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Karreon Franks

2020 Nov 27

15-year-old boy adopted by Jesse and Felicia Franks, was starved to death.


Title Publication date
Clark County jury convicts adoptive parents of homicide by abuse, murder in Vancouver boy’s starvation death 2023 Oct 27
Criminal Trial For Parents of Karreon Franks Commences in Vancouver, WA 2023 Oct 25
Law firm says social workers failed to prevent starvation, death of Karreon Franks 2023 Oct 24
Murder, abuse trial continues for adoptive parents in death of disabled Vancouver boy 2023 Oct 23
Trial begins for parents accused of starving WA teen to death 2023 Oct 19
Trial begins for adoptive parents accused of starving, killing Karreon Franks in 2020 2023 Oct 18
Trial opens for Vancouver parents accused of starving son to death; defense blames 15-year-old’s medical problems 2023 Oct 18
Couple in court on murder allegation in starvation case 2021 Jun 22
Couple in court on murder allegation in Vancouver starvation case 2021 Jun 21
Parents Arrested In Starvation Death Of 15-Year-Old Adopted Son Who Had Autism 2021 Jun 6
Parents of Vancouver teen who died from starvation arrested in California 2021 Jun 4
Parents in death of Karreon Franks turn themselves in 2021 Jun 4
Vancouver couple arrested in starvation death of adopted child 2021 Jun 4
Warrants issued for starved Vancouver teen’s adoptive parents 2021 May 28
Vancouver group wants ‘to be a voice’ for Karreon Franks 2021 Apr 27
Starving Vancouver teen visited by child welfare worker just days before his death, court records show 2021 Apr 16
Docs: Mom went to casino on day teen son starved to death 2021 Apr 14
Clark County teen’s starvation death ruled homicide 2021 Apr 13
Examiner’s office: Vancouver boy, 15, died of starvation, neglect 2021 Apr 12