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2023 Jan

3 children from India adopted by couple from Malta were abandoned by their adoptive parents. 

2012 Nov 1

Enat Alem Orphanage
2012 Oct 30
Parents of a teenaged boy adopted 1.5 years earlier refuse to pick him up from juvenile detention when he is released. The boy had been sexually abused in his bio home and then had abused a bio sibling prior to landing in foster care. CPS did not provide this information to the adoptive family and he abused adopted siblings in the adoptive home.

Sasha and Masha

2012 Mar 12
15-month-old twins, Sasha and Masha, adopted by a dual citizenship Russian-American woman, Anna S, were found abandoned on a Russian street in sub-zero temperatures with only a note saying she didn’t want them anymore.
The woman reportedly lied about her US citizenship and the fact that she was married to an American. When the authorities discovered this they demanded the adoptive mother give details of the man, and provide his consent to caring for the children. Soon after this, the children were found abandoned.
The children were adopted from Tula region Russia.

A of Decemeber 2012, the children were still in the orphanage, possibly with plans to be placed with an Italian family.
2012 Jan 1
At least 8 children are returned to Liberia post adoption, probably many more.

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Isaiah Allison
Boy adopted from Liberia

"You heard about the Tennessee case that returned the child to Russia?" Edward Winant, former vice consul in charge of adoptions at the US Embassy in Monrovia, asked me when I visited the country for my book. "We've had at least three similar cases." One girl, no more than 10 years old, was found wandering around the airport with $200 in her pocket.

I also met Bishop Emmanuel Jones, a Liberian evangelist who runs a home for street children. He has taken in three returned adoptees and says he knows of at least five others.
2011 Apr 1
2 girls from Ethiopia adopted by Joyce Maynard  in 2010 were disrupted and placed with a new family 14 months later.
2010 Oct 15
Almost 6 when adopted along with her 2 year old bio brother, from Tambov region in Russia, Galina lived with her adoptive family in Napa California for 3 years before being placed in a Nancy Thomas camp for 12 months. She was adopted and disrupted again and is believed to be in a 3rd adoptive family.
Galina was from Little Stork orphanage.
2010 Sep 1

Thirteen year old girl adopted from Haiti by Tony and Michelle Dittenber was sent to 3 other homes starting 9 months after her adoption. She was at 2 Ohio homes including 17 months with Jean Paul Kruse and Emily Kruse. Dittenbers had 4 bio children and 5 children adopted from Haiti.
2010 Aug 31
A girl with HIV, adopted from Ethiopia in Feb 2009 at 4 years old, was disrupted 18 months later due to behavioral issues. There were 4 bio and 1 other adopted children in the home; at least 1 child was younger than the adoptee from Ethiopia. It was reported the girl was acting out in violent and sexual ways. She was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder.

Ellie Gertz

2010 Jul 8
7-year-old girl, adopted at birth by Craig and Lori Gertz, was placed with a foster care family in Washington State, because of alleged behavioral problems from FASD.
This was a private domestic adoption.