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Adopted boy returned to biological father in Swanton


The child at the center of a bitter custody battle is now with his biological father. The toddler, whose case made national headlines, is at his new home in Swanton.

Family members of Grayson's biological father, Ben Wyrembek, say he's always loved his child, but they wouldn't comment on the case and say they were ordered not to by attorneys.

Yesterday, Grayson celebrated his 3rd birthday in Indiana with the only family he's ever known. Today, he's more than 300 miles away in Swanton. It's an end to a custody battle that's spanned nearly the child's entire life.

On the Facebook page "Keeping Grayson Home" friends and family members of the Vaughn's, Grayson's adoptive family, have posted messages. One reads: "I've never felt so sad and empty as I do right now." Another reads: "I can't imagine what kind of 'real dad' would do this to him."

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Grayson's biological mother, who is from the Toledo-area, put the boy up for adoption. Eight days after his birth, Grayson went to live in Indiana with his adoptive parents Christy and Jason Vaughn.
After learning of the child's birth, Ben Wyrembek took a paternity test. When he was notified he was Grayson's biological father, he began the fight for custody.

Nearly three years later, and Grayson is now in Swanton, beginning a new life with a new family.

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