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Father's rights violations


Father's rights violation cases

Title Date
Terry Achane 2012 Dec 3
Bobby L. Nevares 2010 Sep 29
Dusten Brown (baby Veronica case) 2009 Sep 15
John Wyatt (baby Emma case) 2009 Feb 20
Logan McQueary (Gabriel Johnson case) 2009 Dec 26
Ramsey Shaud 2009 Dec 16
Robert Manzanares 2008 Feb 20
Cody O'Dea 2005 May 1
Shawn McDonald 2005 Jul 2
Frank Osborne 2002 Jan 4


Title Publication date
Colorado man can contest Utah adoption, court rules 2015 Feb 6
Sonya custody case drags on as another birthday passes 2014 Jul 20
State poised to yank Utah adoption agency’s license 2014 Feb 12
Baby Deseray Removed From Bixler's Custody in South Carolina 2013 Oct 28
Oklahoma Adoption Attorney Approves Baby Deseray Removal for Friend 2013 Oct 25
Editorial: Utah adoption law wrongly discriminates against fathers 2013 Oct 22
Conservative Utah think tank weighs in on unwed father's adoption case 2013 Oct 20
Adult Son of Couple Adopting Deseray Says They Were Abusive Parents 2013 Oct 16
Capobiancos Sue Dusten Brown for Nearly Half a Million in Fees 2013 Sep 25
Adoptive parents take custody of Veronica from biological father 2013 Sep 23
Skeptics of Veronica, Desaray cases call for closer look at private adoptions, laws 2013 Sep 21
Oklahoma Judge Gives Custody of Deseray to Absentee Shawnee Tribe 2013 Sep 17
Another Oklahoma Adoption Case Mirrors 'Baby Veronica' Case 2013 Aug 30
Trafficking Native Children: The Seamy Underbelly of U.S. Adoption Industry 2013 Aug 27
Second Indian Infant Whisked to South Carolina for Quickie Adoption 2013 Aug 13
Baby Veronica's biological family: Court fight will move to Oklahoma 2013 Aug 6
The Gloves Come Off: Civil Rights Suit Filed as Adoption of Veronica Finalized 2013 Aug 1
Veronica’s father vows not to comply with adoption order that harms daughter 2013 Jul 31
Supreme Court says Native American child doesn’t have to be given to biological father 2013 Jun 25
U.S. Supreme Court reverses S.C. court in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, siding with James Island couple 2013 Jun 25
Supreme Court rules for couple over baby girl's adoption 2013 Jun 25
Justice Alito Just Wrote the Next Chapter in One of the Best RadioLab Episodes Ever 2013 Jun 25
Utah adoption law provision discriminates against men, attorney claims 2013 Jun 4
Soldier wins 22-month custody battle and finally reunited with daughter, 2, who his wife gave up for adoption 2013 Jan 25
Media Failures Lead to Flawed Understandings in Cherokee Adoption Case 2013 Jan 13
Case Pits Adoptive Parents Against Tribal Rights 2012 Dec 24
The Stealing of Our American Indian Children 2012 Dec 22
Utah adoption horror story: New questions as legal fight continues 2012 Dec 5
Father will be reunited with baby adopted without his knowledge, judge rules 2012 Dec 4
Judge Orders Adopted Baby Returned to Father, Couple Plans to Appeal Ruling 2012 Dec 4
Father is ready to turn page on Utah adoption horror story 2012 Dec 3
Broken Home: The Save Veronica story 2012 Sep 26
South Carolina Supreme Court Permits Biological Father to Take 2-Year-Old From Her Adoptive Parents 2012 Aug 23
Proposed bill would penalize adoption agencies for fraudulent representations 2012 Aug 15
Full compliance with Indian Child Welfare Act, not its dismantling, is needed 2012 Jul 20
'Baby Veronica' adoption case lobbyists move to Congress 2012 Jul 11
'Priest snatched my baby but I never stopped searching' 2012 Mar 29
New Mexico dad's adoption case shakes up Utah courts 2012 Feb 19
Utah high court reverses ruling in adoption case of unwed Colorado dad 2012 Jan 28
ICWA law at center of adoption controversy 2012 Jan 23
