn Anthony 2011 Mar 7
Boy adopted by Ronald and Tammy White 2011 Jul 14
Children adopted by Elisha and Cheryl Christopher 2011 Jul 22
Five children adopted by Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock 2011 Mar 1
Five girls adopted by Scott and Drew Anne Hamrick 2011 Jun 30
Girl adopted by Regina Marquez 2011 Aug 2
Girl is care of Mary Mazalic and Derron Alexis 2011 Sep 19
Girls adopted by Verna Kennerson 2011 Jul 6
Twins adopted by Sandra Weller 2011 Oct 20
Victor and Nubia Barahona (Doctor) 2011 Feb 14
4 girls adopted by Yang 2010 Sep 17
Boy adopted by Randal and Christine Arnold 2010 Sep 17
Boy adopted by Steven and Mikelann Renwick 2010 Aug 18
Children adopted by Anya James 2010 Oct 1
Children adopted by Dwayne and Pamela Hardy 2010 Aug 12
Children adopted by John and Carolyn Jackson 2010 Apr 16
Larandon Nichols 2010 Jul 11
Boy adopted by Tai-Ling Gigliotti 2009 Feb 11
Children adopted by Garold and Sherry McMillian 2009 Nov 15
Girl adopted David and Jan Carpenter 2009 Oct 15
Children adopted by Shirley Allen 2008 May 28
Girl adopted by Hyacinth Morgan 2008 Jun 20
Jasmine and Minnet Bowman 2008 Sep 27
Samuel Hudson (David) and five other adopted children of William and Cynthia Hudson 2008 Dec 9
Boy adopted by Paul and Debbie Salvetti 2007 Jan 1
Boys adopted by James and Stephanie Dickinson 2007 Sep 19
Children adopted by Sandy June Linn 2007 Feb 26
Chrystal Ramirez (Chrystal Camarillo) 2007 Aug 24
Girl adopted by Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler 2007 Oct 1
Girl adopted by Kathryn and Kenneth Kreier 2007 Sep 1
Girl adopted by Stephen and Kathy Rhoten 2007 Dec 7
Lilly Manning 2007 Oct 31
Phoebe and Joseph Dinkler 2007 Aug 9
Boys adopted by Dennis Scott McCurry and Molly McCurry (birth name West) 2006 Jul 1
Children adopted by John William and Connie Lucile Oliver 2006 Sep 23
Children adopted by Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez 2006 Jan 5
Children adopted by William and Samia Fam 2006 Nov 22
Girls in care of Mercedes Farquharson 2006 Mar 13
11 Children adopted by Michael and Sharen Gravelle 2005 Sep 1
Alloma Gilbert, Christopher Spry and Child A 2005 Jan 1
Children adopted by John and Linda Dollar 2005 Jan 21
Girl to be adopted by Ernest Richard Davison and Cynthia Joan Davison 2005 Jan 1
Girls adopted by Jessica Banks 2005 May 9
Ricky Holland (Ricky Gann) 2005 Jul 1
Tyler Sullivan 2005 Mar 8
18 Children in care of Tom and Debra Schmitz 2004 Jun 30
Boy adopted by Peter and Deedra Mitchell 2004 Sep 4
Boy adopted by Scott and Catherine Kanani Nelson 2004 Apr 8
Boys adopted by their aunt and uncle in Blackstock, Ontario 2004 Jul 20
Haley Liberman 2004 Feb 9
Bruce, Michael, Tyrone and Keith Jackson 2003 Oct 10
Children adopted by Theresa and Reed Hansen 2002 Oct 2
Boy adopted by couple from Colorado Springs 2001 Sep 11
Children adopted by a St Francis couple 2001 Mar 27
15 children placed with Bill and Debbie Rettew 2000 Jun 1
Children adopted by Charles and Marjorie Moss 2000 May 11
Pridine Fru 2000 Feb 24
Viktor Alexander Matthey (Viktor Sergievich Tulimov) 2000 Oct 31
Adam Herrman (Irvin Groeninger III) 1999 Jan 1
Children adopted by Roberto Acosta and Shirley Carroll Acosta 1999 Mar 14
Elsa Garcia aka Esther Alice Combs 1998 Jan 1
Danielle and Brittany Tucker (Dornan) 1997 Nov 1
Boy and girl adopted by Richard and Christine Dodson 1995 Jul 1
Lucas Ciambrone (Pedro Garcia) 1995 May 13
Carmina Salcido (Cecelia Swindell) 1989 Jan 1
Children adopted by Harold Johnson and Sherry Johnson 1988 Oct 21
Vanessa Pearce 1984 Jan 1
Hee Ja Byun (or Hee Ja Byan) aka Lisa 1974 Jun 1
Children in care of the Sisters of Nazareth 1950