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Jeremy Simmons (baby Deseray case)

2013 May 1
Bobby and Diane Bixler, of Irmo, South Carolina, attempted the adoption of a Shawnee child over the objections of the Jeremy Simmons, child's biological father, those of the tribe he belongs to. The child was remove from Oklahoma without the Interstate Custody for the Placement of Children (ICPC) paperwork or complying with Oklahoma state law on removing the child. Raymond Godwin, attorney for the Bixlers has been quoted as stating “Just because the birth father is a sperm donor and has that biological link does not under the law establish his parental rights.” Godwin did acknowledge that the Bixlers did take Deseray from Oklahoma without complying with the ICPC or Oklahoma state law.

An attorney for the Shawnee tribe in Oklahoma noted that the Bixlers "literally paid their money and split with the kid..."[ Godwin disputed this, claiming that the Bixlers only left to protect the job of the putative adoptive father. Oklahoma Judge Allen Welch has ordered the return of the child to Oklahoma.The tribe's attorney in South Carolina has noted that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley insisted that Oklahoma comply with the South Carolina court order, and that it was now time for South Carolina to comply with an Oklahoma court order. In addition, the attorney contracted by Godwin in Oklahoma has written to Godwin, demanding the immediate return of the child to Oklahoma, and stating " Since your clients chose to secretly ignore the law it is my position they have all liability for the child's safe keeping until they surrender physical custody of the child and have no right to physical custody of the child.