Native American roots trump in adoption battle over toddler 2012 Jan 8
Would-be Utah dad says misplaced trust cost him his son 2011 Dec 27
Stopping an adoption: In Utah, unwed fathers rarely win 2011 Dec 24
Father fighting adoption laws to get son 2011 Aug 27
Father loses bid to overturn his daughter’s adoption because he did not file paperwork on time 2011 Jul 20
Heartbreak in Indiana custody case 2010 Oct 30
Adopted boy returned to biological father in Swanton 2010 Oct 30
Swanton dad wins custody of son, 3 2010 Oct 8
Fate of adopted child is in question 2010 Sep 24
Virginia man challenges Utah's adoption laws 2010 Sep 10
Va. father fights for baby Emma in Utah court 2010 Sep 9
Utah Supreme Court to hear dad’s bid for his baby 2010 Sep 8
Some Call It Kidnapping 2010 Jul 28
Jailhouse Phone Call: Elizabeth Johnson & Tammi Smith 2010 May 4
MCSO: Baby Gabriel Mom Assaulted Inmates 2010 Apr 16
'Baby Emma' case puts state adoption laws between father, child 2010 Apr 14
PI: Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson Still Alive 2010 Mar 31
Dad wins sole custody of missing 'Baby Gabriel' 2010 Mar 26
Officials call off search for baby 2010 Mar 12
Gabriel Johnson's Family Fears Missing Baby Was Sold in Underground Adoption 2010 Feb 10
Gabriel Johnson Investigation Turns from Missing Baby to Murder 2010 Feb 8
Baby Gabriel Johnson's Father Retraces Elizabeth Johnson's Steps, Hopes to Find Son Alive 2010 Feb 3
Baby Gabriel Johnson Update: "Person of Interest" Tammi Smith Arrested for Custodial Interference 2010 Feb 2
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Police Focus on Landfill, Do They Believe 8-Month-Old is Dead? 2010 Feb 2
Can Father's Love and GPS Find Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson? 2010 Jan 27
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Do Disturbing New Photos Show Baby's Last Day Alive? 2010 Jan 19
Baby Gabriel Still Alive, Mom Tells ABC From Jail 2010 Jan 13
Did Elizabeth Johnson Sell Missing Son Gabriel Johnson, Kill Him, or Just Give Him Away? 2010 Jan 13
Did Elizabeth Johnson Give Her Baby to Strangers? Arizona Mom Faces Kidnapping, Child Abuse Charges 2010 Jan 11
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Couple Who Hoped to Adopt Ariz. Baby Took Lie Detector Test 2010 Jan 11
Arizona Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing After Road Trip; Mom Refuses to Help Police 2010 Jan 6
Missing Baby Mom Reveals Details To CBS 5 2010 Jan 5
Fathers' rights are unfairly discriminated against in family courts 2009 Nov 30
Texas Single Dad Stops Adoption; May Get Custody of his Son 2009 Sep 24
Texas Single Dad Stops Adoption; May Get Custody of his Son 2009 Sep 24
North Texas Father Fights For His Parental Rights (updated version) 2009 Sep 21
Adoption battle quashed by Utah Supreme Court 2009 Jul 30
O'Dea v Olea 2009 Jul 28
Opionion: IN THE MATTER OF B.B.M., A CHILD, Appellant 2009 Jun 25
Father’s care comes late, after adoption 2009 Apr 29
Student fought long for right to be a father 2009 Mar 18
Staten Island dad faces deadline in fight for daughter given up at birth 2008 Aug 29
Editorial - Idaho judges fail to do what is best for baby 2008 Feb 9
Agency lawyers go to baby Harvey hearing 2008 Feb 6
Baby Harvey: American Fork couple wins round 2008 Jan 26
A hearing today in Provo may decide the future of baby 2008 Jan 25
Unwed fathers' rights at issue 2008 Jan 20
Couple Who Hoped to Adopt Baby Gabriel Johnson Now "Persons of Interest" In His Disappearance 2008 Jan 8
Obscure law keeps Bend father from challenging adoption 2008 Jan 6
Letter to the Editor - Idaho judge's order dubious 2008 Jan 5
Utahns defying judge, keeping baby for now 2008 Jan 4
Judges Weigh in on Baby Battle 2008 Jan 4
