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Cambodia - Sea Visoth / Khmer American Orphans Association case

2001 Dec 7


A New Arrival


Sea Visoth


Sea Visoth Sea Visoth
Chanthea Chea was solicited to give up her baby, she allowed him to be taken for a medical exam, but he was not returned, and she was coerced into signing papers to relinquish him to an orphanage, but not for adoption. The next day she tried to re-take custody of her child, and was denied. The child was found in custody of KAOA with false paperwork, and was in the final stages of being issued an adoption visa.

2 more women were were solicited to surrender their children to an "organization for widows and orphans". All 3 women were given passport style photos when they asked for information about their children. Courts awarded custody of the children to the mothers.


Phnom Penh