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Kara's party coming later



Houston Chronicle

GALVESTON County teen William Jardina is with his infant daughter, Kara, this weekend at his parents' home in the Bacliff neighborhood south of Kemah.

Kara's mother, Stacey Goss, 19, of Dickinson, signed an adoption agreement with a Florida couple and the baby was turned over to them shortly after birth July 24. Kara was returned to Texas a few days ago after a judge ruled that Jardina had never signed away his parental rights.

Jardina and his family, who sought media coverage when they launched a successful court battle to get custody of Kara for her father, now plan to spend a few quiet weeks getting used to the newest member of their large family, said William's mother, Zana Jardina.

The family is declining all media requests for interviews or photos while Kara settles in, Jardina said.

But she said the news moratorium will end in late October, when the Jardinas plan to host a party for family, friends and the media to celebrate Kara's arrival and introduce her to all the people who followed the story of her contested adoption.

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