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Vietnam - Nam Dinh province case

2008 Jul 1


a medical center in Nam Truc District Kien Luong Commune Medical Station (aka Yen Luong) in Y Yen probably 9 more medical centers (13 total), + doctors and nurses Yen Tien commune medical center in Y Yen Viet Hung Commune medical center


Truc Ninh in Tam Binh Province

(Far Left) Truc Ninh entrance

(Left) Babies at Y Yen

Between 2005 and 2008, identifying documents on children born in hospitals were destroyed so the children could be placed as 'abandoned'.

Mothers were given food and money in exhange for leaving their newborns at specific hosptials. Documents were then forged to allow adoption to the west. Pregnant women were housed at the orphanages.


Title Publication date
International Social Service: Adoption from Vietnam Findings and Recommendations 2009 Nov 1
Baby Selling Ring Sentenced 2009 Sep 30
Sixteen convicted of adoption fraud in Vietnam 2009 Sep 30
6 jailed for adoption fraud 2009 Sep 29
Officials found guilty in illegal adoption trial 2009 Sep 29
Six Jailed by Vietnamese Court for Involvement in Adoption Scam 2009 Sep 29
Six officials jailed in Nam Dinh adoption scam 2009 Sep 28
New adoption regulations under debate 2009 Sep 28
Charity, health officers could face jail terms in adoption scam 2009 Sep 25
Accused claim noble intentions in adoption scam 2009 Sep 23
Health, charity workers indicted for selling kids for adoption 2009 Sep 23
Vietnamese doctors 'sold' babies for overseas adoptions 2009 Sep 22
Nam Dinh charity workers on trial in adoption scam 2009 Sep 21
Will the Vietnamese Ruc children come home? Part II - Shedding light on the grey-zones of international adoption 2008 Oct 14
Us Department of State: Vietnam Adoption Alert 2008 Oct 1
To protect children, central agencies to manage adoption 2008 Aug 25
Tougher adoption regulations needed 2008 Aug 23
Orphanages in fake document investigation 2008 Aug 19
Adoption gang members held 2008 Jul 25
Justice chief responds to alleged wrongdoing in local adoptions 2008 Jul 16
300 infants illegally put up for adoption 2008 Jul 15
Charity centres investigated for falsifying birth records 2008 Jul 14
Adoption agencies under investigation 2008 Jul 13
Lifelink International Adoption Projects list 2007 Jan 1
Adoption Agencies who possibly placed from the Nam Dinh orphanages


Nam Dinh province