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Logan McQueary (Gabriel Johnson case)

2009 Dec 26

8-month-old Gabriel Johnson, born to Logan McQueary and Elizabeth Johnson, disappeared December 26, 2009. Elizabeth Johnson, without consent of the father, tried to place Gabriel for adoption with an Arizona couple. This placement never materialized, and December 29, 2009, Elizabeth Johnson was arrested. She claimed to have given Gabriel to a couple in San Antonio, Texas.


Title Publication date
Jailhouse Phone Call: Elizabeth Johnson & Tammi Smith 2010 May 4
MCSO: Baby Gabriel Mom Assaulted Inmates 2010 Apr 16
PI: Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson Still Alive 2010 Mar 31
Dad wins sole custody of missing 'Baby Gabriel' 2010 Mar 26
Officials call off search for baby 2010 Mar 12
Gabriel Johnson's Family Fears Missing Baby Was Sold in Underground Adoption 2010 Feb 10
Gabriel Johnson Investigation Turns from Missing Baby to Murder 2010 Feb 8
Baby Gabriel Johnson's Father Retraces Elizabeth Johnson's Steps, Hopes to Find Son Alive 2010 Feb 3
Baby Gabriel Johnson Update: "Person of Interest" Tammi Smith Arrested for Custodial Interference 2010 Feb 2
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Police Focus on Landfill, Do They Believe 8-Month-Old is Dead? 2010 Feb 2
Can Father's Love and GPS Find Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson? 2010 Jan 27
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Do Disturbing New Photos Show Baby's Last Day Alive? 2010 Jan 19
Baby Gabriel Still Alive, Mom Tells ABC From Jail 2010 Jan 13
Did Elizabeth Johnson Sell Missing Son Gabriel Johnson, Kill Him, or Just Give Him Away? 2010 Jan 13
Did Elizabeth Johnson Give Her Baby to Strangers? Arizona Mom Faces Kidnapping, Child Abuse Charges 2010 Jan 11
Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson: Couple Who Hoped to Adopt Ariz. Baby Took Lie Detector Test 2010 Jan 11
Arizona Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing After Road Trip; Mom Refuses to Help Police 2010 Jan 6
Missing Baby Mom Reveals Details To CBS 5 2010 Jan 5
Couple Who Hoped to Adopt Baby Gabriel Johnson Now "Persons of Interest" In His Disappearance 2008 Jan 8


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