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2023 Nov

Eight out of dozens of children adopted by Joel and Tammy Brown and by  Jerry and Tamal Flore were subjected to prolonged routine and systemic mental and physical abuse under the guise of discipline. The couples conspired to adopt children for financial gain with the particular help of Joel Brown, who was formerly employed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service’s children’s services agency. 

2023 Oct 2

A 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl adopted by Donald Ray Lantz and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather where locked inside a shed,

2023 Jun 7

Two girls adopted by Bryce Conrad Chatland were sexually abused by him.

2023 May 3

Six children adopted by Lora Loethen were abused by her.

2023 May

Four children were adopted by Tana Perkins Reneau, while she had two children of her own. Of these six children, four claimed both sexual and physical abuse. At least two of the children claiming the abuse had to be adoptees.

Some of the children alleged Reneau forced them to sleep naked in the shower, garage or without blankets or pillows. All four alleged that Reneau forced them to run laps, the court documents state. Reneau allegedly physically abused the children using closed fists and household items, including wooden boards, cords and a shovel, the court records state.

2023 Mar 11

4-year-old girl adopted by Ajay and Anjana Bhati was sexually abused by her adoptive father and was strangled by him when she told him she'd tell her adoptive mother.

2023 Mar 3

4-year-old girl adopted by Waliul Islam and Sangeeta Dutta from Guwahati India, was tied to a pole. A video of this went viral and led to an intervention by local authorities.

2023 Mar

10-year-old girl adopted by Arun and Anjana Sinha was tortured by her adoptive parents.

2023 Mar

Three children adopted by Charles Wadlington were allegedly sexually abused by their adoptive father,

2023 Feb

Some of nine children adopted by Hayim Cohen where sexually abused by him.