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Heartbreak in Indiana custody case


INDIANA -- Heartbreak for an Indiana couple who are being forced to give up the 3-year old adopted son they have raised since birth.

Little Grayson Vaughn's biological mother and her ex-husband, who isn't Grayson's father, gave the baby up for adoption.

But 17 days after Grayson was born, the baby's biological father suddenly stepped foward and filed a paternity suit to get his son back.

This week, the State Supreme Court upheld a decision to dismiss the Vaughn's adoption.

They must now turn Grayson over to his biological father who he's spent only a few hours with over the past three years.

Even though Grayson's biological father has a criminal record, a child advocate says he filed all the right papers to make it clear he wanted the child.

The father's lawyer blames the Vaughn's for dragging the case out and not giving Grayson up once the biological father filed his suit.

2010 Oct 30