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European Commission



Person Relation type Date from Date to
Roelie Post Employed by
Jacques Barrot Justice 2008 Jan 01 2010 Jan 01
Romano Prodi President 1999 Jan 01 2004 Jan 01
Franco Frattini Vice President
Jacques Barrot Vice President 2004 Oct 01 2010 Feb 01

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
EC Directorate General for External Relations Part of European Commission
European Commission Participates in De-Institutionalisation of children in Public Care and Promotion of the social and family reinsertion
European Commission Participates in Giovani per la pace
European Commission Participates in Prevention of Child Abandonment, development of Sustainable Health... (Morocco)
European Commission Participates in Promovarea serviciilor noi pentru facilitarea procesului de reîntregire a familiilor copiilor institu?ionaliza?i din Moldova
European Commission Participates in Social Inclusion for Out-of-family Children and Young People in Public Childcare
European Commission Participates in Youth for Peace - project
European Commission Provided grant to Amici dei Bambini 2003 Jan 01
European Commission Provided grant to Amici dei Bambini
European Commission Provided grant to Amici dei Bambini 2002 Jan 01 2004 Jan 01
European Commission Provided grant to Amici dei Bambini 2002 Jan 01
European Commission Provided grant to Bethany Christian Services
European Commission Provided grant to Childout
European Commission Provided grant to Federation of Child Protection NGOs, Romania
European Commission Provided grant to Holt International Children's Services Inc.
European Commission Provided grant to Solidarite Enfants Roumains Abandonnes Romania (SERA Romania)


Title Publication date
Geen hulp voor klokkenluider Roelie Post 2019 Oct 22
ESF funding for the SERA foundation Romania 2012 Nov 13
Situation 2012 - SERA 4.2 million Structural Funds (European Commission) 2012 Jun 1
MEPs debate Romanian adoptions 2011 Jan 19
Battle of international adoptions reaches peak 2010 Dec 3
Agencies warn against quick adoptions 2010 Jan 23
Challenges in adoption procedures in Europe 2009 Dec
When children become a commodity 2009 Sep 27
Leaving no child behind 2009 Sep 23
Georgian government approves plan to reform children's services 2009 Jan 13
In Moldova, children from residential institutions return to their families 2007 Dec 10
[nchild] letters to Ian Martin and EU from Italian couples 2007 Aug 13
comparative study on the adoption procedures 2007 Aug 8
Adoption - the last alternative , The meeting of the Evangelical Academy in Transylvania on child adoptions 2007 Feb 19
Des Orphelins roumains – une affaire des millions d’euros 2006 Oct 9
Geschäft mit der Armut 2005 Jun 29
Letter Olli Rehn to Jacques Barrot (trip Finland) 2005 May 11
Letter JCICS to European Commission Washington 2004 Mar 19
Romano Prodi, one of the lobbyists for adoptions Message List 2004 Feb 7
Romania in turmoil after EU criticism Message List 2004 Feb 6
The letter sent by Verheugen 2004 Feb 6
E.U. Officials Threaten To Suspend Negotiations with Romania Message List 2004 Feb 6
Letter Verheugen 2004 Feb 4
Department for Child Protection or Directon of “lost” money 2004 Jan 1
When they closed the Romanian “baby shops” 2002 Mar 12
Romanian orphans provokes storm in Parliament 2000 Apr 7
Council of Europe and EC conference aimed at re-trafficking Romanian children again.