Idaho senator slams LDS adoption agency 2007 Dec 29
Biological father tells his side 2007 Dec 28
Birth dad in custody fight faces allegations 2007 Dec 22
Family refuses to return baby 2007 Dec 21
Letter asks for baby Harvey back 2007 Dec 19
Baby's birth father is given temporary custody 2007 Dec 12
Adopted [see correction] child returned to biological dad 2007 Dec 12
Idaho hearing on adoption today 2007 Dec 11
Adoption turns into nightmare 2007 Dec 7
Shannon O'Dea's story 2007 Jan 20
North Texas Father Fights For His Parental Rights 2007 Jan 9
Georgia's proposed legislation would allow fathers say in out-of-wedlock parenting 2006 Dec 15
Young dad fights for father's rights 2006 Nov 18
Gwinnett case prompts dads' rights bill 2006 Nov 16
Teen dad stakes claim to son he's never seen 2006 Nov 15
Letter from Jenkins 2006 Jul 31
Letter to Larry S. Jenkins 2006 Jul 30
Confirmation father registration Wyoming 2006 Jun 15
Letter of intent to LDS Family Services 2006 Jun 1
Paternal Registries Protect Unwed Fathers And Their Children 2006 May 19
How a willing father lost rights to his infant son 2006 Apr 2
Unwed Fathers Fight for Babies Placed for Adoption by Mothers 2006 Mar 19
Father registration Wyoming 2005 Nov 2
Baby Tamia adoption agency banned from state until 2008 2005 Aug 24
Letter LDS Family Services 2005 May 24
Adoptive parents of 'Tamia' arrested 2005 Mar 22
Utah's adoption laws ensnare poor parents here 2004 Jan 15
Case No. 20020515 2003 May 2
A child, a ruling, a time of tears 2002 Nov 22
Johnsons win custody; Vietri gets visitation 2002 Mar 12
Deal ends struggle for Baby Sam 2002 Mar 12
Court backtracks in Baby Sam case 2001 Apr 28
Dad, adoption agency settle Baby Sam suit 2001 Jan 23
More time sought for Sam 2001 Jan 5
Families not able to agree on Sam 2001 Jan 4
Court orders talks on Sam 2000 Dec 22
Sam's father asks court to retain ruling on custody 2000 Dec 19
Birth mother enters fray in custody fight for Sam 2000 Dec 7
A mother, a father -- and the fear of losing 2000 Dec 5
Lawyer says child should stay where he is 2000 Dec 5
Court asked to change its 'Baby Sam' decision 2000 Dec 3
'Good Morning America' shines light on 'Baby Sam' case 2000 Dec 1
Completing the family portrait THE VIETRI STORY 2000 Nov 26
Completing the family portrait THE JOHNSON STORY 2000 Nov 26
Happy ending for Baby Sam? Adolescence may tell 2000 Nov 26
I am not a monster, says Baby Sam's dad 2000 Nov 23
Alabama parents pin hopes on shift in court 2000 Nov 23
Couple fight for Sam, prepare for loss 2000 Nov 21
Baby Sam: A story of rights, but whose? 2000 Nov 21
Court rules family must turn over 'Baby Sam' 2000 Nov 19
Baby Sam's father sues adoption agency 1998 Sep 5
Adoptive parents win custody of 'Baby Sam' 1998 Apr 29
Teen father adjusts to status after legal fight for his baby 1993 Oct 24
Kara's party coming later 1993 Sep 25
Tampa couple sends baby home to father 1993 Sep 24
An act of love for Baby Kara 1993 Sep 17
Couple to give Kara to her biological dad 1993 Sep 16
Teen father wins daughter in ruling 1993 Sep 16
Baby, father to be reunited 1993 Sep 16
Hearing delayed in teen father's battle for infant girl 1993 Sep 1
Custody tug of war for baby Kara on hold 1993 Sep 1
Paternity not certain, lawyer says 1993 Aug 31
Another adoption fight to untangle 1993 Aug 29
Teen-ager ready to be a dad 1993 Aug 29
Woman says she will return adopted girl if teen wins case 1993 Aug 28
Don't mess with Texas 1993 Aug 28
Teen father seeks custody of baby 1993 Aug 27
Texas teen wants his daughter 1993 Aug 27
Youth contests adoption of girlfriend's baby 1993 Aug 27
Adoption by Tampa couple contested
Robert Manzanares - timeline
Tot to stay with couple, judge rules
A closer look at contested adoption